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Star Trek Gifts for Trekkies

Updated on November 12, 2012

Star Trek Gift Ideas for Trekkies: Boldy Give Like No Man has Given Before

Captain's Log stardate 7th, June 2011:

Whether you are buying for your Trekkie friend or relative, or just yourself, finding a great Star Trek gift can be a tough time. With that in mind I've decided to form a Squidoo lens dedicated to awesome Star Trek related gifts. My intention is for this to be a place for Star Trek fans, friends and family to congreate and check out awesome Star Trek gift ideas. Set phasers to fun. . .

Anyone that has ever performed their own car repairs is familiar with a Haynes manual. These handy manuals walk you through most common maintenance and repair procedures. Well now there's a Haynes Manual for the U.S.S. Enterprise! Although it's a funny and novel concept this book is actually jam packed with Enterprise technical information and data for the true Star Trek fan.

This book is authorized by Star Trek scenic art supervisor Michael Okuda and is packed with technical information, cut away drawings and art.

It provides in-depth information about these extraordinary ships - from Archer's Enterprise NX-01 to Captain Picard's Enterprise NCC-1701-E. You can read about histories of each vessel, technical information about their systems, and discussions of key technologies such as transporters, warp-speed travel and more. With this book you'll find out exactly what powered these ships, how they were armed, and just what it took to efficiently and skillfully operate them.

Priced at just $26.99 this makes the perfect unique and affordable Star Trek gift for the Trekkie on your shopping list. Click the image above for more information or to go order your copy today. Hurry because these are very popular and sell out nearly as quickly as they are back in stock!

Author: Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley

Publisher: Pocket Books

ISBN: 9781451621297

Pages: 160

Cover: Hardback

Year: 2010 Edition: 1st

Pizza. . . the final frontier. Pizza is the universal good. Everyone loves it. Even Fanboys and Trekkies can get together in the same room for some good pizza. For something so good and so wonderful should we cut it with a boring old pizza cutter? Highly illogical Captain. True Trekkies need the Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter.

This amazingly cool pizza cutter is constructed in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from the original Star Trek series. This officially licensed Star Trek pizza cutter has a 4 inch laser etched stainless steel blade and solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body. The size is truly impressive; it measures about 8.5 inches and weights about 277 grams! It even comes in a cool collectible box.

This pizza cutter looks so cool you may just set it on your desk and never cut pizza with it. Heck at this price (less than $30.00) you might want to pick up two: one to collect and one to use. Click the image above to grab this ThinkGeek exclusive for your own!

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter on YouTube

Check out the YouTube videos below to see the Enterprise pizza cutter in action, then click the image above to go buy your own!!!!

Star Trek Enterprise Light Up Feeding System

Feed your little Trekkie with some light up fun!

This officially licensed Star Trek product makes feeding time fun for baby and his Star Trek obsessed parents. The spoon is a replica of The Original Series USS Enterprise NCC-1701, captained by James T. Kirk. It features LED lights, replaceable batteries, and interchangeable spoon tips.

The bib lights up with motion sensitive lights too. This fun Star Trek gift is ideal for Star Trek fans ages 12 months and up. It's priced under $25.00 and makes an ideal Star Trek gift. Click the image above for more information or to order this Star Trek gift today.

What is the perfect compliment to the Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter? The Enterprise bottle opener of course! This officially licensed Star Trek collectible is shaped like the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 and it's chrome body even features the name "U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701" printed in black. It measures approximately 4 - 3/4 inches long and weighs about 5 - 1/2 oz. Currently priced under $20.00 it makes the ideal affordable Star Trek gift!

Collecting a popular long running comic book series can be a very involved, sometimes impossible, process. This is especially true of the long running Star Trek series. Locating and affording every Star Trek comic issue from July of 1967 through October of 2002 would be quite an achievement. Let's not even discuss the challenge of finding enough space to store 35 years worth of comics! Luckily this Star Trek gift makes it all as easy as a click of the mouse.

This amazing Star Trek gift features every issue of Star Trek comic books from 1967-2002. That's right! Every annual, all articles, and even the advertisements are all there!! That's over 500 issues of Star Trek comics. Issues are provided on the DVD-ROM all in a friendly readable & printable PDF format. So cool!

This Star Trek gift is sure to please any fan of the Star Trek comics. Pick this gift up today and complete the collection of your favorite Trekkie today! Click the image above for more information or to order this Star Trek gift today.

The trouble with Tribbles is they have become very hard to find. Ironically, finding a single Tribble of your own was once nearly impossible. The problem has recently been solved with these adorable plush interactive Tribbles. These interactive cuties are available in either 6" or 12" sizes. They take either AAA or AA batteries and include an on/off switch hidden inside. Priced under $20 they are yet another affordable Star Trek gift idea!

Tribble Videos on YouTube

Check out some terrific Tribble videos on YouTube. Whether you want to relive some Trouble With Tribbles fun or just see the plush interactive Tribble toy in action, YouTube is the place to do it!

Check out some of my favorite Tribble YouTube videos below.

Plush Tribble Slippers With Sound!

Warm fuzzy cuteness for your Trekkie feet!

Star Trek Tribble Slippers with Sound

The Trouble With Tribbles is you can't walk on them. . . until now!

With every step this plush Tribble slippers will purr happily. Each slipper requires 3 LR44 batteries (included). Just flip the power switch to on to hear the sounds or switch them off if you tire of their tribble sounds. Materials: 100% polyester

Size: One size fits most. The footbed is 11" long which equates to about a Men's size 11/Women's 12)

These warm and fuzzy bathrobes make an ideal Star Trek gift. These 100% cotton terrycloth bathrobes measure approximately 49 inches in length with up to a 50 inch waist. Sleeves measure 34 inches. They feature an embroidered insignia on the left breast and rank on the sleeves.

Star Trek Bathrobes are available in the following styles:

- Scotty

- Uhura

- Kirk

- Scotty

- Uhura

A soft and huggable plush Captain Kirk or Spock make the ideal affordable Star Trek gift! These little guys measure about 9" tall.

Priced at under $7 each at the time I've listed them here, these Star Trek toys make the ideal affordable Star Trek. If you need a unique Star Trek gift to fit into a tight budget, these are definitely a great buy!

Click the image above for more information or to grab this Star Trek gift today.

Love it or hate, the times have changed. There is a new Star Trek insignia and these metal Star Trek insignia pins show just how cool it is. These all metal pins have two pins on the back to keep them perfectly in place. Priced at under ten bucks they are the ideal affordable Star Trek gift.

This very cool Star Trek USB Communicator is an officially licensed, and officially functional, Star Trek communicator. Connect it to a USB ort of a PC and it makes the classic Star Trek chirp sound when flipped open. It has a built in speaker, built in earpiece and a microphone to make it perfect for communicationg via AIM, Skype, or any other popular voice chat platform! It also boasts 21 built in sound effects. It features a 6 ft. long USB cable and has a volume control. The Star Trek USB communicator is comptatibale with Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.5.

Currently priced around $30.00 this is an awesome Star Trek gift. Check out the Star Trek USB communicator in action in the YouTube clips below!

Star Trek USB communicator videos on YouTube

A 6 foot tall Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock...what more is there to say? How cool would your Trekkie hideout be with a lifesize Kirk or Spock gracing your walls? These awesome wall graphics can even be removed and reapplied without damaging the walls in your quarters. The special woven material resists tears and wrinkling. Trekkie awesomeness!

This perfect Star Trek gift idea is a replica of the Type-II hand phaser used in the J.J. Abrams 'Star Trek' Movie. This solid resin phaser features brushed metal and chrome accents. Each phaser replica is hand painted and is crafted from the original movie prop for incredible detail.

This Star Trek phaser replica measures about 10 and a half inches long and 7 inches high. The purchase price of around $50.00 gets you the phaser and also includes a smoke colored display stand with brass plaque. If you are looking for an awesome and affordable Star Trek gift with high collectibility this is a great idea!

Star Trek J.J. Abrams Phaser Video on YouTube

How cool would a life size replica of a Star Trek phaser be? Check this one out and you tell me! With full lights and sound, the only thing this phaser can't do is fire at annoying enemies. It features 4 power settings (with progressively aggressive sounds and lights), a light control knob (and on/off switch), a flip up "sight," and an overload setting. The fun doesn't stop there. The Type I phaser quickly detaches and it still operates with full lights and sound!

Now you can own your very own replica of Spock's high tech 23rd century tricorder. The top pops open reveal to lights and sounds just like on the TV show. There are three buttons to activate the sound/light effects.

The first door opens down to expose data disks and a rotating moiré pattern. The second door opens and reveals a hidden compartment and a removable hand scanner, also featuring its own light effects. If you are a fan of the original Star Trek series, you need this!

If you have to dress up, you might as well light your Trekkie flag subtly fly. These classy Star Trek cufflinks are the perfect answer. They're made from enamel and rhodium plated silver and come in two very cool designs. The first is the Delta Shield. The second design is a truly awesome tiny replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. These Star Trek cufflinks are the perfect Star Trek gift.

Awesome Star Trek Gifts at CafePress!

If you are looking for truly unique Star Trek T-shirts and other gifts check out Cafepress. They have a bunch of great Star Trek gifts that you can't find anywhere else. Click the image below to see Star Trek T-shirts, Ipad covers and much much more.

Star Trek Gifts on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to search for unique Star Trek gifts at great prices.

Star Trek Gifts on eBay

Ebay is another great place to search for great deals on hard to find Star Trek gifts and collectibles.

If you haven't figured it out yet, ThinkGeek is probably my favorite website for all things SCI-FI, tech, Trek and geek! They have a ton of very cool Star Trek gifts. I've even made it easy for you. Click the image above to go DIRECTLY to their Star Trek gifts!

Disclaimer/External Links Policy Etc.

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External links policy: In the interest of fairness and full disclosure, the following external links policy is offered voluntarily. This lens may contain links to many other web sites. The author and creator of this lens, user-name ClinicallySignificantProductions, (henceforth referred to as "author") cannot guarantee the accuracy of information found at any linked site. Links to or from external web sites sites not owned or controlled by the author of this lens does not constitute any actual endorsement by the author, or any of its employees, of the sponsors of these sites or the products or information presented there. Although the main objective of this lens is to provide valuable information and useful content, a small royalty or commission may be earned by the author from purchases made after clicking on some of the external links in this lens. It doesn't make anyone rich and hey, we gotta eat too! The author is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, as well as other affiliate marketing programs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the author with questions, comments, or concerns.

Another Great Source for Star Trek Gifts and Collectibles

Here is another great place to find affordable and unique Star Trek gifts and collectibles.

Which Star Trek Gift is your favorite? Let us know, or leave any other comment, in the comment section below.

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    • Coolboots profile image


      6 years ago

      Very cool! I just built a lens on this too. I really like this one though!

    • ArthurF LM profile image

      ArthurF LM 

      6 years ago

      Great Lens, I am a huge Star Trek nerd and I will be showing this to my wife later. You were also my 1000 Squid Like. Congrats!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have ever Star Trek Enterprise that has been created, I liked the Original Enterprise "Owner's Workshop Manual" and I am wondering if you have a set of keys? ;D


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