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Star Trek Kitchen Gadgets

Updated on July 2, 2012

Build Your Star Trek Dream Kitchen!

Have you ever dreamt of creating an awesome Star Trek kitchen complete with Star Trek gadgets, utensils and more? It could be easier and more affordable than you think.

While I've personally always wanted to create a Star Wars kitchen, I think a Trekkie kitchen would be just as cool. With that in mind I set out to create a lens dedicated to showcasing the best Star Trek kitchen items available.

Whether you are looking for a Star Trek pizza cutter, bottle opener, corkscrew, drinking glasses, or some other cool Star Trek kitchen gadget, you'll probably find it right here.

Now you have the ability to boldy go and create a kitchen like no other!

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter! A ThinkGeek Exclusive (c) 2010
The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter! A ThinkGeek Exclusive (c) 2010

Pizza. . . the final frontier. Pizza is the universal good in the universe. Everyone loves pizza. Heck, even Fanboys and Trekkies can get together in the same room and get along as long as it is for some good pizza. Should we cut something so wonderful with any old pizza cutter? Highly illogical Captain.

Trekkies need this cool pizza cutter. It's constructed in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from the original Star Trek series. It has a pretty impressive size as well. Check out its 4 inch laser etched stainless steel blade and solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body. Overall it measures about 8.5 inches and weights about 277 grams! It even comes in a super cool collectible box.

This pizza cutter looks so awesome you may not ever want to slice pizza with it. Don't worry because at this low price (less than $30.00) you can pick up a pair. Keep one to collect or display and one to use. Click the image above to grab one of these ThinkGeek exclusives for your own!

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Pizza Cutter on YouTube

Check out the YouTube videos below to see the Star Trek U.S.S. pizza cutter in action and then click the images above to go get your own!

This set of Star Trek Enterprise and shuttle salt and pepper shakers is a must for your Star Trek kitchen if you are a fan of the original series. This set is made of glazed ceramic and features the Enterprise NCC-1701 and shuttle that even dock together with their built in hidden magnets when not in use! The Enterprise shaker measures about 2", while the Shuttle is approximately 1-3/8". Currently priced at just $12.99 these shakers make the perfect Star Trek Gift and are the perfect fit for your Star Trek kitchen.

Star Trek Command Insignia Salt and Pepper Shakers

Need the perfect finishing touch to your Star Trek kitchen table setup? How about a set of salt and pepper shakers shaped like the Star Trek Command Insignia!

These glazed ceramic shakers feature hand painted details. The built in magnet keeps the two shakers stuck together when not in use. They are priced at about $13.95 each and make a great Star Trek kitchen gift idea!

Star Trek Light Up Feeding System

Light Up Feeding Fun for Babies and Adults Alike!

This Star Trek kitchen gadget includes a Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 spoon complete with flashing LEDs on the nacelles! There are three washable spoon tips to ensure you get plenty of use out of this awesome Star Trek kitchen gadget.

There is also a light up motion sensitive bib to compliment the Enterprise spoon. Whether you have a baby, or just want a super cool light up Enterprise spoon for your Star Trek kitchen, this is the Star Trek kitchen utensil for you! This set currently retails for about $24.99. Click the image above for more information or to order yours today!

Check out these awesome nutcrackers to dress up your Star Trek kitchen. These nutcrackers don't just look cool. You'll actually want to use these fully functional officially licensed Star Trek collectibles.

Place the nut in the receptacle on their chest and use the lever on their back to get to crackin'. You can choose either Captain Kirk or Spock. Correction: You probably won't be able to make up your mind so just go ahead and order both. =)

These awesome Star Trek gifts are sure to dress up any Star Trek kitchen. These are priced at around $29.99 each. Click the image above to jump to the site and grab these for your Star Trek kitchen today!

Keep cookies in the package or a regular old cookie jar? Highly illogical when you could keep them in this awesome Mr. Spock Star Trek cookie jar. This ceramic cookie jar is a bust of Spock and an officially licensed Star Trek collectible. Priced at around $49.99 it makes the ideal Star Trek gift and is the perfect finishing touch to the ultimate Star Trek kitchen.

Check out the video below and then click the image above to go get your very own Spock cookie jar!

Spock Cookie Jar Video on YouTube

Check out this funny little video the guys over at ThinkGeek made using the Spock cookie jar. Careful because if you eat all those chocolate chip cookies they're Ghan! GHAN! GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

Need the perfect compliment to the Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter? Then check out the U.S.S. Enterprise bottle opener! This officially licensed Star Trek collectible is a fully functionally bottle opener shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. The chrome body even features the name "U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701" printed in black. This awesome Star Trek kitchen item measures approximately 4 - 3/4 inches long and weighs about 5 - 1/2 oz. Currently priced under $20.00 so you can easily afford to buy a pair!

Every Trekkie needs to eat and there are few eating utensils that are more awesome than these Titanium Star Trek Starfleet academy sporks. Now you can eat with the official spork of the Starfleet academy. They are even laser engraved with the Starfleet academy logo and come in collector's packaging. Each spork measures about 6.25" long and is 1.5" at its widest point.

No Star Trek kitchen is going to be complete without these awesome Star Trek sporks!

This Star Trek Gift makes the perfect addition to a Trekkie kitchen. It is a motion-sensitive door chime for fans that was modeled after the communicator panels on the original series.

Simply mount the communicator panel next to a door. (Either side of the doorway will work). Whenever someone crosses the threshold, the chime will sound off with one of two settings. You can set this wonderful Star Trek gift to play the door opening "WHOOOSH" from the original series or it can play the "Red Alert" sound whenever someone passes through the doorway.

The Star Trek cool factor doesn't end there. Push the button on the front of the communicator for an authentic Communicator Whistle sound!

This officially licensed Star Trek collectible requires 3 AA Batteries which are not included.

Click the image above to grab this great addition to your Star Trek kitchen today!

Star Trek Transporter Sound Effect Mug - An awesome unique Star Trek gift!

Star Trek Transporter Sound Effect Mug
Star Trek Transporter Sound Effect Mug

This awesome Star Trek gift is a 12 oz. ceramic mug featuring a Starfleet insignia.

This Star Trek mug goes beyond its cool looks. It also has a ceramic mug coaster base that plays classic transporter sound effects every time you set the mug on it!

The mug measures about 3" x 5" x 4" (7.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 10 cm)

The base measures about 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 2" (14 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm)

This mug currently retails for about $28 making it a very affordable and unique Star Trek gift. Click the image above for ordering information or to view a ton of other great Star Trek gifts over at target=blank>Neatoshop!

Star Trek Refrigerator Magnets

No Star Trek kitchen would be complete without some Star Trek magnets for your refrigerator. Here are some great suggestions to give that refrigerator the Trekkie treatment it deserves.

Star Trek Magnetic Story Board:

Now you can create scenes from the original Star Trek series right on your refrigerator! This magnetic story board set comes with 2 backgrounds (the bridge of the Enterprise and the outdoor scene from "Arena"), 5 magnetic characters (Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Bones, Kor: Son of Rynar, and Gorn Captain) and 8 magnetic weapons and accessories.

Each figures measures approximately 2.5" x 7" while each large background measures at about 12 inches wide by 9 inches tall.

Star Trek 4 Magnet Set:

This set of four square magnets features designs from the original Star Trek series. The case of magnets measures 4-inches tall by 5 3/4-inches wide by 3/4-inch deep and features Captain Kirk, Spock, The Enterprise, and the Star Trek logo.

Those primitive light switches are soooo 21st century! What color are yours? White? Alabaster? Stainless steel? HA! They just don't look Trek enough! Have no fear because you can dress up those ancient light switches with these sweet Star Trek switch plates. They are complete with a LCARS interface design and are available in standard switch, rocker switch, and even dual electrical outlet cover plate designs!

These TNG Power Plate electrical outlet covers are the perfect solution. Make your Star Trek kitchen even more unique with these Star Trek electrical outlet covers featuring graphics based on the Power Plate from Star Trek. The cover plate says "EPS CONDUIT. PLASMA FLUX HAZARD." and each fits a typical standard dual-electrical-outlet. Each outlet cover measures about 5-inches tall x 2 3/4-inches wide.

Check out Insane LCARS Interface Touchpanel. - You NEED this for your Star Trek kitchen!

Maybe those LCARS switchplates aren't quite bold enough for you. Then check out this guy's awesome LCARS touchscreen interface just outside his kitchen. This would be awesome on a rerigerator etc. in your Star Trek kitchen. Since most of us aren't smart enough to design our own, we'll probably have to be content admiring his! Too cool!

Neelix has published his very own cookbook, The Star Trek Cookbook. It outlines all the favorite foods of characters from every Star Trek series. The Star Trek Cookbook even includes a complete guide for whipping up the all the drinks served at Quark's. The Star Trek Cookbook from authors Ethan Phillips and William J. Birnes is 317 pages of Star Trek cooking greatness. Click the image above to get yours!

While this stuff won't get you instantly intoxicated like real Romulan Ale, it will give you a much needed energy boost. Each 8.4 fl oz can of Romulan Ale contains 84 mg of caffeine. It's not just loaded with caffeine, it also contains vitamins B6 and B12 and Ginseng. Romulan Ale energy drink is berry flavored and is colored a beautiful Romulan Ale blue. Romulan Ale Star Trek Energy Drink is sold in six packs. Click the image above to get yours.

Check out this blue ceramic mug for fans of Star Trek. It features awesome white line art images of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701

This officially licensed Star Trek collectible holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage and is priced at just $9.99.

Rock Paper Scissors is boring. You need to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. No NOT highly illogical...FUN. Don't worry it's easy and this 16 oz. coffee mug graphically depicts the rules.

- Rock crushes lizard.

- Scissors decapitate lizard.

- Lizard eats paper.

- Lizard poisons Spock.

- Paper disproves Spock.

- Spock vaporizes rock.

- Spock bends scissors.

This mug was inspired by the TV series Big Bang Theory and is a great affordable addition to your Star Trek kitchen!

If you are building the ultimate Star Trek kitchen, you'll need drinkware. We have the ideal Star Trek drinking glasses, this set of four glasses. Each glass holds up to 10 oz of liquid and features an image of Kirk, Uhura, McCoy or Spock and the Starfleet insignia on the other side.

This Star Trek themed double wall acrylic travel cup with straw features blue line art of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. The double wall keeps your favorite drink cold while preventing condensation. This Star Trek kitchen gift holds 18 ounces of your favorite cold beverage and is made from BPA-free acrylic.

How awesome would a 6' tall Captain Kirk or Dr. Spock look on the walls of your Star Trek kitchen? These Star Trek wall graphics are constructed with a special woven material that resists tearing and wrinkling. They can be applied and removed without damaging your walls so in the unlikely event you grow tired of them you can't take them down without redrywalling the room! ;)

This "Warp Speed" quartz movement wood Star Trek clock measures 13 - 1/2" round. It's powered by a AA battery for cordless functionality and would make the perfect addition to your Star Trek original series themed kitchen or any other room!

Even Trekkies need a little liquid courage now and then. What better way to take a quick swig than this six ounce stainless-steel hip flask? This officially licensed Star Trek collectibles measures about 3.75" by 4.5" high and comes complete with a hinged lid. Whether you store some liquid refreshment or just set it on your kitchen counter, it looks awesome. Currently priced under $20 , it makes an affordable Star Trek gift or additon to your Star Trek kitchen.

Star Trek Mugs on Amazon

Looking for that perfect Star Trek mug? Amazon is a great place to start your search. Check out some suggestions below.

More Star Trek Kitchen Items on Amazon

Check out some more Star Trek kitchen items on Amazon.

Star Trek Cookie Jars on Amazon

Need a great addition to your countertop in your Star Trek kitchen? A Star Trek cookie jar may be just what Dr. Spock ordered! Check out some examples of the Star Trek cookie jars available on Amazon right now below.

Star Trek Cookie Jars and Other Star Trek Kitchen Items on eBay

Ebay is another great place to find some great Star Wars kitchen items at a low price.

Blessed! - This lens has been SquidAngel blessed!

Here is your chance to let us know what you think. Did we miss something? Just want to say hi? Want to share your favorite Star Trek kitchen ideas? Leave a comment in the comments section below.

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    • CaztyBon profile image


      5 years ago

      I love Star Trek and this lens is great.

    • JoanieMRuppel54 profile image

      Joanie Ruppel 

      5 years ago from Keller, Texas

      A very unique lens and one where a Star Trek fan could go hog wild!

    • lulin123 profile image


      5 years ago

      Love the Star Trek travel mug, would be perfect for some Hot Earl Grey :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love the pizza cutter and there are some brilliant ideas for gifts here.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 

      6 years ago from England

      Hello clinicallysignificantproduct, You have a great lens! I love your gadgets, very original.

      I have set up a brand new lens which lists the basic kitchen utensils needed for most cooking . I have personally chosen you as one of the contenders in a little competition Iâm doing. As I am brand new to Squidoo I thought of a fun way for us both to get some traffic. Under each utility list is a poll asking a simple question. There are only 3 polls. If you would like to answer these.

      You can then put your âBest Kitchen gadget or utensilâ in the voting poll further down with a link to it (which might be on your lens) creating more traffic for you. Once I have received the first 20 links I will start a 15 day countdown. The top 3 voted for recipes at the end of this period will be placed as a permanent link on my Lens.

      I have posted the first link which should you should be able to beat easily. Good Luck

      I do hope you would like to participate in my little competition. The Squidoo lens is


    • athomemomblog profile image

      Genesis Davies 

      6 years ago from Guatemala

      Pretty awesome stuff! I want that pizza cutter.

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      6 years ago from USA

      Never would have thought about adding the "Captain" to my kitchen, but there are some neat things here.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      OMG! I totally love these Star Trek things! Blessed!!!

    • captainj88 profile image

      Leah J. Hileman 

      6 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      This is terrific. I shared it on Facebook and reminded all my friends that Christmas is right around the corner :)

    • LiteraryMind profile image

      Ellen Gregory 

      6 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      very cute ideas and products

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am fan of your lens and i am fan of Star Trek

    • Hobgoblin LM profile image

      Hobgoblin LM 

      6 years ago

      This is just such a cool lens!

    • hntrssthmpsn profile image


      6 years ago

      My kitchen needs everything on this page! LOVE the light-up feeding set for babies... what a great way to get them started on the Right Path early in life!

    • ClinicallySigni profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Clicking any of the product images on this lens should take you directly to the website that carries that featured product. Romulan Ale is available from our friends at ThinkGeek. As of this morning it is priced at about $14.99 for a six pack.

    • Monica Ranstrom profile image

      Monica Ranstrom 

      6 years ago

      I had no idea that all of this existed!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Oh my, Where can I find some Romulan Ale Energy Drinks?!? I have never seen or found this!!! :)

      I want to try this!

    • ClinicallySigni profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @Maladjusted LM: Ha! Come know you are supposed to buy TWO! One to use and one to keep ;)

    • Maladjusted LM profile image

      David C. Roberson 

      6 years ago

      I have the pizza cutter, but never use it. Haha,

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You do have some Star Trek items here that I haven't seen before, very cool!

    • ClinicallySigni profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @blessedmomto7: I know! I was actually shocked myself when I started listing things. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment.

    • blessedmomto7 profile image


      7 years ago

      Who knew there was so much star trek stuff for the kitchen? Fun lens.

    • ClinicallySigni profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @mockingbird999: I think that is my favorite! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love the pizza cutter.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      There are Star Trek fans and then there are Star Trek fanatics... Amusing lens, thanks.


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