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Seven of the Best Star Wars iPhone 5 Case

Updated on April 14, 2013

Who else wants a: Star Wars iPhone 5 Case?

As a fan since I was old enough to watch the first series, which was around 1989 under supervision of my dad, it was a joy to collect all the best iPhone 5 Star Wars cases.

There were just so much cool official and fan art cases. To make sure the list contained only stellar cases I discarded the art that was not the best or cases that were of lesser quality.

In the end I got it down to this list of seven great Star Wars iPhone 5 Cases:

Officially Licensed Darth Vader Case

To me this iPhone 5 Collectors Case for Star Wars is the coolest case you can get. It's a limited edition case that has been officially licensed and it is inspired by Darth Vader while at the same time it remains a very subtle case. Pick one up before they run out.

Officially licensed Chewbacca Case

In the same series as the #1 case this is the Officially licensed Chewbacca case that has been printed in a limited edition as well. The case fits perfectly and it's obviously inspired by Chewbacca but in a very subtle low key way that makes this a cool case even among people who aren't fans. Will inspire many conversations that's for sure.

Star Wars case for iPhone 5

The third place is taken by another officially licensed limited edition case for iPhone 5 this time inspired by 3cpo. I love the gold plated cool and the detailed wiring. This phone case will spark many conversations and people will ask you very often where you got it. It helsp that 3cpo is one of the most well liked characters in sci-fi ofcourse.

a Trip down Memorylane

Black Iphone 5 Star Wars R2D2

The last and fourth officially licensed case and if you want R2D2 it's the best. And let's face it... Who doesn't want R2D2? Made out of hard plastic and with a small Apple symbol on the top. This completes the licensed special edition set of 4 cases that were brought out for the iPhone.

#5 Darth Vader The Force Unleashed

Darth Vader iPhone 5

Cool case featuring the most famous symbol of Evil second only to the Devil: Darth Vader ready to strike. Cool looking case that unmistakenbly identifies you as a hardcore Star Wars fan. Great artwork and the best Darth Vader case available.

Case Star Wars Darth Maul

High quality hard plastic case for iPhone 5 that features Darth Maul and the Star Wars logo. I love the overall design and the artwork is astounding. very sharp and crisp. If you want Darth Maul this is the case to get.

Star Wars Logo

This is a simple yet elegant and cool case. Featuring the Star Wars logo in hot pink letters. Crisp print on a quality case. The Star Wars logo is instantly recognizable even from just the typeface.


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