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Star Wars Movie Parodies and Spoofs

Updated on July 2, 2012

Star Wars Spoofs and Parodies

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. In our modern age I think its safe to expand on this further and say parody is probably one of the most common, and most sincere, forms of flattery.

It seems one of the easiest ways to discover if someone or something has made it big is to see who is mocking them and making fun of them. All one needs to do is watch TV, go to the movies, or spend a few minutes browsing videos on YouTube. Parodies are everywhere. Few franchises have spawned as many parodies as Star Wars.

The Star Wars series of films has spawned many good (and not so good) parodies. Few film producers can boast their film has been parodied by produce, cartoons, Mel Brooks, action figures, claymation, and more!

This lens is dedicated to the great, and not so great, Star Wars parodies.


May the Schwartz be with you.

Once upon a time warp in deep space, the struggle between the nice & the rotten goes on...

In 1987, after reportedly taking 6 months to write the script, Mel Brooks brought us one of my favorite Star Wars parodies: Spaceballs.

In this hilarious slapstick Star Wars spoof, Planet Spaceball president (President Skroob) sends the evil Lord Dark Helmet to steal Planet Druidia's supply of air to replenish their own. Kidnapping the King of Druidia's daughter seems like the perfect method. Indeed Princess Vespa is kidnapped by the evil Spaceballs who demand all of the air of Druida as a ransom. Only the gritty hero Lone Starr and his furry sidekick Barf can stop them.

This parody stars some great actors and pokes fun at all the great main characters in the Star Wars saga.

There is no Yoda in this world. Instead Mel Brooks plays the role of the old and wise "Yogurt" who teaches a young hero the ways of "The Schwartz". That hero isn't Han Solo, but "Lone Star" who's furry companion is no Chewbacca. Instead it's a MOG (half man half dog) named "Barf", which is short for "Barfolemew".

Rick Moranis plays the not so sinister bumbling evil villain "Dark Helmet". A short dorky man in a ridiculously large black helmet. It's probably the best Darth Vader parody you'll ever see.

There's also "Dot Matrix" a parody of C3PO and the evil "Pizza the Hutt".

Spaceballs hits you with corny off the wall laughs from the beginning and it never lets up. All in all I think it's very funny and one of the best Star Wars spoofs out there.


Spaceballs on Amazon

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Spaceballs Videos on Youtube

Some of the main characters from the Star Wars Parody film, Hardware Wars. Used under the Non-Free Fair Use Rationale (See link)
Some of the main characters from the Star Wars Parody film, Hardware Wars. Used under the Non-Free Fair Use Rationale (See link)

Hardware Wars

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss three bucks goodbye!

Hardware Wars was a short 13 minute Star Wars parody film that appeared in 1977 around 7 months after the original Star Wars film appeared in theaters. It was reportedly made with a paltry $8,000 budget but ended up grossing around $1,000,000! It also won many awards and in 1999 it received probably the best award of all; George Lucas himself mentioned it was probably his favorite Star Wars parody!

The film was writtend and directed by Ernie Fosselius and produced by Michael Wiese. The name Hardware Wars is perfect because the crew used ordinary hardware and household items as props to stick to their tight budget. There are flying steam irons, toasters, cassette players and casette tapes, bottle openers, flashlights as lightsabers, basketballs as planets and . . . well you get the idea.

The character parodies are just as campy and just as fun.

Luke Skywalker is replaced with Fluke Starbucker. Arty Deco, a vacuum cleaner, and 4-Q-2 replace everyone's favorite droid duo R2-D2 and C3PO. Augie "Ben" Doggie parodies Obi Won Kenobi. Space revel Han Solo is known as Ham Salad in this film. Of course he is accompanied by his furry companion, but this time it's Chewchilla the Wookie Monster. Chewchilla is a furry brown puppet that looks, and acts, strikingly similar to Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. Finally on the good guys side we have Princess Anne-Droid who wears cinnamon rolls on the sides of her head.

The dark side of Hardware Wars is led by Darph Nader, and evil overlord with a frequently muffled voice due to the welder's mask and helmet he wears. Imperial Steam troopers (steam cabinets) help enforce the evil will of Lord Nader.

Hardware Wars was one of the first Star Wars parody films and is still one of the best spoofs to date.

Hardware Wars on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find this classic Star Wars spoof on VHS, DVD and more.

Copyright © 1999 O Entertainment -
Copyright © 1999 O Entertainment -

Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle

"If there were thumbs in space and they got mad at each other there would be... THUMB WARS."

Thumb Wars is a 29 minute short film from twisted finger genius Steve Oedekerk using human thumbs as the main cast of characters.

For the main cast of thumbs we have:

-Loke Groundrunner a parody of Luke Skywalker

-Princess Leia is replaced with Princess Bunhead

-There is no Han Solo in Thumb Wars. Instead everyone's favorite space smuggler is known as Hand Duet. Never far from his side is his hairy fuzzball sidekick, Crunchaka.

-Master Yoda? No chance. In Thumb Wars it's Master Puppet. He's an equally adorable and wise mysterious and wise master.

-Oobedoob "Scoobi-doobi" Benubi is the comically long-winded equivalent of Obi Won Kenobi in this Star Wars spoof. He helps train Loke Groundrunner in the ways of thumbsaber fighting to help him on his way to becoming a Thumbi Knight.

-Prissypeo is the Thumb Wars equivalent to C3PO. There's also his digit counterpart, Beeboobeep a perfect R2-D2 parody.

-Black Helmet Man is the dark lord of the evil Thumbpire, and there is also the dreadful Gabba the Butt.

As you've probably already figured out, the hand, thumb and finger references just don't stop coming. Take for example, Hand Duet's spaceship, known as Hand's Hand. It is essentially a hand shaped version of the Millennium Falcon. Loke Groundrunner attacks the evil space station, the Death Thumb/Thumb Star with his flying Finger-Wing fighter. This helps the Thumbellion defeat the evil Thumbpire. While the thumb and hand references are a bit over done, it's no doubt intentionally done to make this off the wall Star Wars parody even more quirky.

In the end, I give Thumb Wars a big costumed thumbs up!

Thumb Wars on Amazon

Looking to pick up your very own copy of Thumb Wars? Try!

Thumb Wars Videos on YouTube

Check out some of these Thumb Wars videos on YouTube

Thumb Wars on eBay

Ebay can be another great place to find your very own copy of Thumb Wars on DVD, VHS or your other favorite format.

Star Warp'd

Star Warp'd is a Star Wars Spoof using a combination of claymation stop animation and CGI effects. It's a cool blend of old school claymation and computer special effects.

I won't beat around the bush, the computer animation is crude, the claymation is crude, and the humor is crude. Those are all reasons you'll either love or hate this Star Wars parody. Don't believe me? Consider the following. Darth Vapor is this spoof's parody of Darth Vader. He and his evil companion Mini-Mall (a combination of Mini-Me and Darth Maul) use the Dark Smell of the force to battle the good guys. You guessed it; Darth Vapor farts a lot.! The stormtrooper like henchmen even wear clothespins on their noses. Needless to say there is a lot of farting in Star Warp'd Unfortunately even the fart jokes and the like aren't done as well as they could have been.

A smelly, farting parody of Darth Vader had so much possibility. It should have left my 9 year old son giggling uncontrollably. Unfortunately he barely cracked a smile.

In addition to excessive flatulence, there are other painfully obvious and "seen it" style jokes. One that stands out is the Bow-Tie fighters. While pink polka dot bowtie-winged tie fighters may not be all that funny (or original) they are still fun.

Star Warp'd is far from perfect and its not hilarious. That being said, it is a film made with a lot of love for the films being parodied. It does have some funny moments and there actually is a decently well thought out plot. Basically the plot involves a rip in the space/time continuum and Captain Kwirk and Mr. Spuck, pursued by Darth Vapor, are transported to earth around the year 2001. Here they are notified by the StarChild that the Star Warp is caused by a defective monolith which they must repair. As luck would have it, Darth Vapor wants the monolith for himself. Darth Vapor sends a parody of Predator, Alien, and the Terminator to retrieve it.

Luckily the good guy Trekkies can summon anyone they desire to help them defeat Lord Vapor's goons. They conjure up N.T. (Non-Terrestrial) which is a pretty funny parody of E.T. who uses his middle fingers rather than the original's index finger. They also get help from Robocop (Robofuzz). While I won't spoil all the plot details, my favorite part comes at the end when a funny parody of Jar Jar Binks (Jar Jar Blows) is thrown off a cliff.

Although not terribly funny, there are a few humorous moments. While the claymation is pretty bad, the computer animation is actually better than one would expect. You won't die laughing while watching but it is a decent parody attempt that no doubt took a great deal of time to create on a tight budget. There are some good ideas here, even if they weren't pulled off completely.

Star Warp'd on Amazon

Amazon is the ideal source to buy Star Warp'd and other Star Wars parodies.

Star Warp'd Videos on YouTube

Check out these Star Warp'd videos posted on YouTube.

The Robot Chicken Star Wars Parodies

Seth Green's hilarious Star Wars parodies done in the unique Robot Chicken style.

Robot Chicken is a television series airing in The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. The show, produced by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich is done in a stop animation style and features hilarious parodies of many current and past pop culture topics.

To date there have been 3 dedicated Star Wars parodies done by the Robot Chicken gang. Even though each episode is only around 22 minutes or so, they move very quickly. Each episode consists of chapters made up of short skits, some only seconds long. As a result there are a ton of laughs packed into each episode and it's nearly impossible to discuss it all in a review.

Instead I'll list a few of my favorite parts from each episode. If you haven't seen the Robot Chicken Star Wars parodies I'd recommend you pick them up today. You won't be disappointed! A word of caution however. Robot Chicken is definitely intended for adults so many of the topics aren't intended for younger viewers.

Robot Chicken Star Wars - The very first Robot Chicken Star Wars parody!

Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD: Image source -  Used under low resolution non-free fair use rationale.
Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD: Image source - Used under low resolution non-free fair use rationale.

Episode II from Robot Chicken aired in November of 2008 and was made available on DVD in July of 2009.

Here a few memorable highlights from the 2nd installment of Robot Chicken Star Wars spoofs.

1. Boba Fett gets himself 2 lightsabers, a red one and a blue one. "Put them both together and what do you get? PURPLE RAIN!", he exclaims. He then proceeds to slaughter many Ewoks using lightsabers, a blaster, and a rocket from his backpack. Princess Leia arrives and Boba inquires why she has so many clothes on. She promplty strips down to her slave outfit before proceeding to throw herself at the bounty hunter.

2. A StormTrooper brings his daughter with him to work after his wife urges him to participate in "take your daughter to work day".

3. The Mos Eisley Cantina Band pitches their jingle for an admiral Ackbar Fishsticks commercial.

4. A hilarious parody from Epidsode III Revenge of the Sith where Anakin must go to the Jedi Temple and murder the Jedi younglings. In this parody version he deals with the difficult task by going to his happy place...the beautiful fields of the planet Naboo. He imagines himself cutting some fresh sunflowers when he's actually decapitating the poor younglings. He goes a little too far by leaving his wife Padme a fresh cut bouquet of sunflowers on the kitchen table!

In June of 2007, the first Robot Chicken Star Wars special aired on TV. This 22 minute episode was made available on DVD in July of 2008. This first Robot Chicken Star Wars parody is probably my favorite. Here are a few of my favorite parts:

1. The normal opening sequence of Robot Chicken is changed to be much more Star Wars relevant. Rather than your typical roadkill chicken being rescued and resurected as a killer cyborg this time we see a nod to Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. In this opening sequence the Mad Scientist (clearly a parody of emperor Palpatine) saves the chicken from the fires of the volcanic planet Mustafar and rebuilds him as Vader and then forces him to watch Robot Chicken.

2. In a meeting an Imperial officer explains to some rookie troops that Lord Vader doesn't really have the power of force strangulation. Instead everyone plays along and pretends he does to avoid being killed/fired. There's even a dry practice run to show how to properly fake it and come back to work with a mustache or other disguise.

3. A commercial for Admiral Ackbar Flakes cereal. "It's a TRAP!"

4. George Lucas meets the stereotypical Star Wars geek in an elevator at a Star Wars convention. The nerd precedes to don his Taun Taun costume and demonstrates his rehearsed Taun Taun calls. In the end the nerd saves the day when Lucas rides on the back of the geek Taun Taun to escape a horde of screaming Star Wars fans and get to his speech at the convention.

5. The "Yo Momma" fight betweent Luke Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine. It consists of a series of "Yo Momma" jokes between the two characters.

6. Jar Jar Binks visits Darth Vader apparently totally oblivious to the fact that he is no longer the "Annie" that he knew but an evil Lord of the Sith. Highly annoyed, Vader ejects him to his death into space via an airlock. Later that night in bed, Vader is awoken by the force ghost of Jar Jar who continues to refer to him as "Annie".

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II - The 2nd Robot Chicken Star Wars Parody

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II DVD - Image Source:      Used under non-free, low resolution fair use rationale
Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II DVD - Image Source: Used under non-free, low resolution fair use rationale

Robot Chicken Star Wars III - The last of the great Robot Chicken Star Wars Parodies?

Robot Chicken Star Wars III DVD -  Image Source:    Used under non-free, low resolu
Robot Chicken Star Wars III DVD - Image Source: Used under non-free, low resolu

The third, and reportedly last, Robot Chicken Star Wars spoof aired in December of 2010. It is scheduled to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in July of 2011.

In my opinion, Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III was the least entertaining of the series. It's not that it wasn't funny or entertaining, just that I found the first two to be much more chuckle worthy. I think there could be two major reasons for this. First, its obviously hard to follow two hilarious episodes, espcially when your source material is growing thinner with each spoof. Secondly, and probably most importantly, Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III is an hour long. This is much longer than the first two.

Although not quite as funny as the first two Star Wars parody offerings from the Robot Chicken crew, Episode III is still a great Star Wars spoof and a must have addition to any Star Wars fans collection.

Robot Chicken Star Wars videos on YouTube

Youtube is a great place to find videos pertaining to Robot Chicken Star Wars. Find reviews, highlights and more!

Robot Chicken Star Wars on Amazon

Having a tough time finding Robot Chicken Star Wars items at a fair price? Try amazon!

The Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy

Three great Star Wars parodies

There are curently three Star Wars parodies made with the characters of the animated television series Family Guy.

Like the Robot Chicken spoofs, the first two in this series are my favorites. The three Star Wars parodies are as follows.

1. Blue Harvest

2. Something, Something, Something Darkside

3. It's a Trap!

Each of these three spoofs begins with the Griffin family sitting on the couch watching TV when the power goes out. With no other form of entertainment, Peter Griffin begins retelling a plot from one of the Star Wars films and the episode takes it from there using the Family Guy characters as Star Wars characters. It's a pretty entertaining format and it was always fun to see who could be cast to play some of the Star Wars roles.

Blue Harvest is a parody of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It originally aired as a full hour long special on Television in September of 2007. Without the commercials, the episode runs approximately 48 minutes on DVD.

Something, Something, Something Darkside takes its title from a inside Star Wars joke for Family Guy fans. In one episode of Family Guy there is a cut away showing a flashback clip of when Emperor Palpatine discovered the perfect Star Wars dialogue. In the clip he utters, in true groany Emperor Palpatine fashion, "Something . . . Something . . . Something. . .DARKSIDE. . . Something, Something, Something . . . COMPLETE." This funny episode is a parody of The Empire Strikes Back

It's a Trap! Is a parody of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It takes its title from the famous line shouted by Admiral Ackbar in the movie. By the third spoof in the series, even the Griffin family is aware of the recurring electrical power outage theme. In the beginning of It's a Trap! the power goes out and the Griffin family baby, Stewie complains, "Oh god...we're doing 'Jedi' aren't we?" Perhaps the family hates Jedi as much as most people, or perhaps they know they are running short on good jokes and original material. Either way they don't look too eager to get the show started. This one doesn't pack as much fun as the first two Family Guy Star Wars spoofs, but its still fun!

The three Family Guy Star Wars parodies are available separately on DVD or you can buy them together collectively as the Laugh it Up Fuzzball Family Guy Star Wars trilogy on DVD/Bluray.

Robot Chicken Star Wars items on eBay

As always, ebay is another good source to locate those hard to find Robot Chicken Star Wars items.

Laugh it Up Fuzzball Family Guy Trilogy Bluray cover - Image Source:,_Fuzzball.jpg   Used under non-free, fair use, low resolution rationale.
Laugh it Up Fuzzball Family Guy Trilogy Bluray cover - Image Source:,_Fuzzball.jpg Used under non-free, fair use, low resolution rationale.

Family Guy Star Wars Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to find Family Guy Star Wars clips, as well as viewer reviews and more!

Family Guy Star Wars on Amazon

Amazon can be a great place to find Family Guy Star Wars parodies at great prices. Take a look at some suggestions below:

Family Guy Star Wars items on eBay

ebay is always a great place to find deals on Family Guy Star Wars DVDs, Blurays and other items.

Grocery Store Wars - "Not long ago in a supermarket no so far away. . ."

Grocery Store Wars Promo.  Image Source:   Used under non-free/low resolution/fair use rationale
Grocery Store Wars Promo. Image Source: Used under non-free/low resolution/fair use rationale

A Star Wars parody with a purpose? Grocery Store Wars was an outreach project from the Organic Free Trade Association to promote organic produce. This genius little project ended up in a brilliant 5 minute long film produce by FreeRangeStudios in 2005.

In this Star Wars parody Star Wars characters are portrayed by various types of organic produce. We have Cuke Skywalker, Princess Lettuce, Chewbroccoli and other members of the organic rebellion battling Darth Tater and the Dark Side of the farm.

It really is a clever and original idea with some cute animation and cool computer effects thrown in. You can catch the whole parody by watching the clip from FreeRangeStudios on YouTube, which I've linked to below.

Grocery Store Wars on YouTube

Check out the official Grocery Store Wars video from Free Range Studios posted on YouTube!

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