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Updated on July 9, 2014

Be there for the joy. Be there for the tears. Be there for each other.

This is one of my favorite movies starring two of my favorite female lead actresses. I rushed out Christmas day in 1998 to see this film and never regretted it. It makes me laugh and cry every time I see it.

This film is so relevant to today's families showing that children and parents do not have to choose sides and that all members can have an enriched involvement.

It uses humor to show the viewer the importance of family and getting along but has a genuine sensitivity that will definitely require a box of tissues.

Citation: image courtesy of Colombia Pictures.

Stepmom Stats


Directed by:
Chris Columbus

Julia Roberts as Isabel Kelly
Susan Sarandon as Jackie Harrison
Ed Harris as Luke Harrison

Why I Love Stepmom in 100 Words or Less


Jackie and Luke are divorced. Luke is marrying Isabel. Jackie is resentful of Isabel and Isabel is just trying to survive Luke and Jackie's two kids. The family has a volatile dynamic until Jackie learns she has cancer and realizes that she needs to make sure her kids are taken care of, even if it is by someone she doesn't overtly trust or respect. She only has so much time left to show Isabel the ropes of being a good Stepmom.


Step Mom Movie Trailer

Julia Roberts and Susan Surandon have great chemistry and timing as two women who barely tolerate one another. Ed Harris is the romantic buffer between the two.

Go ahead, disagree. I dare you.

Stepmom is the best movie ever.

My Top Ten Fave Julia Roberts Films

  1. Erin Brockovich
  2. Pretty Woman
  3. Sleeping With the Enemy
  4. The Pelican Brief
  5. Dying Young
  6. Conspiracy Theory
  7. Steel Magnolias
  8. Something to Talk About
  9. Mystic Pizza
  10. Mona Lisa Smile


Is this just another chick flick that tugs at your heart strings?

My Top Ten Fave Susan Surandon Films

  1. Stepmom
  2. The Witches of Eastwick
  3. Thelma & Louise
  4. The Client
  5. Little Women
  6. White Palace
  7. The Banger Sisters
  8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  9. Bull Durham
  10. Lorenzo's Oil

Who would win in a fight?

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My Top Ten Fave Ed Harris Films

  1. Apollo 13
  2. The Abyss
  3. Enemy at the Gates
  4. The Hours
  5. The Right Stuff
  6. China Moon
  7. Radio
  8. A History of Violence
  9. Glengarry Glen Ross
  10. A Beautiful Mind

If I Needed You...

After getting injured at the park Ben ends up in the hospital. While Jackie is talking to the doctors Isabel tries to comfort him. He asks her to sing him a song. Here are the lyrics:

If I needed you,

Would you come to me?

Would you come to me

and ease my pain?

If you needed me,

I would come to you,

I would swim the seas

For to ease your pain.

In the night forlorn,

Ah, the morning's born,

And the morning shines

With the lights of love,

You will miss sunrise,

If you close your eyes,

That would break

My heart in two.

Lady's with me now,

Since I showed her how

To lay her lily hand in mine,

Loop and Lil agree,

She's a sight to see,

And a treasure for

the poor to find.

If I needed you,

Would you come to me?

Would you come to me

and ease my pain?

If you needed me,

I would come to you,

I would swim the seas

For to ease your pain.

Written by Townes Van Zandt

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My favorite version of If I Needed You is sung by Lyle Lovett and you can download it from Amazon for .99 cents.

If I Needed You
If I Needed You

I loved this song from Step Mom so much I downloaded Lyle Lovett's version. I LOVEtt!



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