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Sting Biography - His Lyrics and His Music

Updated on October 2, 2015

Sting and His Words

Who is Sting? Sting is English musician and has been on music scene for more than thirty years.

He used to sang in band called Police and later he went solo. He is singer, writer, composer, producer, actor...

"I realize that nothing's as it seems."


Photo by Lionel Urman, Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Lionel Urman, Wikimedia Commons

Sting was born as Gordon Matthew Sumner in Wallsend, Northumberland in England, on October 2nd 1951.

His father Ernest Matthew Sumner was a milkman and engineer and his mother Audrey was a hairdresser. He is the oldest child and has two sisters (Angela and Anita) and a brother (Philip).

"I realize that nothing's as it seems."


He worked as a bus conductor, a construction labourer, and a tax officer, and later he became a teacher. He was a schoolteacher at St. Paul's Middle School in Cramlington for two years.

In his spare time he played with local jazz bands such as the Last Exit and Phoenix Jazzmen. On stage he wore black and yellow sweater with stripes and bandleader of Phoenix Jazzmen Gordon Solomon said that he looked like a bee. That's how he got his nickname, Sting.

Sting married actress Frances Tomelty in 1976. They had two children. Joseph was born on November 23rd 1976 and Fuchsia Catherine (Kate) was born on April 17th 1982. Shortly after the birth of his second child, Sting separated from Frances Tomelty, and they divorced in 1984.

In January 1977, Sting moved from Newcastle to London, and soon he joined Stewart Copeland (drums) and Henry Padovani to form the band The Police. Henry Padovani was later replaced by Andy Summers (guitars).

For The Police, working on their first album in 1978, Outlandos d'Amour, was difficult, because they had small budget, with no manager or record deal. Stewart Copeland's older brother Miles Copeland III heard "Roxanne" for the first time and immediately got them a record deal with A&M Records.

The Police - Roxanne

In March 1980, the Police began their first world tour, including places which rarely hosted foreign performers, including Mexico City in Mexico, Bombay in India, and Egypt.

Few years later, in March 1984, after five studio albums, and after the tour named Synchronicity finished, the bend members went apart and eventually started new careers.

The Police have sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.

The Police

Studio albums

1978 Outlandos d'Amour

1979 Reggatta de Blanc

1980 Zenyattà Mondatta

1981 Ghost in the Machine

1983 Synchronicity

Live albums

1995 Live!

2008 Certifiable: Live in Buenos Aires

Compilation albums

1986 Every Breath You Take: The Singles

1990 Their Greatest Hits

1992 Greatest Hits

1995 Every Breath You Take: The Classics

1997 The Very Best of Sting & The Police

2007 The Police

2009 The 50 Greatest Songs

Grammy Awards

1980 'Reggatta De Blanc,' Best Rock Instrumental Performance - The Police

1981 'Don't Stand So Close To Me,' Best Rock Vocal performance by a Duo or Group - The Police

1981 'Behind My Camel,' Best Rock Instrumental Performance - The Police

1984 'Every Breath You Take,' Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal - The Police

1984 'Synchronicity II', Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal - The Police

"If you make your living writing, and you can't write anything, it's over. It's very frightening."


The Police - Every Breath You Take

Do You Like His Music?

Do You Like His Music?

See results

In September 1981, Sting made his first live solo appearance, performing on all four nights of the fourth Amnesty International benefit The Secret Policeman's Other Ball at the invitation of producer Martin Lewis. He performed solo versions of "Roxanne" and "Message in a Bottle".

Sting's first solo album was The Dream of the Blue Turtles in 1985's.

In 1982 he began living with actress (and later film producer) Trudie Styler.

Trudie Styler

Sting and Trudie Styler have four children: Bridget Michael (Mickey, born on January 19th 1984), Jake (born on May 24th 1985), Eliot Pauline (nicknamed "Coco", born on July 30th 1990), and Giacomo Luke (born on December 17th 1995).

The couple got married on August 20th 1992.

"I try to give the media as many confusing images as I can to retain my freedom. What's real is for my children and the people I live with."


Their daughter Coco is the current singer and founder of the London based group I Blame Coco.

In 1989, Sting with his wife Trudie Styler and Raoni Metuktire, a Kayapó Indian leader in Brazil, founded the Rainforest Foundation Fund to help save the rainforests and protect the rights of the indigenous peoples living there.

His support for these causes continues to this day, and includes an annual benefit concert held at New York's Carnegie Hall with Billy Joel, Elton John, James Taylor and other music superstars.



1985 The Dream of the Blue Turtles

1987 ...Nothing Like the Sun

1991 The Soul Cages

1993 Ten Summoner's Tales

1996 Mercury Falling

1999 Brand New Day

2003 Sacred Love

2006 Songs from the Labyrinth

2009 If on a Winter's Night...

2010 Symphonicities

Live albums

1986 Bring on the Night

1991 Acoustic Live in Newcastle

2001 ...All This Time

2007 The Journey and the Labyrinth

2010 Live in Berlin

Compilation albums

1994 Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984-1994

1997 The Very Best of Sting & The Police

1999 At the Movies


Grammy Awards

1984 'Every Breath You Take,' Song Of The Year - Sting

1984 'Brimstone and Treacle', Best Rock Instrumental Performance - Sting

1986 'Bring On The Night', Best Long Form Video - Sting

1986 'Bring on the Night', Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - Sting

1992 'The Soul Cages,' Best Rock Song - Sting

1994 'If Ever I Lose My Faith In You,' Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - Sting

1994 'Ten Summoner's Tales', Best Long Form Video Of The Year - Sting

1994 'Ten Summoner's Tales', Best Engineered Recording - Hugh Padgham

2000 'Brand New Day', Best Pop Album - Sting and Kipper

2000 'Brand New Day', Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - Sting

2001 'She Walks This Earth (Soberana Rosa)' Best Male Pop Vocal Performance - Sting

2004 'Whenever I Say Your Name', Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals - Sting & Mary J. Blige


1998 Biography Sting - Demolition Man, Christopher Sandford, Little, Brown and Company

2000 Authorised biography A Sting in the Tale, James Berryman, Mirage Publishing

2003 Autobiography Broken Music, Simon & Schuster

2005 Biography Sting and I, James Berryman, John Blake

2007 The Words and Music of Sting, Christopher Gable, Praeger


Sting occasionally has ventured into acting. Film and television roles are:

The Ace Face, the King of The Mods, a.k.a. The BellBoy in the movie adaptation of The Who album Quadrophenia (1979)

Radio On : Just Like Eddie (1980)

The angel Helith in the BBC TV film Artemis 81 (1981)

Martin Taylor, a drifter in Brimstone and Treacle (1982)

Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in the movie Dune (1984)

Steerpike in two BBC Radio 4 broadcasts based on the Mervyn Peake novels: Titus Groan and Gormenghast (1984)

Mick, a black-marketeer in Plenty (1985)

Baron Frankenstein in The Bride (1985)

A "heroic officer" in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

Finney, a nightclub owner in Stormy Monday (1988)

Daniel, a British gentleman in Julia and Julia (1988)

Billy Idol in a Saturday Night Live sketch (1991)

Himself on The Simpsons episode "Radio Bart" (1992)

Himself on The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer Episode 5 (1995)

Fledge in The Grotesque (1995), in which he appears nude

Himself in The Larry Sanders Show episode "Where Is the Love?" (1996)

J.D., Eddie's father and owner of a bar, in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Himself in Ally McBeal season four episode "Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade" (2001)

Himself in Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out (2006)

Himself in Studio 60 on Sunset Strip 2006

Himself on the Vicar of Dibley Comic Relief special (2007)

Himself in Bee Movie (2007)

Himself, mistaken by Tom Baker for Stomp, the lead singer of "The Cops" in Little Britain USA (2008) He plays his own song, "Fields of Gold"

Himself in Brüno (2009)

Himself in Still Bill (2009)

Oscar Nominations

2000 Nomination: 'My Funny Friend And Me' - Best Song

2001 Nomination: 'Until' - Best Song from Kate & Leopold

2003 Nomination: 'You Will Be My Ain True Love' - Best Song from Cold Mountain


2002 Winner: Sting in Tuscany: All This Time - Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program.

2002 Winner: Sting in Tuscany: All This Time - Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Movie, Miniseries, or Special (Scott C. Wilson)

So, Sting really did a lot of things and hopefully he will continue doing it for many more years.

Have you ever been to his concert?

Have you ever been to his concert?

See results

Sources: - Sting - The Police

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