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Studio Ghibli

Updated on October 2, 2014

Studio Ghibli Movie Collections

Welcome to the World of Studio Ghibli

A studio which releases High-Quality Animation Movies, Amazing Story-Telling, Cute Characters and Great Music.

Currently, Studio Ghibli has produced 18 masterpieces and each masterpiece directed by Hayao Miyazaki, which is one of the greatest director and movie animator in Japan.

In every movie, we will follow the journey of each character in a magical world, follow their courage to solve their life challenges, follow their friendship with the magical creatures, follow their amazing adventure as they uncover the way to free their loved ones from the mystical spirits.

Here are the lists of top animation movies produced by Studio Ghibli.


Movie about Adventure, Love, Dream, Friendship and Mystical Fish Creatures.

In a small town by the sea, lives a 5 year old boy, Sosuke with his mum. One day, he saves a goldfish whose body is stuck inside a jar. Sasuke then brings the fish to school, put it inside a green bucket filled with water and name it "Ponyo".

Grateful for Sosuke, Ponyo then decides that she wants to be human and promises to Sosuke that they will become friends forever. Unfortunately, Ponyo's father who is a sorcerer lives under the sea forces Ponyo to return back to the sea.

So what happens next? Will Ponyo return back to the sea or will she stay with Sosuke?

My Neighbour Totoro

Who doesn't know Totoro? It's a strange creature that is now famous not only in Japan, but also around the world. He has appeared in other Studio Ghibli movies such as Pom Poko, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Whisper of the Heart.

Recently, he is also featured in Toy Story 3.

My Neighbour Totoro the movie is set in a post war period. It follows the journey of Kusakabe family who move into rural Japan to be near the hospital where Mrs Kusakabe is recovering from long-term illness. Their two daughters, Satsuki and Mei they found a magical weird creature named Totoro. Mr Kusakabe later told their daughters that Totoro is the "keeper of the forest".

Kiki's Delivery Service

Enchanting tales of a young witch as she overcomes the challenges of life to be a good witch. At only 13 years old and with her long-time friend, a talking cat named Jiji, she travels the world on her broomstick and finally settles in a small village in Europe to uncover her other "witchcraft" gift.

Follow her courage, determination, confidence and diligence as she finally learn about her unique talents. This is a movie perfect for every young women.

Spirited Away

Without doubt, this is the best animated movie from Studio Ghibli. It's pretty scary movie so make sure you accompany your kids when they watch this movie. There are lots of spirits, scary characters and demons in this adventurous movie.

A journey of a young girl named Chihiro in a magical scary spirit world. Follow her journey as she courageously finds her way to free her parents who have been mysteriously transformed into animals.

Princess Mononoke

An action story which change the animation world forever.

It's about the epic battle between the civilization of men & the God's of the forest. The "Gods" believe that if human's world is wiped out, the forest will be the riches place on the Earth. They try to unbalance the forces of nature.

But there is one fearless princess who bravely enough said that "I'm going to kill the Gods" and get out all the human from that war.

Follow her journey as she fights against all the Demons and bring victory to the civilization of men!

The Secret World of Arrietty - the Borrower

Movie about family of small people who borrow stuffs from human in order for them to survive.

Arrietty is a small person, she lives with her family under the floorboard of a young boy "Sho" house. During the night, her father borrows stuffs from Sho's house and they're extremely careful for not letting any human see them because they believe they're the last borrowers.

Sho who is unwell, lives in the house with his great aunt, Sadako. One day, he sees Arrietty and wants to befriend with her.


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