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Suicide Squad Film Review - Not Without Some Entertainment Value

Updated on October 25, 2016

In the ongoing battle of comic film dominance between DC and Marvel comics, Marvel tends to come on top and fairly so. Marvel’s movies are better in most aspects, for example comparing “Iron Man” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” to Dc’s “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” is simply a waste of time as the latter titles pale in comparison even to Marvel’s lesser titles like “Iron Man 2” and “Thor”. Unfortunately for DC, “Suicide Squad” does little to alter the current equation, but at the same time let me get one thing out of the way: It is not as bad as most of the critics are making it out to be.

Let’s start with the bad first. This is DC’s answer to Marvel’s “Deadpool” and it is simply not as risky or as good. It is a different kind of superhero movie; the main characters are all villains assembled to fight for a good cause in order to reduce their prison sentences. The Screenplay while funny is too reliant on one liners to make things interesting and establish strong characterization but comes up short most of the time. Like the previous DC movies, this one is dim colored and you don’t get to see the light of day and if you do then somehow they manage to make the day look like nighttime, maybe DC’s filmmakers think this is how to establish a dark atmosphere (Zack Snyder’s style) but it ends up feeling unnatural and forced. I liked several movies directed by David Ayer like “Street Kings” and “End of Watch” but somehow here he manages to distort many of the action scenes especially the fight scenes which are more likely to cause eye strain than excitement.

I was never bored watching “Suicide Squad” even if it suffers from a few obvious problems. It is certainly better than “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and it is pretty funny at times. The film’s main strength is certainly the cast; they definitely chose the right actors for their respective roles and everyone on board did a fantastic job especially Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Viola Davis. When Margot Robbie is on the screen, everyone else gets demoted to a supporting role; she is able to use the crazy character given to her to full advantage and to grab all the attention with her cool moves and strange looks.

“Suicide Squad” should have been better and more risky like “Deadpool”. Villains working together for a good cause is a concept that should have been used to a more interesting outcome but this one settles in the safe and predictable zone, but at least it is watchable and not without some entertainment value.

Rating: 6/10

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