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Sukima Suki Manga Review

Updated on February 11, 2013

Sukima Suki Review

This is a review of the Sukima Suki manga by Unita Yumi author of popular manga such as Usagi Drop. In this page I review the art, the story and the character of Sukima Suki, I also give the manga an overall note on 10. See if this manga would be a good read for you by reading this Sukima Suki Review.

This review is my opinion you might agree with it or you might disagree, whatever the case make sure to voice your own opinion in the YOUR REVIEW section.

*I try not to spoil anything so you can read my review with no fear.


Sukima Suki's Synopsis

Through his hobby, which is exploring (peeping?) through the spaces in-between, Heisaku-kun ends up falling in love with his neighbor, Fumio-chan. However, it turns out that Fumio-chan has also been spying on Heisaku-kun all this time. Will this uncontrollable pair's hidden love ever be realized?

(Source: Stiletto Heels)


Sukima Suki's Information

  • Other Names: Sukimasuki
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Seinen, Slice Of Life
  • Author: Unita Yumi
  • Number of Chapter: 10
  • Number of Volume 1

My Review Of The Sukima Suki Manga

Sukima Suki

Reading Sukima Suki

I'm not really sure how I found this manga, I think I was just looking for another romance/seinen manga and ended up reading this. The synopsis was kind of weird so it caught my attention. While I was looking for a longer manga than that, the premise got me quite a bit curious so I picked it up anyway and it was wroth it too. Find out more about what I think of Sukima Suki in the following review and see if it really is wroth reading.

Art - Sukima Suki's Art

Sukima Suki's art style is quite distinctive. Just by seeing a page of it you would recognize that it's Sukima Suki, but that certainly is not because of the amount of details precision in the drawing. Quite the contrary, to me the art was a bit awkward and sometime felt a little sketchy. We don't get detailed background or facial expression, it's a simple and straightforward type of drawing. All this did not stop me from reading the manga obviously and I have to say that I even enjoyed this odd art. It had a certain charm to it and the fact that it goes straight to the point is sometime a good thing because we concentrate more on what is happening and less on how beautiful is the background or how realistic is the character's facial expression. Then again I would not want all the manga I read to be drawn like that, but in this particular case it did not bother me that much and felt like this odd art was a good fit for those odd characters and their world.


Sukima Suki's Story

Just by reading the synopsis you think to yourself that Sukima Suki must have quite a different and interesting story and it did not really disappoint in those points. The premise is original so it got my attention and the story itself was good enough that I got hooked pretty fast. The comedy part did not disappoints either, as I found myself laughing out loud a few times.

There is one flaw though and it's that the manga itself is too short. The length would not be a problem if I got everything I needed out of the manga and if everything was warped up by the end, but the shortness of this work just stops it from being really complete. An example of that would be Hana, I really found myself wanting to know more about her in the aftermath of the last few chapters, but no information was given, same for Masaji (This will be expended on in the character section).

On the other hand, the story did give me some kind of closure over the two main characters and their relationship, while I'm sure some people would have wished to see more to me the way they ended was OK. In the end I was satisfied by the story and even though it's short it was really enjoyable to read.


Sukima Suki's Characters

While I think that the main characters in Sukima Suki are quite interesting characters with good development, I can't say that much about everybody else in the manga. The others less important people are all interesting too, but they lack development and the main reason for that is probably the fact that this manga is very short so we don't have a lot of time to get into every character's life and specificity, we mainly stick with the main guy (Heisaku) and the love interest (Fumio).

I must say tough that even if we don't have a lot of info on the other characters of the manga it does not mean that I did not like them. Like I said before they are also quite interesting mainly Heisaku's friend Masaji and Fumio's friend Hana, but they both get so little screen time that I didn't really get to know them that well. At some point while reading it I even started to wish for a chapter or two from Hana's point of view or a chapter talking a little more about Masaji and his neighbor.

As for the main characters which are Fumio and Heisaku, I liked them both. Whether it's Heisaku with his crazy monologues or Fumio with her funny comments, and the two of them with their weird habits were both enjoyable and interesting characters to follow.


Sukima Suki

Overall Sukima Suki is a good manga. It has an original setting and an interesting story that follows some quite funny characters. The art is kind of odd and not very detailed, but I find it charming and fitting for the manga. The main problem with Sukima Suki would be that it's too short. There is only 10 chapters and sometime I felt that certain things could have been developed more if the manga would have been longer. It still is a good read and I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a romance/seinen type of manga or to anyone who would be interested by this original premise.

Sukima Suki's Rating: 7/10

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