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Summer Vacation

Updated on March 23, 2010


  My bride and I recently began to map out our summer vacation. For the last thirty seven years we have planned our summer getaways knowing they don't always go as planned. Sometimes it is as simple as going to a state park for a week end and other times it has been a cruise or a beach week. With the economy like it is I am sure it will be nothing elaborate. Last year it was our move back to Indiana from Arkansas. We took our time and stretched it out to two days. It was also the first time our beloved dog Wacker the amazing basset hound went with us. Now that he is part of the family we have to include him. He loves to stick his head out the window and let the air blow his big floppy lips up around his face. I am sure he catches a few bugs along the way because occasionally he will pull his head in and shake it, sneeze and swallow. Last year he was just a year old and was able to crawl into the space behind the back seat under the window. He has gotten to big to do that this year and doesn't understand why. He also liked to sit on my lap as I drove and look out the window. Again he has gotten too big for that also. We are hoping to rent a cabin for a weekend by a lake at a state park so Wacker can experience the great outdoors. Living in the city he has gotten the impression that everything around him is his to police. I am hoping he will run into a squirrel or other varmint with a little attitude. All of the ones in our area go ballistic when he even stares at them let alone barks. He reminds me of a caricature of a bully walking the streets. The way his front legs slightly bow combined with his short stature it gives him the appearance of a muscle bound dog. It seems other dogs feel the same since they don't even bark at him anymore. He needs an attitude adjustment. I am going to get him a pair of brightly colored board short and a straw hat so he can look cool on the shore. It is important to keep up appearances. Especially if I give in and let him take the Lincoln out for a date.


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