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Super: An Independent Super Hero Film

Updated on April 28, 2014

I remember seeing the trailer for this film in another super hero film, and knew I had to see it. I wouldn't recommend this independent film for everyone, because it has certain elements that the average viewer might take offense to. I'm guessing this is a black comedy/drama. The story's main character is a sad sap sort of a milk sop guy, named Frank who is married to Sara (played by Liv Tyler) who is beautiful and seems way out of his league. In the beginning of the film you get the feeling of how strange the relationship that these two characters have and that they do not really seem to belong. She gets involved with drugs, and another man (Kevin Bacon). One day she decides to leave Frank, and he soon suspects something is wrong with the situation. At this point you start to think that maybe he is just seeing things the wrong way, because he is distraught that his wife has left him. He starts praying to God, and seeing visions of becoming a super hero, which he calls "The Crimson Bolt". He goes to his local comic shop and befriends a clerk (Ellen Page) who unknowingly helps him create his alter ego. Now this is part of why I think some viewer may object to certain elements, because as the vigilante Bolt he bashes wrong doers on the head with a pipe wrench. Later in the film Page's character suspects that he is the vigilante, and decides to become his sidekick. By the end of the film we discover that Frank was right about Bacon's character in that he is a bad man, and justice is served, but sadly with casualties.

I liked this film and thought it was a nice independent. I recommend it for fans of such films such as Hobo with a shotgun, The Punisher, or any of Kevin Smith's films.

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