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Android 18(Dragon Ball Z Profile)

Updated on December 19, 2009

Android 18

This is Android 18, one of Dr. Gero's androids and the only female android. She is the twin sister of Android 17. She was once a major antagonist, but eventually became a Z-Fighter upon meeting Krillin, her future husband.

Android 18's appearance is that of a white-skinned, beautiful young woman. She is the 18th creation of the mad scientist Dr. Gero, who wishes nothing more than the destruction of Goku. Android 18 along with her brother Android 17, used to be ordinary teenagers, until they were abducted by Gero and turned into androids. As an android, she retains her memories as a human, and she's granted extraordinary strength and power that exceed that of an average Super Saiyan's. During her battle with Super Saiyan Vegeta, she demonstrated her amazing strength by easily overwhelming him without taking the fight seriously. She ultimately landed a kick that dislocated Vegeta's arm. Afterwards, she left with the other androids and headed to Goku's location but before leaving the crippled Z-Fighters, she gave the terrified Krillin an unforgettable kiss, which the young man would never stop thinking about.

After Cell's defeat, the heroes gathered the Dragon Balls to start wishing the people that were killed by Cell back to life. During this time, Krillin had the opportunity to make one wish, which he would use to turn Android 17 and 18 into human beings. However, the dragon refused to perform the wish, as it was beyond the dragon's powers, so Krillin instead wished for the bombs in 17 and 18's bodies to be removed, which the dragon granted without a problem. Android 18 thanked Krillin by saying that he couldn't win her heart just by making a wish to help her. Eventually, she accepted Krillin's love and they had a daughter named Marron.


Power Level

During Android 16, 17, and 18's activation, they were the most powerful creatures in the series. They easily knocked the Z-Fighters out in their next meeting without exerting any obvious effort.

Android 18 was the weakest of the three androids. Although weaker than the other two androids, her powers were still greater than Super Saiyan Vegeta's. For some unknown reason, 18 and the other androids were built with unlimited energy supply, as none of them would ever tire in a battle and they have the ability to fire energy blasts forever. In addition, 18 never ages. In Dragon Ball GT, Krillin already looks like a grandfather and 18 looks as young as ever. Android 18 fought Vegeta in his new Super Saiyan state and she easily crippled him by delivering a powerful kick that severed Vegeta's arm, rendering it useless. She was able to handle multiple Z-Fighters including two Super Saiyans at once and easily defeat them without even getting touched in any part of her body. However, it was until the introduction of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that a number of Z-Fighters started to surpass the androids, but even before that, Piccolo had already surpassed Android 18 after he merged with Kami as he was fighting an even match against Android 17, who was then slightly stronger than his sister. After Vegeta and Trunks gained the ability to transform into Ascended Saiyans and emerged from the Time Chamber, the remote control that Bulma made to deactivate the androids was no longer necessary as either Vegeta or Trunks could destroy them if they were to wreak havoc again. During the Majin Buu Saga, almost all the Z-Fighters that 18 dominated during the Android Saga had pretty much surpassed her. Nevertheless, 18 is still stronger than the villains from the past such as Frieza and Cooler.



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      Jaundalynn 3 years ago

      All things coieddsren, this is a first class post

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      Lovie 3 years ago

      Keep it coming, writsre, this is good stuff.

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      molloy 6 years ago

      i have an older sister that loves android 18!!!!!!!!!!! she colored her hair blond, bought the clothes to look like her,tried to talk like her, has posters and t-shirts that has her face on it! but i have a special spray bottle that i spray in my mouth and i start talking exactly like her,cool huh?

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      molloy 6 years ago

      i know how much peopole like her so..... she has a facebook acount! i once got to chat with her but my acount got deleted

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      molloy 6 years ago

      i agree and i like android 18

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      me 6 years ago

      wow,android 18 is super sexy even if her shirt doesnt sow her stomach.

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      Steven Escareno 6 years ago

      Pretty good assessment again on all this. keep up the good work.