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Supernatural TV Series Finale - When Will Sam and Dean Winchester Meet God?

Updated on May 29, 2012
Dean and Sam Winchester
Dean and Sam Winchester

Supernatural TV Series Has Come a Long Way

I remember the first time I watched Supernatural. It feels so long ago that it's kinda crazy. I couldn't believe how great the show was and how I had to go back to the beginning and figure out the actual storyline. I got the basic story from the episode I was watching; two brothers fighting demons, and other evil creepy crawlies, while trying to track down their father. However, the story went deeper than that and I was instantly hooked.

I soon caught up on all the episodes and realized there were so many layers to the plot. Some weeks there would be episodes where they were kinda filler episodes. They weren't paramount to the underlying mystery or intrigue. Instead, they were used more as vehicles to introduce new monster type characters. Although these are enjoyable, I actually prefer the episodes that give you clues to the central plots. I liked to try to figure out where they were trying to go. Sometimes I was able to figure out where they were trying to get to, but there would still be surprises along the way; that I had no chance of anticipating. However, I still looked forward to seeing the storyline evolve and develop and was rarely disappointed, at least in the first five seasons.

Dean, Sam and John Winchester
Dean, Sam and John Winchester

The Supernatural Series Plot So Far

So far Supernatural has covered a lot of ground. There are very few supernatural type creatures that we have failed to meet. There's been everything from old Pagan golds, to witches, demons, fairytale creatures and even angels. The show has developed and grown since the first season to encompass so many aspects of mystery and tried to shed light on a dark matter.

The show first started by following Dean and Sam Winchester as they searched for their father. Their father was hunting Supernatural beings and killing them. He was doing this because a demon was responsible for his wife's death. He was looking for the Yellow Eyed demon. This is the same demon we later discovered fed Sam some of it's blood. Sam's mother discovered the demon next to Sam's crib and refused to follow it's orders. The Yellow Eyed demon didn't want Mary to be able to talk about what she saw and killed her.

As the boys follow the trail of weird and strange events that are left in their father's path, they flash back to memories of their childhood. They have always been on the road, hunting stuff. They never had normal lives. Sammy wants to change that and decides to run off to college. However, he's clearly been marked and unknowingly is surrounded by demons.

Yellow Eyed Demon
Yellow Eyed Demon

Needless to say, things don't work out well and Sam returns to the family business. You see the demons have a plan for Sam. There are other children out there that Yellow Eyes has also fed his blood. He plans to try and use these children to break the seal to the door to hell and let lots of other demons escape.

Sam eventually does as Yellow Eyes wants and breaks the seal. Dean is able to shut the gate, but lots of demons have escaped. Sam dies and Dean makes a deal with the Crossroad demon to bring Sam back to life. The demon agrees to do so, but instead of giving Dean the standard terms of 10 years life for his wish he's only granted one year. Dean agrees and Sam is brought back, but Sam seems different.

Dean and Sam think they have circumvented Yellow Eyes plan and are out hunting down the evil creatures they released from Hell. However, the Winchester brothers are still central to the demon's plans.


A new demon rises to the top of the pack called Lilith. She appears as a wicked little girl. Dean and Sam hunt her, but always seem to be outmatched. When they finally have a chance to get her it's too late and the Hell Hounds come to collect Dean's soul; as per the conditions of the Crossroad demon.

While Dean is in hell, Sam makes some life altering decisions. He meets a demon from his past and starts drinking her blood.

Dean is released from hell and neither of them has any clue how it happened. It turns out that Dean was a righteous man and he was needed to break the first seal on the 200 seals that close the Devils gate. Dean did this by torturing other souls in hell. Now the demons are on a mission to break the minimum required seals in order to break the Devil out of his prison.

Dean was released from Hell by the Angels, but they were too late. They didn't figure out the demon's intentions soon enough, but know they will need Dean if they are to stop the Devil. The boys do their best to stop the demons from breaking the seals, but it's not really possible, especially after it comes to light that there is a band of Angels working with the demons. These Angels want to start an apocalypse and wipe out as many humans as they can. They kinda have daddy issues and are pissed off that God gave humans free will and all we've done with it is make the wrong decisions over and over again over the centuries, while they watch.

While you watch the series you come to realize that the Devil will be broken out of his prison, but how it happens is surprising. You see Dean broke the first seal and Sam ends up breaking the last seal. Sam tries to do a good thing by finally killing Lilith. However, it turns out she's the first demon the Devil ever created and by killing her he breaks the final seal.

The next season we find out the Devil needs a vessel in order to work at full capacity. He can't just use any vessel. He needs a specific human host. He tried to possess other humans, but they wither and die. Without Sam's consent, Lucifer can't take over his body. However, he has ways of wearing the potential host down, until he finally gives in and agrees to let him.

The Angel's are in Deans corner and want him to be a vessel too. They want him to let Michael, the first Angel, inhabit his body. It turns out the Devil was an Angel too. He fell from grace and became the Devil. He made his own followers, as in demons. Since Dean is the righteous man, the Angel Michael needs to use him to fight Lucifer.

Since the Winchesters love each other, they don't want to agree to this, but at the same time realize it may be the only way to put Lucifer back in the box.

In the end, a compromise is made. Sam weakens and allows Lucifer to inhabit his body. Dean refuses to become a shell for Michael and instead the Angels use the Winchesters half brother instead as a body suit. Adam and Sam fight as Lucifer and Michael. Sam is able to gain control of his body and throws himself and Adam into the hole.

Dean promised Sam he'd have a normal life and give up being a hunter. Dean keeps his promise and settles down with an old flame and her son.

Sam, Dean and Castiel
Sam, Dean and Castiel

However, this all changes when Sam comes back from Hell. Dean has to leave Lisa and her son to keep them safe. He goes back on the road with Sam and they start hunting Alpha's with the help of their grandfather and some extended family.

Dean quickly realizes there's something not right with Sammy. Not all of Sam made it back from Hell. His soul has been left in the prison with Lucifer and Michael. They have nothing to do in there and are tearing it to shreds. When Sam does get his soul back, it's in tatters and can't really be accessed.

The Angel's continue to be split and their friend, Castiel, tries to unite the Angel's behind him. He realizes he needs more power and that souls could give him that power. He manages to harness the souls from Perdition, but it's a double edged sword and destroys him. When he's destroyed, he releases a new evil on the world called the Leviathan. These are near indestructable evil beings that even God couldn't handle. He banished them to Perdition and now they are free in the world, once again.

The Leviathan have big plans to make the human population their own personal Denny's, but the main course is us. Sam and Dean manage to banish the lead Leviathan back to Purgatory, but Dean and the Angel Castiel are trapped there too in the process. Sam is left by himself with the rest of the Leviathan and the demon hordes.

What happens in season 8 is anyone's guess.

Should God Appear to Sam and Dean Winchester?

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Supernatural Season 8

Supernatural first began in 2005 and has been renewed for an eighth season.

The show has a large number of loyal followers who can't wait to tune in each week to find out what Sam and Dean are up to. Not only are there compelling story lines, there's also comedy and heartfelt moments. Many characters and loved ones have been lost along the way, including their father, mother, surrogate father figure - Bobby Singer, other hunters, their half brother and close friends.

Many viewers will be asking themselves who's left? Really I can only think of Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley (King of the demons), the Leviathan and Kevin the Prophet. Will this be enough to bring Dean and Castiel back from Purgatory? No idea. However, here is an idea of how I would like the Supernatural finale season to go.

The boys have battled everything from werewolves to ghosts and even Angels. However, there has always felt like there was one player missing from the board. Until this player is introduced, or a proper answer is provided, the series never seems complete to me. We have met the Devil, Angels and the demons. We have met prophets and Pagan Gods and fairytale creatures. Many innocents have died and loved ones too. Sam and Dean have done this job since they were young boys. Isn't it time they met the Maker??

If the Winchester boys fail to meet God in the final season of Supernatural, I would have to say that I would be seriously disappointed. We've met the 4 Horsemen and we've met Death. I really can't think of anything we haven't met.

I'm not saying that God has to explain himself (not trying to antagonize the Christians and other religious people - after all it's just a TV show), but I would like to see him. Maybe he could tell the boys off for being such dumb asses or even thank them for saving the world on a number of occasions or offer them a holiday in Cancun. I don't know, but really at this point what's left to pull out of the Supernatural hat?

Season 7 of Supernatural


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    • profile image

      Geek and Freak 

      3 years ago

      Actually, Chuck IS God, there are multiple things that makes him God. 1. If Kevin became a Prophet, what happened to Chuck? if a new Prophet is made, then Chuck would have died.

      2. In swan song, he disappeared mysteriously, and only a few monsters can do that, Prophets are not one of them.

      3. Joshua said God is on Earth :l

      4. In "Sympathy for the Devil" he said he felt an Angels presence, which is not one of the powers of a prophet.

      5. His actor, Rob Benedict as well as Eric Kripke himself confirmed that Chuck Shurley is indeed, God.

      I apologize for the spelling mistakes, I am not English.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Who is Charlie Chan? Do you mean Kevin Tran?

    • profile image

      pauline ballard 

      4 years ago

      I really hope Sam and Dean meet God, they came a long way not to meet the great man.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I would be really disappointed if they don't meet God. I think it would make a GREAT episode!

    • Lauryallan profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      No Chuck was a Prophet of God, just like Charlie Chan is a Prophet of God. They have never actually met God. The closest they ever came is in meeting the Angels and meeting God's gardener.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      They have met God. His name was Chuck.


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