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just trying to survive

Updated on August 23, 2014

just trying to survive.

just want to stay alive.

trying to make you mine.

your beauty so devine.

movies with no vine.

the world makes you unkind.

I'm trying to make you smile.

takes time laying tiles.

my mind so defiled.

survival is the key.

I'm survival follow me.

see what you can be.

they label me a g.

they say I'm hood filled.

but im just trying to deal.

with my everyday struggles.

so I'm climb.

with the worlds perception on my back.

told my momma if i make it thats when ill come back.

life is my train track.

only one way to go.

only problem is the destination.

i dont know

can get off at any time.

but your goal is at the end.

wondering if where i stopped.

where i begin.

or where i end.

some people want a shortcut.

a quick corner they can bend.

so ill ride the train alone.

and with myself make amends.

alone is usually the best way.

but when you make it to your stop people they helped on your walk

like they where on the train since the first day.

just trying to keep my head straight.

love so fake.

make you double take.

another shot of lean.

or whatever you need.

what makes your thoughts cut them with truth.

you want them bleed.

out there lies.

people are like flies.

trying to eat this sh.. together.

i just want to get my life together.

so I can live better.

just trying to survive.

but the world wants me dead.

so keep couple weapons under bed.

the world can't have my head.

appraoched my fears and they fled.

yea that made mad.

at the same time I'm glad.

running away from you for so long.

but when i stop running you run from me.

fears scaring me.

or scared of me

confusing but thats how it be.

so now I'm fearless.

fake people i could care less.

you can't add to my stress.

I'm watching booty in a sundress.

a few things to confess.

faith will get you in and out of this mess.

your probably the cause anyway.

you would rather buy some shoes then pay a bill anyway.

now yor in the dark wondering what went wrong.

all your friends are gone.

what to do now?

a question often asked.

when a bunch off bad decisions put you on your a..

but you'd rather be bad.

be the one boys wish they had.

but what do you really have.

house no lights.

car no gas.

kids no dads.

but its ok long as you bad right.

long way down the track before you realize you aint living right.

change your life you might.

or might not.

not where you wanted to be when you got older so you blame god.

why? my question to you all.

he wanted to pick you up.

but you wanted to fall you never even called.

but when you hit the ground its his fault.


no away.

i disagree.

how your problems aren't your fault

somedbody please explain to me

why everybody want to be a g.

out in these streets.

but nope not me.

i have different plans for life.

my story isn't bad but its not good either.

what happened to when everyone wanted to be the leader.

but now you follow.

and follow all your friends on Instagram.

see them posting about money.

hit em up like was sup fam.

conversations flow of the good times you once had.

and they see you doing good and there glad.

but i gotta few bills to pay I'm stressing and breaking my back.

help me out fam promise to pay you back.

remember back when i helped you that time.

remember when you where broke and aint have dime.

i eloped you out without a second thought to mind.

now you out a couple g's.

trying to get your money back and hear i got you next week.

after week after week.

see that can't be me.

reaching the topped and get pulled back to the bottom.

because everyone you didn't even like want you to be there way out.

but you were where there at.

you hustled and broke your back.

so let em call you names when you turn your back.

on them like they did to you.

when they thought they where balling and made you jump through hoops.

to get a couple dollars to eat.

make that ends meat.

it just couldn't be me.

but a kind heart will help anyway.

just remember they can taste but never let them see whats on your dinner plate

try to survive.


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