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Swamp People Season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Updated on November 1, 2015

Swamp people of the Louisiana

Swamp People is a television series not to be missed. Set in the southern Louisiana Atchafalaya River Basin (the United States largest swamp) this reality style television show features the swamp people who hunt alligators there for their living.

I hope you are ready to have your favorite alligator hunters come bounding back onto the TV screen for another season.. Pop up the popcorn, hop onto the couch, and snuggle up under the old flannel blanket. This season is looking better than ever and you are not gonna want to miss a single minute.

Be sure to check out your local History Channel guide to see the time that Swamp People will be hitting your screen.

Photos are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and US Fish and Wildlife Digital Library.

The Swamp People television series.

The swamp people work hard, play hard, have strong family values, and strong country roots to the land which they live on.

I'm not the type of person who likes to hear of any animal being killed but in this show the alligators are hunted with good cause. Not only are the communities along the swamp kept safer by the one month long alligator hunt, but nothing goes to waste, the harvested alligators are sold for their meat as well as their hides. The alligator hunt also serves to provide a source of income to many of the families who live along the swamp.

The animals are harvested as humanely as is possible, and trust me when I say that in the swamp it is a pretty even battle between man and beast, the swamp people risk life and limb to provide for their families.

Swamp People is a television series well worth the watching.

Alligators haven't changed much since the days of the dinosaurs. Guess you don't mess with a design that seems to be working.

Who is your favorite Swamp People star?

Who is your favorite Swamp People star?

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Season 4 of Swamp People is complete.

All of the alligator hunters have managed to tag out despite the difficulty of the year. The last day was a little stressful for some but a relief to all when it was finally done.

With temperatures dropping the last day of hunting wasn't easy. Cooler temperatures will send the gator into hibernation mode and they won't bite.

Troy decides to go to an area that he hasn't hunted in 2 years and one where he hopes the gators will still be biting. The water is shallow so won't be quite as cold but to get in he has to jump a beaver dam blocking his entrance in. He has 2 tags left to fill and he manages to do this fairly quickly and calls his season to a close.

Liz and Kristie have 7 tags left to fill. They also head off to a shallow area of the marsh 65 miles away and have to jump a levi to get in. They fill their tags and end their season with another big 10 foot alligator. They sure caught a lot of big ones this year.

Bruce and Ron have 5 tags left to fill and for awhile it looks like they might not make it. Tyler is sick and Bruce is ready to give up and head home with one tag left to fill. As they are heading out of the swamp they notice a line down waiting for them. It is a stroke of good luck and they gladly accept it.

RJ and Jay Paul have 10 tags left to fill on this final day of the 30 day hunting season and it sure does not start off well for them. Their lines are all hanging empty which is proof the cold weather has stopped the gators from biting.

Just when things are looking bleak they spot a narrow channel that has miraculously opened up to an area that has not been hunted. They can see the gators swimming there so they set their lines as quickly as possible. Eight lines pull in eight alligators including one which is a huge 12 foot beast. The season is officially over and they have tagged out.

Download episodes that you may have missed.

Floating Dead
Floating Dead

This little alligator trinket box looks like he is ready to slither off of your dresser top. Oh such a delightful protector of your tiniest treasures.


Swamp People Season 4 promo.

Highlights of Swamp People 4:

It was really nice to see our favorite Louisiana alligator hunters back once again and this year there were a few new faces there as well.

Season 4 of Swamp People has started off with Hurricane Issac upsetting the first few days of the opening of this years hunting season. Due to 5 days of stormy weather the 30 day hunting season has been shortened down to 25 days putting a lot of pressure on the alligator hunters to fill their quota of tags.

Bruce and Ron are still experiencing a run of bad luck. After having the season delayed 5 days they boat in only to discover the pathway into their swamping territory is blocked by cane pushed in by hurricane Irene. They are forced to delay their season yet another day or more.

Troy has once again put 2 boats on the water in the hopes that this will increase his likelihood of filling his tags. Jacob and Chase are in one boat and Troy and his other son Brandon are in the other.

Unfortunately day 7 of Swamp People season 4 also saw Troy Landry running into a bout of bad luck. Hurricane Irene had blown the leaves from the trees into the bayou, they rotted, and this sucked the oxygen from the water and killed the local fish population. The alligators are now dining at their leisure on dead fish. Troy moved to a new territory and managed to bag 14 gators for his day which is just 1 alligator shy of the goal he set out for himself.

Jay Paul and RJ have 365 tags this year and are fishing this year in their home waters. Being able to reclaim their homeland waters for this years hunt is a sense of great pride for them which means that filling their quota of tags is doubly important this year.

Liz and Kristi are back working together as a team again this year but Kristi has been delayed in joining Liz by a few days as she takes care of other matters. Liz's daughter Jessica is helping her mom out till Kristie can join her. Liz has 300 tags this year and has recently undergone gall bladder surgery so is hoping that a new winch will allow her to not only participate in this years hunt, but to also be able to fill her quota of tags.

Day 7 she and her daughter discovered their territory covered in dying fish. Ever adaptable Liz pulled out a fishing line equipped with a treble hook and she and her daughter went snagging for alligators. They also made use of the fish they caught by setting them aside for future alligator bait.

Glenn Guist paid his last respects to his brother by setting the headstone on Michelle's grave. It is a beautiful stone highlighted with a picture of Mitchell in his traditional red t-shirt. A very fitting memorial for Mitchell. We will so miss his sparkling eyes and shy laugh. I once again send my deepest sympathies to Glenn and the rest of the Guist family.

Swamp People: Meet Jay Paul the arm wrestler

The newcomers to Swamp People season 4

With 80 tags to fill, new faces on Swamp People 4 episode one are a pair of Texans up for a ten day alligator hunt. They did mighty good on their first day and really seemed to enjoy the new hunting territory.

Day 7 also saw the Texans running into trouble though as they also found their territory plugged with dead and dying fish. They turned up at the buyers that evening with 1 small 5 foot 6 inch gator.

Newcomers David LaDart and Jeromy Pruitt are a father in law and son in law duo. They are hunting in a different area of the swamp so not subject to the problems the other alligator hunters are encountering.

This duo are hunting for a massive alligator they call the Beast of the East who they believe is a massive 15 feet or larger. Good luck boys.

Another new team of alligator hunters on Swamp People season 4 are Tom Candies and his 16 year old helper ZZ Loupe. ZZ is young and experienced but he is certainly one big boy with a lot of strength in him. These boys have 100 tags for the season.

Swamp People Season 4

There are some new faces in season 4's lineup of alligator hunters.

It certainly has been one of the roughest seasons on Swamp People

This week was no exception to that rule. Liz is still partnering with her daughter Jessica and after having the season delayed 5 days by Hurricane Irene the trouble has not stopped there.

One of the downed trees from the storm managed to catch their boat motor causing expensive repairs and another 2 days of lost hunting time. To make matters worse Liz is on doctors orders not to work for 6 weeks and it is proving to have been advice she should have listened to. Liz is in a lot of pain and hauling in 300 to 400 pound alligators is not on a list of things that she should be attempting. Even her new hoist is not saving her from the pain.

In this weeks episode the pain was reaching an extreme point and when it looked like she just could not do anymore Jessica came to the rescue. While mom wrestled with a gator that she was on the verge of losing Jessica hooked onto the alligators tail with the winch and started bringing it up while it was still alive.

A very dangerous thing to do but thankfully it gave Liz that brief respite she needed to grab her gun and do the beast in. But is Liz going to make it through the season with her health as it is? Worse yet, the delays in hunting days means that Liz has to bring in 16 alligators each day to make her quota, and that is a big job for even a healthy person to fill.

So where are your favorite swamp people located?

Troy - Jacob - Chase - Clint Landry:
Pierre Part, Louisiana

get directions

Mike Kliebert - Bruce Mitchell - T-Mike Kliebert:
Hammond, Louisiana

get directions

RJ and Jay Paul Molinere:
Houma, Louisiana

get directions

Liz Cavalier:
Pecan Island, Louisiana

get directions

Joe Lafont - Tommy Chauvin:
Pecan Island, Louisiana

get directions

Terral Evans:
Slidell, Louisiana

get directions

To top things off a cold front has moved in.

When the water gets cold the alligators stop biting. R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere are going from one line to another and finding the bait still hanging.

Luckily it is R.J.'s innovative attitude and native upbringing that helps to keep them ahead this season. Last week he removed the male sex organs to use as a bait attractant to draw in large bull gators, and this week he moved his lines to a shallow water marsh where the waters would be warmer, and more likely to have alligators that would be biting.

It paid off and R.J. and Jay Paul pulled in an amazing 19 alligators in a mere 2 hours of hunting in the new territory.

Meanwhile the Texans were on their last day of Louisiana gator hunting and after hauling in an 11 foot 7 inch gator figured they had their bet with Troy Laundry won.

Ah not so quick on the draw there boys there is an old cowboy in the swamp who shoots just a little faster. Troy and Brandon show up at the buyers with a 12 foot beast and officially win the bet on who could catch the largest gator. The prize is a highly valued rifle scabbard of the Texans and a big seafood dinner prepared by Troy and the boys.

Swamp People The Cajan way of cooking

This weeks episode of Swamp People left me shocked.

Season 4 of Swamp People has probably been one of the roughest for the hunters since filming of this show began.

Hurricane Irene delayed the alligator hunting season 5 days, then dead leaves blown off the trees in the storm took the oxygen from the swamps leaving tons of dead fish for the alligators to feed on, and then a cold snap moved in.

The hunters are tired and tempers are flaring amongst the teams. Chase sleeps in starting the day off rough with Jacob, and things manage to get a little testier as their lines turn up empty, and they have difficulty holding onto an alligator. A show of marksmanship by Jacob brings everything back into perspective. Jacob is a mentor to look up to. His skill in the swamp is obvious.

Liz and Jessica are having their tempers tested as well. Jessica is a great hunter with the treble line or hook, but when these team loses their treble hook along with a gator, tempers get a little hot. This team works well together though and when they finally bring in a gator all is okay.

Junior and Willie are on each others nerves as well, but it reaches a breaking point when once again Junior fires awry, and bullet fragments burn into Willie. Willie lets Junior know that he won't be getting into the boat with him again. It is a tough decision to make but one that was probably essential to make.

If you have been watching the show for awhile then you know that this isn't the first time Willie has been hurt by Junior. Willie has been shot a few times. He has also been bitten on a few occasions by stunned gators hauled into the boat and that also had happened just a few days back.

It's a shocking situation. Junior Edwards still has 179 tags left to fill. He'll most likely have to ask Willie to man another boat for him, and also need a new partner to help in in his boat, if he is to have any hope of filling his tags.

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Swamp People: Season 1
Swamp People: Season 1

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This is certainly one of the strangest episodes of Swamp People that I have seen.

Typical of how this season of Swamp People has played out there is not too much along the lines of normal happening this week on the bayou.

A yellow gator is a sign of bad luck and Bruce and Ron have managed to pull two of these rare alligators into their boat in a single day. This has both the boys on edge wondering what is going to happen next. With most of the lines hanging empty it is one more concern to think about.

Bruce says that he has only ever seen 3 of these yellow beasts in his lifetime and two of those are sitting in his boat as he says this. It truly is a very unusual occurrence.

RJ and Jay Paul try shooting alligators in open water but Jay Paul's marksmanship is off. Jay Paul is usually excellent with a rifle but today his mark is nowhere near where it should be and the gators are not being taken down.

The lines are also hanging empty which has these two hunters feeling very uneasy in their area of the swamp. The gators are just not biting. RJ makes a decision to ask the Houma tribe to hold a blessing ceremony to try to help remove bad spirits from the swamp.

Troy and his boys are catching alligators but the strangeness of this day has not managed to bypass them either. As Troy grabs onto a gator to pull it into the boat it comes back to life in his hands. Later when they are unloading their catch at the buyers an alligator comes to life there as well. This time Troy suffers a bite to his foot.

It is also discovered that one of the alligators has lost it's tag which can be a very expensive error to have occur. They search through the boat and the already unloaded gators but the tag does not show up. Troy spends the evening soaking his foot in epsom salts to try to ward off an infection from the alligator bite.

Swamp People alligator names

If an alligator is extremely hard to outwit or is a challenge to catch then the swamp people give the beast a name. The following are a few of these alligator names:

Beast of the East

Beast of Grand Lake

Big Al

Big Bertha

Big Boy

Big Daddy

Big Foot

Big Hank

Big Head

Big Jake

Big Wicked


Crawfish Bandit


Fat Cat

Freak Boy

Godfather - King of the Swamp







King Tut

Lee (Named after tropical storm Lee)

Leo the Lion


Metal Head


Monster of the Marsh

One Eye

Pas Tout La (Not at all)


Tete Dure (Hard Head)


It is now halfway through the season.

Junior Edwards has asked his wife Theresa to help him in the boat since Willie has left him now without a partner and Junior still has over 170 alligators left to catch. Theresa is a little nervous because she has not been in a boat for 6 years and it has been 10 years since she hunted alligators.

Junior tries to get Theresa to wrestle the alligators but it is more than she can handle (she's a pretty tiny lady) so then she gets the opportunity to take the gun on the next gator. Theresa freezes and Junior takes over the gun to shoot the beast. On the last line Theresa redeems herself by shooting dead on the spot and bringing down a 12 foot, 600 pound alligator.

Jessica is proving her worth to her mom Liz as she once again hooks a big gator in open water using just her treble hook line. It is a good thing because as they check their lines today they find that the gators are just not biting. Jessica is sure though that the last line will have a big gator on it. She had a dream last night that there was and she is anxious to check that line to see if she is right. There is indeed a huge alligator on the line and they pull in a 13 foot, 700 pound alligator. It makes the day worth while.

David and Jeromy also find that gators not biting their lines so they make a risky decision to head off to a back area of the swamp and hunt from land. It's a dangerous call and they find themselves faced with a hike through cottonmouth snake territory. It nets them a big 12 foot gator but it's a battle not to wind up in the swamp with the creature. Then comes the long hike out dragging the gator behind them.

Newcomer to the show Tom Candies is still finding his patience tested as he tries to give young ZZ Loupe the training he needs to hunt alligators. The day starts off pretty rough but by the end of it ZZ comes through.

Season 2 Swamp People dvd.

Swamp People: Season 2
Swamp People: Season 2

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There sure are some big gators this season.

This weeks episode of Swamp People saw Liz and her daughter Jessica pulling in the biggest gator so far this season. They were hunting in an area of her family's traditional hunting grounds known as the Monster Marsh, named appropriately because it was the home of a giant alligator they all referred to as "The Monster of the Marsh".

Well the girls got this huge alligator on one of their lines and reeled him in. I believe the gator was 900 pounds 13 feet 6 inches (But don't quote me because it was at the exact moment that they hauled him in that my husband bounded into the room and started talking at me. I shrieked and away my husband did run.)

Troy and his sons have some more bad news greeting them this episode. A giant sinkhole the size of two football fields has opened up on their swamping territory and that area is now off limits for hunting. It's more bad news on an already rough alligator hunting season.

With a heavy smell of methane and hydrogen sulfide gas in the air around them, and bubbles gurgling up from below, the situation definitely merits caution.

Crossing their fingers that they can bring in the lines bordering the sinkhole they divide up into two boats to bring in the last of their lines from that area. They come in okay but their hunting territory is now reduced.

RJ and Jay Paul have 40 lines set in their territory but when they arrive to check them they are also greeted by an unwelcome surprise. Heavy winds have blown a huge pad of lilies across the swamp and carried all their lines along with it.

Alligators like to hide under the lilies and it can make hunting them there extremely dangerous. To make matters worse their lines are tangled and bringing in the 10 alligators on those lines is a real battle. One line left to check and they head off for it.

I have to chuckle at David and Jeromy this week as they certainly have gotten creative in their attempts to catch the massive Beast of the East. They have invested in an electronic alligator caller, and after setting up some stinky bait to draw the beast in, they turn on the caller and sit back to patiently wait his arrival.

So we get to listen to the delightful mating call of a bull gator, and the grunting noises of baby gators to follow, while these two wait for their prize gator to show himself. And show up he does after about two hours of waiting. He's gigantic and the boys figure at least 14 feet. In the excitement of the moment David gets overanxious, takes a shot that misses, and scares off the elusive Beast of the East.

To add insult to injury the boys get a bit of surprise when their boat won't start. The battery is dead and David has forgotten the charger at home. David is in the dog house. Thank God there is always a neighbor cruising the swamp when you need em'.

In case you missed the Swamp People Super Bowl commercial ad.

It is always exciting on the swamp.

Just when Troy and Brandon are molding into a fine tuned working team there comes a call from Brandon's boss asking him to return to his job in the city. Troy is disappointed but he knows that Brandon has to go. It is a bittersweet day of hunting for the two as they both know that this will be their last trip out together this season.

Jay Paul is having a restless night so he decides to call up his cousin Dillan and see if he wants to go scout out the swamp for a potentially good alligator territory. It is dangerous on the swamp in the dark but it is also a great time to see exactly what is out there and Jay Paul finds a super sweet spot that is loaded with big alligators. The next day he and RJ drag in 12 gators there.

Willie has made good on his withdrawal from his fathers boat, but that doesn't mean that he won't be helping out, Willie and Randy are now hunting together.

We all know it has been a very rough season for the swamp hunters and Willie and Randy come up with a plan to try to bring in some big gators. It is a risky venture that will see them following a long narrow and very shallow draw up through cottonmouth territory into a small isolated swamp they call Gator Heaven.

As they begin their long trek into the honey hole it is like watching a scene from Indiana Jones. The narrow pathway of water they cruise up is barely wide enough to fit their boat. They are outfitted with a special motor, boat, and gear to help them maneuver through the shallow waters.

They are not in all that far when they realize the water is far too shallow for even their light boat to keep afloat so they prepare to build a dike to help lock in and raise the water on the other side. With dam built Willy and Randy are on the water again. It's a good thing they have brought a chainsaw with them.

The scenery is gorgeous but the isolated back area is of real concern should something go wrong on their trek. Twice they are forced to pull out the chain saw to cut away trees which have fallen and blocked their path. A run in with a nest of cottonmouths causes a few more tense moments as they insure that the snakes won't ever be a concern to themselves or anyone else.

Then the narrow waterway opens up into a swamp which truly is Gator Heaven. There are monster gators every where you look and the boys know the trip was worth the risk. They start hanging lines and realize that their first line is already loaded. It's a 12 foot 5 inch monster that literally fills the length of the boat. In about 2 hours they have approximately 2 tons of alligators filling their boat.

Now this is where the fun ends. They head out on their long trek home only to find the boat bottoming out under the heavy load. To make matters worse their hand built dike is leaking and the water level of their shallow drainage run is rapidly reducing.

Without another option they unload all the alligators except their monster gator, and walk their boat down the run, then return back up to pick up the others. It's a long hard trek back out, and although very happy with their days booty, both the boys are exhausted when the day is done.

Swamp People: Troy Takes His Nephews Hunting

The girls haul in another record gator.

Liz and her daughter Jessica just keep hauling in record alligators and they brought in another one this week. Measuring in at thirteen feet seven inches this is the largest alligator for season four of Swamp People.

Jeromy and David put their hunting on hold to help out a neighbor who discovers an alligator enjoying his backyard swimming pool. The beast has got to be evicted but he cannot be shot in the pool so Jeromy and David have decided to remove it by hand.

The cold water has slowed the beasts metabolism but this female gator is still dangerous so the boys decide to tire her out before attempting to grab her. The use long poles to get her to move from one side of the pool to the other till she wears herself out. Then Jeromy goes in and grips her jaws shut with his bare hands.

The boys then haul her onto the land, tape her mouth shut, and prepare to leave with their prize. The homeowners young daughter though wants to know what is going to happen to the alligator and Jeromy does not have the heart to tell her they are going to shoot the gator after they leave.

He lets her know that they will take the gator somewhere safe where she will be able to have a family of her own. They then release the beast at a federal reserve just as they told her they would.

Troy Laundry has taken Chase into his boat to fish with him. This leaves Jacob without a partner so Troy has acquired a new partner for him to hunt with. Jacob is not too thrilled to lose Chase as his hunting partner and he has doubts about his new helper's capabilities.

As the day progresses though he feels much better about his new partner. He and Miss Marie manage to haul in a 13 foot beast as well as 16 more to fill their boat. It's a great day of hunting and they are thrilled with how their day has progressed.

Swamp People Terms:

Tree Shaker: Used to describe an alligator big enough to shake the tree it's line is attached to.

Shoot em' or Choot em': Troy's famous words to his shooters. Season 2 he was shouting, "Shoot em' Elizabeth" but on season 3 he'll be shouting Shoot em' Clint Shoot em'.

Gravy: Joe's term for his family's secret gator catching recipe. This spicy stuff is generally dumped over the alligator bait much as you would pour gravy over your meat. It must be good because the gators seem to really like it.

There are now 9 days left of the season.

Bruce and Ron are really feeling the pressure as they still have 125 tags left to fill and this season has not been a kind one for him. He did not tag out last year and it is looking as though this may be his fate this year as well.

To make matters worse this week Bruce's beloved dog Tyler takes a tumble from the front of the boat as they are speeding forward to check their lines. It is a tense situation and a great relief to Bruce when Ron scoops Tyler safely from the water. It is one more day that they have to close down their hunting early.

They end their day by cooking up a batch of swinging chicken (which by the way really is one heck of a redneck dish). You pop live coals into a tin can, pop in a foil wrapped chicken, and hang it up to cook itself. A few hours later you pull it down and chow is served. Of course it always tastes best with friends present so Bruce and Ron have a little evening get together.

Jeremy and David are up to their usual tricks and still squabbling with one another as well. This week they are baiting their lines with coyote meat.

The Texans this week hunt down a hog so they can bait their lines with hog liver (and pop a few pork chops into their freezer as well). It must work cause they pull in some pretty large gators on this episode.

RJ and Jay Paul are also featured this episode and with 155 tags remaining they are also feeling the pressure to fill their tags. They use everything at their disposal including Jay Paul's great sharp shooting skills.

Only 8 days left of the alligator season.

Season 4 has been one of the most difficult alligator hunting seasons since Swamp People began airing. Hurricane Irene started the season off with a 5 day delay and things have continued to be troublesome from that point onward. There are a lot of tags left to be filled and the clock is quickly running out on the season.

Liz has 119 tags left to fill and she has officially lost her hunting partners. Kristi is busy helping out at home with the cattle and Jessica has had to return to her regular job leaving Liz alone in the boat. She decides to see if Glen Guist will be willing to ride along with her.

Glen is still deep in mourning for his brother Mitchell who passed away unexpectedly last season and Liz figures that going out in the boat just might help him out as well. It turns out to be a good decision. Although Glen hasn't hunted in years he musters up, and does quite a good job, and even banters a bit with Liz. It really is nice to see the laughter back in his eyes as well as his smile. Though at this point in time it is going to take a miracle to fill those remaining tags.

Ron and Bruce are also facing the pressure as the season is coming to a close. They still have 88 tags to fill and as they check their daily lines they are shocked to find the lines hanging down in the water. It is the first day of duck hunting season and duck hunters have sabotaged their lines in order to keep the area open for themselves. It's another bit of bad luck that they don't need and they only manage to haul in one alligator for the day.

RJ and Jay Paul also find that their lines have been tampered with as well. They spent a relaxing morning duck hunting and then get into the boat to face a disappointing day checking their lines. Only one line manages to come up with an alligator for them as well. They are a bit surprised though as they real it in to discover that they have forgotten to return their gun to the boat. RJ digs out a hammer and goes in close range to knock the beast on it's kill spot.

The Texans are also featured on this weeks show and they are actually the only ones today that are pulling alligators into the boat. They are using a special bait sauce that they refer to as Marsh Marinade and it seems to be working. They manage to wrangle 12 alligators into their boat. Bigfoot is relieved to have the day end as he is anxious to get out duck hunting.

Louisiana Cajun Swamp

Aurora plush stuffed alligator toy.

Aurora Plush 40" Super Swampy Super Flopsie
Aurora Plush 40" Super Swampy Super Flopsie

This alligator won't chomp on you but it sure might steal your heart away. This is one really cute snuggly cuddly alligator.


This weeks episode of Swamp People was good.

There are only 7 days left of the season and the alligator hunters have plenty of tags left to fill. The pressure is on and the hunters are hauling in huge gators again today.

Liz still has 111 tags left to fill so it is going to be a rough haul to the end. Kristie will be back hunting with Liz tomorrow so today's episode is officially Glenn's last day of hunting on the boat. Their last day of hunting together has some surprises in store.

They are in cannibal gator territory and they pull in a big gator with about 2 feet of it's tail missing. They know that it's been eaten by a larger alligator. What is really surprising is the 10 1/2 footer they pull in later in the day who also shows scars of having tangled with another gator. This beast has only one eye.

Glenn is still missing his brother Mitchell but that is a wound that may never fully heal. Thankfully the time out with Liz has been a nice reprieve for him. He has really enjoyed his time with Liz and it shows. That evening she has a surprise for Glenn and it is the sweetest gift of all. She hands over to Glenn a small black lab puppy so he won't have to be alone.

Back on the Bayou Troy and his boys are feeling the push of these final hunting days. He still has 124 tags to fill and is hoping for a 25 gator day. Jacob and Miss Marie once again do their part. They bring in 14 alligators today and among those are 2 monstrous beasts.

Miss Marie really proves that she can be a viable member of this team. They are forced to hunt down a huge 11 foot alligator on land after it breaks free of their line but still is attached to the hook. The beast is too large and heavy to drag back to the boat so they hook tie it up to the boat with parachute line and let the boat do the heavy pulling for them.

Later as Jacob and Miss Marie wrestle with a large 10 foot alligator they are shocked to discover that the stock of their gun has somehow been broken off. Miss Marie grabs the gun and fires anyway. It is quite the final day of hunting with the Laundry's for her. Tomorrow she'll be back at home and Jacob will be looking for a new partner to hunt with.

Troy and Chase also have a good hunting day but unfortunately the last gator of the day proves to be too much. As Troy drags it in he falls to his knees in pain. He has pulled something in his abdomen and it does not look good. His season may have come to an end. We'll find out next week.

Jeromy and David are still hunting the Beast of the East and running out of tags for this season. They have 7 tags left to catch him with. They only catch 3 alligators today but their day is more than a little exciting.

The first gator they catch is hidden within a bunch of lilies that have tangled in their line. As the pull the lilies away they are shocked to find themselves face to face with the beast. There is nothing else to do but to grab its jaws shut so it can't bite. Problem is with both of them holding onto the alligator neither of them can reach for the gun. One of them grabs a knife from their belt and puts the beast down.

Their next alligator does not go any easier. They take a Piroque out to a secluded back area of the swamp. To their surprise the find a massive 12 foot gator on the line. This puts them in a very dangerous position in the tiny light weight boat. While David holds onto a tree to keep them stable Jeromy wrestles with the beast. He's exhausted by the time they bag this gator but they wind up with a satisfying 3 alligator $1200. day.

Meet all of Swamp People Season 3's hunters

Just in case you're wondering if your favorite swamper is missing from season 3's lineup of alligator hunters.

Check out:

The History Channel website: Season three Bios

It's a record breaking alligator for the season.

Jeromy and David have wrestled in the beast of the East and it is a record breaking alligator breaking Liz and Kristi's 13 foot 6 inch gator record.

Measuring in at a whopping 14 feet and weighing about 850 pounds it is the largest alligator ever caught on the Swamp People show, and the boys caught this beast by scenting cotton balls with a female alligator's urine, and using these as bait. Sounds yummy but if that's what works then guess it is something that a guy has got to do lol. Congratulations boys. Well done.

Also featured on the show this week is RJ out hunting with his cousin Bradley. It has been a very rough season this year and RJ is helping him fill the remainder of his tags. I truly admire the country values that are displayed on this outback reality show. When you are out in the country, and rely on each other for support, you do what is right.

Jay Paul goes out with his mom Stacy this week and they bring in a couple of nice gators. Downing an eleven footer has them both feeling proud of the job they have done for the day.

Ron and Bruce almost reach the end of their tags but decide to help out a neighbor by taking on about 30 of his tags as well. As the season draws to a close everyone is there to help one another out. They have another good day and wrangle in 15 gators before they run into a bit of a snag.

An aggressive alligator that refuses to go down easy thrusts itself right into the boat with them. It's a tense situation and one that could have proven deadly but Ron manages to thrust him back out. Play safe boys. Your families want you to come back home with all limbs intact. Four days of gator hunting season left to go.

Get the alligator gear you're gonna need for the kitchen.

Arthur Court Alligator 3-Piece Salt and Pepper Set
Arthur Court Alligator 3-Piece Salt and Pepper Set

Yep...there really isn't anything quite as classy as a little gator cooking up in the kitchen.


Season 4 of Swamp People is coming to a close.

With only today and tomorrow left for hunting everyone is hoping to fill their remaining tags and doing everything they can to do it.

For Junior, Theresa, and the Edward boys it is a celebration of frog legs and fried fish when they tag out a day early. Willy and Randy top off the last day by pulling in one last huge 10 foot beast. It was a rough season filled with many obstacles for this swamp family but they have made it through.

Troy was hoping to tag out today, and finish his work a day early, but come evening he still has two tags left to fill. It was close and with only 2 tags left he should be able to tag out tomorrow.

In Texas you can only hang one line for each tag that you have so the last couple days of the season can be pretty chancy up there. They hang 7 lines for their 7 tags and they bring in an amazing 7 gators. To add to their windfall is a rare 12 foot 3 inch alligator which is pretty unusual. In texas they may grow their boys big but large alligators are rare.

Glenn Guist and his friends complete the houseboat that Mitchell had begun before his death. Each person who helps in the construction signs their name on the ridge post. They sign on behalf of Mitchell. It is a teary moment when they hang the beautiful nameplate which reads Camp Mitchell. It is a beautiful cabin Mitchell. I hope you are doing okay Glenn. Your fans wish you all the best.

Troy is out there despite his doctor's orders.

Season four is almost finished but there are a lot of tags left to fill and Troy just cannot bring himself to stay home. He has always filled his tags and he does not want to risk not filling them this year.

Troy, Guy, Jacob, and Chase are on ATV's to try to catch a few gators off the bank. Hunting off the water can be risky but they are hoping that by hitting territories that have not been hunted for awhile that they can fill a few more of their tags.

They bring in 9 gators for the day including a big 11 foot 4 beast. The fun part is balancing all those big gators on the two ATVs along with the four of them. Ha, that is one heavy load boys.

Liz and Kristie also take to the land today and surprise themselves when their first two lines each bring them giant 12 foot alligators. The real fun for the girls is that they have to get these massive beasts up the bank and onto their trailer and that is quite a feat.

Liz has 33 tags left and 3 days to fill them so when the girls pull in 11 alligators for their day it is pretty close to the numbers that they were hoping for.

Glenn is featured today as he and his friends decide to complete a project that Mitchell had started shortly before his death. He was working on building a houseboat and had the floor done but the rest remained unfinished. Glenn and his friends thought it would be the perfect tribute to Mitchell if they finished off what he had begun. Today they got a good start.

The Texans are still hunting, but today they are out looking for something unusual in Texas waters, they are looking for a huge gator known as the Reaper. He is a massive beast that has been gobbling down calves and costing the locals a lot of money in lost cows.

There are not too many big alligators up in Texas and the boys today bring in two. The first is an eleven footer but when they spot that he is missing an arm they know that he is not the gator that has been doing the local killing. Sure enough the next gator is 12 foot and he tuckers the boys right out.

Be Your Own Boss

Thanksgiving in the Swamp

Hope you didn't miss Swampsgiving

Highlights of Swamp People, Season 3 - Episode 1

The largest changes to Season 3 of the Swamp People is in the price paid for gators this year and the big increase in tags that our favorite swampers have acquired.

It appears that all the Swamp People alligator hunters have taken on considerably more tags this season which indicates that they will be working much harder in season three than in the last couple. If Jay Paul and RJ fill their 500 tags then of the swampers featured this year they will have acquired the highest number of alligators for season 3. Troy will be pulling in at a close second.

There are also some new partner groupings this season. Troy is back swamping once again with his old partner Clint, Liz has taken on a female partner Kristi, and Bruce has added a sharpshooter named Ron to his team.

This season of Swamp People started off with a bang with two giant alligators being caught in the very first episode. The girls Liz and Kristi best Troy and Clint's monster alligator. The girl's alligator is a 1000 pound beast that measures in at a whopping 13 feet 6 1/2 inches. (Try wrestling that one into a boat guys.)

Both alligators are two of the largest alligators ever caught on the Swamp People show. They are bested only by the 13 feet 8 inches of legendary Raugarou caught by Troy and Liz on the last episode of season 2.

Randy and Willy Edwards are fishing in their own boat this year to help fill those extra gator tags that Junior picked up this year. The Edwards famous treble hook seems to work well in all the Edward hands, they must have grown up with a treble hook in their hands, cause they sure are well practiced with it (And those who watch the Swamp People show know that I am not talking crochet hooks.)

RJ Paul is celebrating his 50th birthday on season 3 of Swamp People and he is really looking good for his age. Happy Birthday RJ. You really are number one with your fans and we look forward to seeing you each week on the show.

Troy is getting adventurous on Season 3 of Swamp People and watching his escapades and rich source of humor even has my husband becoming addicted to the show. Loved your boat jump over the levy there Troy, but enjoyed most Clint and your banter on the situation, and your relieved expression when you made it. Ha! Glad you are doing the boating stunts and not me.

Swamp People Season 3 wrap up.

Season 3 of the Swamp People has wrapped up for the year. RJ and Jay Paul filled their 500 tags setting a new swamp record for the most tags filled in a season and they managed this feat with just the two of them swamping. Troy and Clint filled their 430 tags and reeled in a whopper of an alligator to end their season (13 feet 7 inches). So both of these alligator hunting teams did an astounding job in surviving an extremely rough season. Thanks for bringing it home safely guys.

Who's the king of swamp? I guess that is up to you to decide. Both teams are equally deserving of the title in their own unique way.

The teams of Joe and Tommy, and Junior and Willie, not only filled their tags but also managed to tag out a day early this year. So these lucky alligator hunters got to relax a bit at the end of their season.

Liz and Kristi managed to fill their tags at the last minute to end their season on a positive note. While Bruce and Ron were unfortunately not able to fill all their tags this year. It was a season plagued by storms and Bruce's area was hit hard.

Of course the saddest aspect of Swamp People season 3 was the death of Michael Guist. We love the stars of our reality shows, but the hardest part of being allowed into their lives, is having to say good-bye.

I stumbled onto the Swamp People show one night as I was flicking through channels.

When the television series Swamp People first aired I figured that there wasn't a hope in heck that it was a show I was going to willingly tune into, but after accidentally watching half an episode, I was hooked.

Swamp people is a television show about my type of people and I love it. These are real people, earning their living honestly, and with a great deal of hard work involved.

Swamp People: Big Gators Big Dollars

Big Gators, Big Dollars
Big Gators, Big Dollars

If you enjoy the swamp people show then this is the episode for you. It's Troy from Swamp People at his best.


The Swamp People series follows a number of Louisiana families.

Prominently featuring the Landry, Edwards, Knight, Kliebert, Molinere, and Guist families, the team of Joe LaFont and Tommy Chauvin, as well as other individual swamp people, this television show takes us deep into life within the swamp. Hunting alligators is one tough job and these folks work damn hard to make their living.

A big welcome to Liz Cavalier who is now in her second season of Swamp People, and to newcomers Kristi Broussard, Austyn Yoches, and Blake McDonald.

Swamp People

The largest alligator caught on the Swamp People show was caught by Troy Laundry and Liz Cavalier on the last episode of season 2. It was a huge 13 feet 8 inches.Troy nicknamed this monster alligator Rougarou after a legendary Cajun werewolf.

Troy also caught the largest alligator of season 3 in the last episode. It was 13 feet 7 inches in length. In season 1 the largest alligator was Big Head and he weighed in at over 800 pounds and measured 13 feet and 3 inches caught by Troy.

At the end of their work day Troy Landry finds relaxation with his grandchildren and in teaching them the ways of the swamp, as well as passing along a deep respect for the creatures who live within that swamp.

Junior Edwards heads home to his beautiful wife Theresa. Their son Willy is one of my favorite characters on the show, most of the gators that he wrestles are larger than he is, he is a real little sweetie. Just like his momma, Willy has my heart riding with him each time he heads out onto the swamp, I want that boy to go home safe.

Are you a fan of the Swamp People series?

See results

Ty Beanie alligator Chompy...

TY BB 2.0 Chompy
TY BB 2.0 Chompy

For Beanie Baby collectors Ty has a few versions of an alligator toy but I just had to feature Chompy. He's a real sweetie.


Swamp People: Meet Junior & Willie

Mitchell Guist

1964 - 2012

It breaks my heart to have to relay the news that Mitchell Guist collapsed and died Monday May 14, 2012. Mitchell was 47 years old.

My deepest sympathies to Mitchell's friends, family, and brother Glenn. Rest in Peace Mitchell.

Official History Channel announcement

We will miss your laugh Mitchell. We will miss you.

What do you think of the Swamp People show?

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    • profile image

      Jean Fitzsimmons 

      8 months ago

      I Love these Families!

      Question?~ Anyone Know The Stat's On KING TUT?

      Length & Weight?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Seems like a really hard way to make a living!

    • kindoak profile image


      5 years ago

      One of the best, funniest and most revealing shows I've seen lately. I saw this just after viewing the Alaska gold rush series which is laid out much in the same manner. I was heartbroken to hear that Mitchell died. Not so much for Mitchell, when you're dead you're dead, but for his brother. The two seemed very close.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I am scared of crocodiles but this series looks very promising and full of action.

    • verymary profile image


      5 years ago from Chicago area

      I've never seen it and probably can't, because gators freak me the heck out! When I was little, I was secretly scared to visit my g-parents in Fla. 'cause of the gators! Very cool lens, though :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      We like this show! We also like the Gator Boys where they save them and help society know the dangers of these animals. I like the guy with long braid and Troy. Fun gator names too, they could name one chomps. :)

    • uneasywriter lm profile image

      uneasywriter lm 

      5 years ago

      Fun show fun lens! Thanks!

    • Anthony Altorenna profile image

      Anthony Altorenna 

      5 years ago from Connecticut

      I've always been intrigued by alligators, but I haven't seen the Swamp People show. After reading your lens, I'm going to make a point to tune in.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @Dusty2 LM: I am a big Swamp People fan too but I presume you figured that one out lol. I can hardly wait for the new season too. I feel like I don't have any favorite TV nights till the new season comes on. Hurry up season 4 Swamp People!

    • Dusty2 LM profile image

      Dusty2 LM 

      6 years ago

      Love the show and everything about the show! Have religiously watched the show since day one. Can't single out one favorite character, episode or quote as they are all good. Can't wait for new season to start. Thank You for sharing!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Love the show! I kind of feel bad for the alligators after watching the Gator Boys show where they save the alligators. I do know the alligator population has to be culled due to overpopulation though. They never said who the King of the Swamp actually was. I suppose there are a number of variables in determining this, such as the amount caught, the weight and the length. Also, it may be simply a contest of who is liked best. The article above got the names mixed up. Jay Paul is the son and R.J. is his father that just turned 50. They said Jay Paul turned 50. I think he is in his 20s. R.J. is the champion arm wrestler.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @Escapes2: I'm wandering around lost now on Thursday evenings because that is when I usually watched Swamp People. It's gonna be rough till the new season comes back again. Gonna miss watching the alligator hunters till then.

    • Escapes2 profile image


      6 years ago

      Swamp People is my favorite show! I aced the quiz.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @anonymous: Troy Landry's good natured character truly does display well on the Swamp People show. Lol...The scene I like best of Troy is his and Jacob's reaction to his boat jump over the levi. That was so funny.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @anonymous: Jay Paul is a very competitive person so it is in his nature to be the absolute best that he can be. The circumstances that you are raised in very much influence the person that you will become. They are a strong dynamic father and son duo who hold their family and heritage to the forefront. I love seeing the modern air boats in play amongst the traditional.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love the show. Can't wait to see it each week And hate when the season is over. Lately though i would have to say that i am tired of hearing jr always brag about being the king of the swamp. I don't believe that catching the most gators makes you king of the swamp. Troy knows what it takes. It is hard work. respect , and helping you fellow man which he happily does. jr is more concerned with there fancy boats , his appearance, and braggin rights.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My hubby and I love Swamp People. We so look forward to the new episode each Thursday night and are sad when the season ends. We REALLY look forward to new seasons starting. Our favorite hunter is Troy.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @rallo-smith: Me too. Thursday nights I snuggle in to watch the Swamp People, and if I get the chance, then I generally watch the show twice a week.

    • rallo-smith profile image


      6 years ago

      I love this show!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      one of the best on tv-just hard working people who earn an honest living

    • Craftypicks profile image

      Lori Green 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas

      I love the show.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Stopping back to see how Swamp People is going, sounds like quite the hit, I tried the quiz but brought down the average on it. What a fun show!

    • profile image


      6 years ago



    • profile image


      6 years ago

      We love the show up here in Virginia.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @luvmyludwig lm: That is indeed cool. I love the Swamp People show so getting a link on Jay Paul's page makes my heart skip do a little happy dance. Thank's RJ and Jay Paul. Best wishes for a great hunt this season.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @Mariajomith: My husband's new phrase is Shoot em' so whenever he sees someone nasty on the news or is pissed with something he starts shouting "Shoot em' Shoot em!". He didn't like the Swamp People show when it first started but I notice that he doesn't miss it now. I turn it on and he's there a couple minutes later.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @anonymous: The Swamp People stars have become like family to many watchers. Our hearts beat with theirs in time of triumph and trouble. I am so glad that they have allowed us into their lifestyle for a brief while.

    • Mariajomith profile image


      6 years ago

      Love this show and ur lens. Good job lisbet is a regular phrase in our house now.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @anonymous: I have to admit that I am also addicted to the Swamp People show and I really enjoy all the alligator hunting teams. I thought I could pick just one favorite alligator hunter but turns out that the longer I watch the show the more that I appreciate each of these Louisiana swamp people.

    • raswook profile image

      Jeff Wendland 

      6 years ago from Kalamazoo, MI

      Shootem Elizabeth

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @anonymous: RJ and Jay Paul appear to have taken on much larger roles this year on the Swamp People television series so they must have a large following of fans. Lets face facts they have a lot going for them. Not only are they gorgeous guys, but they have a strong sense of traditional heritage, and family values. This pair of swamp people are definitely great guys to look up to.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The Swamp People Show is one of the best shows ever on Television.I LOVE to watch these people.I live in Louisiana but I live up in the northeast part of it.These people truly value family and that is very important.I love Troy and Liz the most.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My family loves R J and JAY PAUL

    • luvmyludwig lm profile image

      luvmyludwig lm 

      6 years ago

      how cool is this, jay paul and rj are my favorites, and they posted this on facebook. Rock on, this is so cool!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      LOVE Swamp People! Especially Troy Landry - he's always smiling and singing some goofy song. Reminds me of my husband. I call hubby my Yankee Troy. :)

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @CruiseReady: THe Atchafalaya River Basin really would be a site to see. You really do have to watch the Swamp People show to see the traditions of the folks living there. They are indeed a very independent people judging by what I see on the television series.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @tvyps: The alligator hunters sort of take your heart out hunting with them huh? I love the Swamp People show and sit on pins and needles waiting for each episode to air. What the heck are Noodling shows?

    • tvyps profile image

      Teri Villars 

      6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Back to bless. These guys are crazy. I barely walk around barefoot in my house, I don't know how they can jump into that water barefoot! Yikes! Also have fun watching the Noodling shows.

    • CruiseReady profile image


      6 years ago from East Central Florida

      I need to tune in to sample the Swamp People show! Every time we drive to Texas, and cross that looooong bridge across the Atchafalaya River Basin, I am just fascinated by what I am seeing out the car window ... and the thought that people actually live there!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hmmm, that blessing isn't taking for some reason...maybe I was here some time in between because the thumb is green but the blessing didn't show on my dash....enjoy the show anyway, don't want to rain on your parade!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Your hook, line and sinker love affair with Swamp People is about to begin again, 3 days to the 9th and its new season. I would guess that you are on the edge of your seat in anticipation. I still don't get the History Channel, so you are my Swamp People source and I'm adding a little angel dust to add to your pleasure.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      @tvyps: That's the Guist brothers and they sort of remind me of a couple of my relatives. I come from a long line of Rednecks.

    • iWriteaLot profile image


      6 years ago

      My cousin loves this show and your lens makes it sound pretty fun. I'll have to check it out. But in the meantime, I'll settle for that pretty pink alligator. It looks a lot safer! LOL

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      6 years ago from Canada

      I've never even heard of Swamp People. Thanks for the introduction.

    • tvyps profile image

      Teri Villars 

      6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      These guys are a trip. What a way of life! What about the 2 old brothers that go a huntin' for supper! haha! I also like the logging shows and that guy that has the dog that pulls logs from the river. I don't remember the names but they are all fun to watch. I am from Southern Ohio, have a little redneck in me! ha! Squid Angel blessed!

    • WayneDave LM profile image

      WayneDave LM 

      6 years ago

      First of all, great lens! Secondly, I love swamp people. Its great. Thanks for posting this lens, many more should watch the show because of it!

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      @LisaAuch1: You got that right on. It is the personality and warmth of these families which make the Swamp People series such a much see television show.

    • LisaAuch1 profile image

      Lisa Auch 

      7 years ago from Scotland

      We watch it on cable and it is the characters that make it!

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      @JoleneBelmain: Yep, it truly is amazing how different folks live. The swamp people have a little more dangerous job than us though...yikes but it amazes me.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      @Cinnamonbite: Ah just watch it a few times and get to know the characters and it warms up on you. It's a story of people's lives. People who live in the swamp that is - so people just like you. I love the Swamp People show.

    • Cinnamonbite profile image


      7 years ago

      I tried to watch it but...I just didn't care. I live just off of Lake Jesup so gators are no big deal to me. The show was boring and repetitive. I wanted to like it but nothing interesting happened.

    • JoleneBelmain profile image


      7 years ago

      Cool lens :) So neat all of the places people can live.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      @fitnessmaster1: Thank you Fitness. Swamp people really is an interesting show isn't it. I love all the people who's lives are portrayed on it. Thank you again for the compliment - I love those too ;)

    • fitnessmaster1 profile image


      7 years ago

      Swamp People series are very interesting, seriously your lens is neat and i love reading your lens keep up the good work!

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      @anonymous: I didn't think this would be a show that would hook me like it did, but Swamp People grabbed my heartstrings and hung on, it's a hook, line, and sinker lover affair ;)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Looks like a show that i would like to see more of. Thank you for sharing, because I had not heard of Swamp People yet. Wow, danger lurks!


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