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Swamp People Season 5: The Alligator Hunters

Updated on September 22, 2014

Another season with our favorite alligator hunters.

Season 5 of Swamp People is now over but you can read all about this 30 day alligator hunt in the Louisiana swamps here.

Troy and Jacob Landry are back as well as R.J. Molinere and his son Jay Paul. You will find most of last season's alligator hunters featured along with a couple new hunters who will be making their first appearance on the show.

There will also be a few surprises in store this season so don't be taking too many extra long restroom breaks. You won't want to miss a single thing.

There were about 4000 tags that were not filled last season which means that the swamp is loaded with big nuisance gators this year. Too many gators in the swamp means that those beasts are going to be getting a little too close to the local homes, kids, and pets than comfort allows so you just know that those creatures have to get taken out right away.

This years alligator hunt is going to bring a whole new set of issues and triumphs so stay tuned.

Only 2 days left to fill those tags.

RJ and Jay Paul Molinere are once again heading out to Creole Bayou where they had purchased 50 tags with the hopes that it would pay off in large alligators. So far their luck has not been panning out there as they had hoped so today they are using a new bait. With their lines hung heavy with alligator guts the beasts just cannot resist their natural threat to their area and they go for it. They not only tag out but they come through with an amazing $4000. payday for their efforts.

It has been a rough season on rifles with Justin losing his last week to a spinning gator and today another one is about to go down as well. Bruce and Ron have 10 tags to fill and sure enough a gator bites on to Bruce's rifle and won't let go. He can't shoot it as this will ruin the hide and value of the alligator and he cannot dislodge the gun. Ron grabs the pistol and shoots but it is not in time to save the rifle. That big gun is toasted.

They decide to carry on just using the pistol but Bruce is about to make a deadly mistake. When he has to go on the bank to bring in an alligator he sets the pistol down beside him not realizing that he is actually setting it onto marsh grass and the gun sinks into the bayou. This leaves the boys gunless and the alligator ready to attack. Ron once more comes in to save the situation when he grabs a large knife he carries and sinks it into the gators kill spot. A huge thank you Ron for coming through today big time.

Their day ends with a special retirement party for Tyler who is now to old to go out into the boat. For those who don't know Tyler is Bruce's dog who has been hunting with him since 2001.

Liz looks like she is going to tag out after all thanks to the help of her husband Justin and her friend Glenn Guist. They came through for her when she needed them most which is what folks in the country have a tendency to do.

With 41 tags left to fill it is the last day that Justin and Glenn will go out and they want to take in as many beasts as they can today to insure that Liz's last day will be an easy one. They don't disappoint her. They bring in some monsters and wind up with a total of 18 in the boat for the day.

Meanwhile the duo of David LeDart and Jeromy Pruitt are chasing a huge beast known as Metalhead who has a tendency to escape as bullets bounce off his head. He's been likened to Superman for his ability to fend off bullets and they are determined to catch him today.

They set a line specifically in his territory and then wait. Metalhead comes in, takes the bait, then spits it out again. He is one smart gator. They rebait and wait. This time Metalhead is not so lucky and they take him down. They have had a heck of a season catching big gators this season.

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This reality TV show features real families.

Alligator hunting is no easy chore and these folks lay their life on the line every time they go out.

The Louisiana alligator hunt lasts for 30 days each year. This cull acts as a means to keep the local animal population in check and it can also provide the bulk of yearly income to those who participate in each year.

The History network started off this year with a couple of pre-season shows to provide a little background information for those who may be new watchers of the Swamp People show.

We were treated to a little pre-hunt preparation as well as to a recap of the ten deadliest alligator hunts. There have been some exciting ones and some mighty close calls for the hunters so it must have been difficult for the directors to select which catches to highlight but they chose pretty well.

The season is winding down with only 3 days left.

Junior Edwards has 18 tags left to fill and his wife Theresa's hand has healed enough for her to once again join him in the boat. As they are preparing to head out for the day they are surprised to see Randy and Willie show up to help them out. They had tagged out early and came to help their dad and mom out.

They split the tags so that each boat has 9 to take out with them. This gives Junior hopes for an early tag out and he gives Theresa an offer of a steak dinner that he cooks if they can tag out that day. She loves that and is more than willing to work a little harder to see it happen. Both boats quickly fill their quotas with some very nice big gators including a 13 footer. Later that day Theresa gets a romantic lakeside supper with her husband. (Yes, Junior can be romantic.)

Meanwhile Troy and Brandon are out hunting another nuisance gator. They are out on the ATV rather than the boat which means that they will be hunting from the bank which can be a dangerous situation.

They bring in one gator but it is too small to be the beast they are looking for. Troy ties it onto Brandon's ATV but as Brandon is thinking about sharing his ride with the alligator they are both surprised to see the gator come back to life. Thank God he had not got onto that machine. It puts Brandon a little off his game and when they discover a huge beast on the last line it shows when Brandon forgets to load bullets into the gun. It is a tense situation for Troy who has to keep wrestling the beast a little longer but all ends well and it is the nuisance gator that they were after. Job accomplished.

The Texans have 5 tags left and are still hoping to pull in a state record gator from Russler's Bayou but it is not to be this year. They need an alligator that is 14 foot 4 inches or more but their biggest today turns out to be 13 foot 10. Still a good size beast but just not quite enough.

The season ends early for Terral Evans and his partner Johnny. They are just heading out onto the water when Terral gets a desperate phone call from his mom who is in severe pain. He calls for medical assistance and rushes to get home as quickly as he is able.

When the ambulance arrive they find her still conscious but in critical condition from a stroke. Terral decides that although he still has tags to fill that he will end the season. Somethings are considerably more important.

It is a big gator episode this week.

Troy and Brandon are setting out to check the lines that they had hung the day before in an attempt to catch the nuisance alligator known as Big Boy.

The line is down and as they start to bring him in they soon realize that he is everything that they imagined he would be. The huge beast starts to roll always staying just out of line of a killspot shot. With the rope wearing thin as it rubs against the boat Troy knows they don't have much time to bring him in and he is right. The rope snaps and Big Boy leaves to hide under the cover of lilies.

Troy and Brandon spend the day searching for the beast and the telltale line that he is dragging behind him but it isn't until they run into another boat they get a break. They are told where Big Boy might possibly be hiding and the tip is accurate. Troy reaches into the water and grabs the trailing line. This time he isn't getting away and Brandon hits the killspot to put him down.

The Texans are hunting for a state record gator and they almost find it today. They head out into a section of the swamp known as Rustlers Bayou where they have heard that a huge gator is snatching cattle. It takes a very big gator to accomplish that.

The first line is a battle with a huge monster beast who surprisingly turns out to have a huge chunk of his tail missing. Tail missing that beast still measures in at 13 feet and 6 inches. But the real tidbit of the day is that there is a gator big enough to fight this one out there still and the Texans are lining up their sites to hunt him down.

Jeromy and David are also finding themselves facing monster gators today. There is a thunderstorm coming in but they decide to risk it to get their lines in and it works in their favor. They head out to a remote area known as the chute.

Their first line reels in a massive 13 feet 9 inch gator. It is so big that David fires shot after shot without slowing the beast down so Jeromy has to grab the big gun to shut him down. Their second line hauls in another huge gator that measures in at 11 feet 7 inches after which they decide to get out of the storm and call it a day.

Bruce and Ron are also featured on today's show. They are the only ones today not reeling in a monster gator but they make up for it in numbers. Bruce had gotten some extra tags from a landowner and he and Ron manage to fill all 20 in one day.

It is the second time Bruce has tagged out this season but he is still a little worried about making ends meet for the year. He is sitting at home when a local turns up to repay a favor that Bruce has done him in the past. He hands Bruce fifty more tags.

Swamp People Season 5 trailer.

It was an exciting Swamp People show this week.

There is a friendly competition going between the Liz's boat and the one manned by her husband. Since Justin came to help her out it turns out that Liz and Jessica have been consistently pulling in the biggest gators. Justin and Glenn know a challenge when they see one and they are determined to start bringing in some big beasts as well. Today is going to be a battle.

The girls find themselves face to face with an ancient monster on one of their lines. With the line wrapped tightly around a tree this alligator is not going down easy. He is fighting as usually only a small gator will. It is a real battle to try to bring the alligator up for a shot without it popping the line and this beast just will not stop fighting.

This is where Liz's long years of experience come into play. She stops releases the tension on the line and allows it to go slack so that the beast will think that she has given up. They wait knowing that the alligator has to eventually come to the surface. Jessica has her gun ready and as soon as the old gator rises above the water line she nails him and the girls find themselves reeling in a huge 12 footer.

Meanwhile Justin and Glenn are having their typical day. They are getting lots of alligators but all of them are small. They have 10 gators in the boat but not a one over 9 feet and they only have 3 lines left to check. But this is where they get lucky. They have a behemoth on their line, he is gigantic, and he is a fighter. This beast is smart and he manages to snap the line and get away from the boys but they are not giving up.

Justin grabs the treble hook and manages to snag the monster. It is a fight but the boys find themselves the proud winners of a 13 foot 3 inch gator that weighs in at over 700 pounds. They finally have the largest gator and bragging rights over the girls.

Jacob and Chase Landry have decided to man a smaller boat today and head into one of the small remote holes which big gators like to feel safe in. They are hunting for a big gator that they have dubbed Big Al and are hoping that today will be the day he goes down.

They find a popped line and know that it might be him as only a big beast is strong enough to pop a line like that. They end their day with 6 nice gators but none of which is large enough to be the one they are hunting for. That is okay because they still have another chance to try to bring him in on another day.

Meanwhile daddy Troy Landry is hunting with his son Brandon who has come up to help his dad out. They are heading out to a state park to help catch a large nuisance alligator for them. The plan is to set their lines in the area today and then head out in the morning to check them.

As they finish setting their last line the key to the boats motor slips out of Troy's hands into the bayou and the pair are stuck sitting there without a means to start the boat. The know the keys approximate location so Brandon decides to go in to try to retrieve it. As luck would have it a big gator spots him and moves in to get his prey. Troy grabs his rifle and starts firing on the beast but it dives under to continue toward Brandon. It is a few more than tense moments as Brandon scrambles into the safety of the boat with the key clutched in his hand. They spend their evening laughing and enjoying each others company with a few brew and a campfire on a deck overlooking the lake.

Junior Edwards and his partner Dougie are also featured in today's show. This is Dougies last day of helping out Junior as he has tags of his own to fill. They started out as an unlikely match but somehow these two managed to garner a great deal of respect for one another.

Season 5 has not been too kind to them though and they have found most of their catches this year to be very small gators. The law is that they must tag any gator on their line no matter its size so it has really been cutting into the potential profits that Junior could have made this season. Dougie is really hoping for a good last day.

The day starts off with its typical round of tiny gators and one so small that Junior guesses it will only bring in about $65. at the buyers. Luckily they do get a break. They run into a big alligator that is determined not to be caught. The older an alligator gets the smarter he is and this one manages to twist himself off the line.

The boys watch for bubbles but the beast doesn't let a one out. He is wise and Junior dubs him "Einstein". After waiting for what seems like forever Dougie decides to shoot into the water to see if the vibration will bring him up for a peek. It works. Dougie grabs the nearest line and tosses it in the gators direction not realizing that it is only a single hook. Then he starts wrestling the giant beast in. Junior takes the shot and both the boys are more than a little amazed at bringing this big boy in on a single hook.

At the buyer the boys are paid a nice $400. for that single alligator. They shake hands and Willie surprises Dougie with a gift. It is a very special gift as it is one of Junior's handmade treble hooks. He had working late into the night to make it as a thank you to Dougie for helping him out.

The Swamp People are real people.

Which is your favorite season 5 alligator hunter.

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It is another day on the bayou.

The pressure is on for Liz to fill her tags but fortunately she is now running two boats which will up her odds of success. Liz challenges Justin and Glenn to try to get a bigger gator than her. Jess tops off the challenge with the comment, "We better we smarter too" and the two boats hit the water for the day.

There are a few tense moments for the girls when Jess has to get out of the boat onto a rock ledge to get a huge monster gator into position for a shot but the girls manage to bring in that 10 foot 8 inch beast. The boys largest gator measures in at 9 foot 6 inches. The girls bring in a total of 8 gators for the day while the boys haul in 15 giving the team a total of 23 gators for the day. The girls have won the challenge but Justin reminds them that he won in average overall.

Troy still has 105 tags left to fill but he isn't too worried. He has his brother Guy in the boat with him and they are a well oiled machine when it comes to hunting alligators as a team.

Today they are heading out to a remote area known as Hog Island to hunt. A friend of Troy has been having some problems there with a huge gator chewing up his nets. The nets are worth between $400. and $500. each and Mr. Hank is losing a lot of money to this beast. Troy and Guy set their lines and hope to trap the monster that day. They do but it takes 2 shots to down this massive beast. It measures in at a huge 12 foot and they dub the gator "Big Hank".

R.J. and Jay Paul still have 184 tags left to fill for the Swamp People season 5 and as luck would have it their air boat is having problems. The steering mechanism has broken and the boys are testing their mechanical skills to see if they can get it working again.

Their lines were set the day before and it is a race to see if they can get back out there before their catch spoils. Between the two they track down the mechanical error and get their boat ready to hit the bayou again. Off they go to check their 30 previously set lines.

To their dismay they figure they are too late when the first line shows a lifeless gator on the line. Then suddenly the beast springs to life. It was either tired from fighting the line or playing possum but whichever case it is this is something the boys have never seen before. They'll be watching in the future though because this one almost lost R.J. a body part or two. All total the boys manage to bring in 10 gators for the day.

Bruce is back on the water with Ron and Tyler and has only 10 tags left to fill. For the past two seasons he has suffered some bad luck and been unable to fill his tag quota so this year they shorted him on tags. He is hoping to fill what tags he has today in the hopes of managing to pick up a few more.

For bait today he is using well ripened beef spleen and it is crawling with maggots insuring that it is definitely putting off one heck of a good smell into the surrounding air. He is hoping to lure some gators a little closer to his turf. He and Ron are hunting on the edge of their territory today and for some reason the gators seem to be hanging out on the other side. If this bait doesn't do it then nothing else will.

So with 12 days left in the season Bruce and Ron drag in the last 10 gators. Among their catch is a big 9 1/2 footer that weighs in at 325 pounds as well as a 9 footer worth which alone is worth about $400.00. Now if Bruce can somehow manage to wrangle a few more tags the pair will have a pretty good season.

Less than two weeks left now to alligator season.

Liz Cavalier is now running two boats in an attempt to get her remaining tags filled. She and Jessica are in one boat while her husband Justin and Glenn Guist are manning the other boat.

Liz and Jessica find a monster of a gator on one of their lines and this 12 foot 700 pound beast is not going down easy. He is old, wise, and knows how to detach himself from a captor. The gator goes into a death roll that almost has his huge body rolling into the boat with the girls. They down him with a well aimed shot but the experience leaves the girls shaking and Jessica with tears in her eyes.

The boys have a slow day as they adjust to hunting alligators and to working as a team in the hunt. It turns out to be a pretty good first day and they wind up with 5 alligators while the girls finish off with 15. It all adds up to reduce the large number of tags Liz has left to fill.

Bruce is on the water with Tyler when a surprise showing of Ron has grinning. Ron is now free to help out with the hunt but with the few number of tags that Bruce was able to acquire this year he finds himself faced with an inability to pay someone to help him out. Ron being the great guy that he is says that he'll help out anyway.

Ron's extra help turns out to be more than just a bonus for Bruce. They quickly find their pace and pull in 16 gators off their lines. When they spot an alligator swimming in open water Ron decides to bring his sharp shooting skills into play. He downs another 4 gators with his gun giving Bruce 20 gators for the day. A grateful Bruce cooks up a huge gator meal for Ron and his family.

Troy and Big Foot are also on the water today and still searching for a huge gator to reclaim their largest gator status. Their plan is to haunt out remote locations that haven't been hunted in awhile and hope that it pays them back in the form of an extra large gator. Despite traveling between 50 and 60 miles it is not to happen today. Their largest catch is an 11 footer.

R.J. and Jay Paul Molinere

A lot of big gators are getting hauled in but it ain't easy.

It is a day when everyone seems to be hauling in the big beasts. Willie Edwards is in a boat alone and he is hunting down a cannibal gator that has been chewing up smaller beasts in an area known as the Graveyard Hole. It's a spooky corner of the swamp where old tree stumps stick up out of the water like tombstones and Willie is there by himself.

When he hauls in a ten footer that is showing signs of being chewed up Willie knows that he is hunting a pretty big gator. He gets his proof when he spots the beasts trail leading up onto the bank. It is as wide as his boat and Willie makes the wise decision to head home for a bigger boat rather than risk capsizing the one he is in.

He shouts "Game On" as he tosses his treble hook into the water but hooking the beast is just the start of the fight. This gator is a 12 foot beast and he is not going down easy. Willie tries to tire the monster but in the process Willie is also wearing out. Twice the alligator stops fighting only to renew again with an added vengeance. It makes the victory bittersweet as hauling that beast into the boat takes every ounce of Willie's remaining strength. He has only two gators to show for the day but he pulls in a payday just under $1000.

Liz has not much luck this season. A couple days ago her boat motor quit and she is just now getting it back after the repairs. This has really hurt her season so with over 300 tags left to fill she is forced to seek out additional help or risk not filling her tags. She asks her husband Justin to man a second boat and then asks Glenn Guist if he will partner up with him. They both agree to help out because that really is the code of the swamp. You are there when someone else is in need.

The Landry brothers Troy and Guy have headed out to Grand Lake to see if they can bring in some big gators from that neighborhood. There is a monster gator there that they have hunted for over 20 years with little luck and they are hoping that this year will be the one. They know that he is too smart to go for chicken bait so they use a carp that leaped into their boat earlier. It is what gators generally dine on and they are hoping to trick him into taking the bait.

Their first line holds a 10 footer that almost has Troy for lunch when he goes onto the bank with him. The line with the bass head on it is the line that catches the gator they are hoping to attract. He is over 13 feet in length and is no easy beast to bring in. He immediately goes into a death roll and he keeps rolling making it very difficult to get a shot on him. His huge tail keeps flipping dangerously close to coming into the boat with them but Guy finally gets his shot in. The victory is sweet because the two brothers made this catch together.

In Texas it is the first day of gator season and Big Foot and T-Roy are hitting the swamp. They have a goal this year and it is gain back their status of having caught the largest gator in Texas. Last year an 18 year old hauled in 14 foot 3 inch gator and now they are hoping to catch an even bigger gator. Their plan is to hunt in remote territories where the big gators might be hiding out.

They travel over 100 miles for today's hunt. They find themselves with a big gator but the battle almost puts T-Roy in the water. Their line is hanging over a bank with an undercut and the alligator is partially hidden from view unless T-Roy goes onto the slippery muddy bank to try to drag him up for a kill shot. It is a dangerous move but it does net them an 8 foot gator. It isn't the prize that they were hoping for but this is only the first day of the season so they still have hope that they will make their goal.

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It is halfway through the alligator season and there are still an awful lot of tags needing to be filled.

The Landry boys have 2 boats on the water again this week. Jacob and Chase are in one boat while Troy and his brother Guy are sharing in the other.

They are hunting out in Bayou Sorrel where Troy has invested in some very expensive tags hoping they will pay back in big gators. He has 35 to 38 tags and they divide them up between the two boats. Their alligators need to be an average of 8 feet in length for them to clear a profit on the tags.

Troy and Guy start off the day with some pretty small gators averaging out to about 5 feet per gator so realize pretty quickly that nagging the boys on getting big gators might have left them not holding up things on their end. Their day gets really tense when a live gator makes a leap into the boat with them. Guy takes aim and shoots it right in the boat but it sure leaves both men breathing a very large sigh of relief to see that one go down.

When Troy and Guy spot a large 11 foot alligator on the bank they know that this is one big gator they are not going to let get away. Guy grabs his rifle and jumps out onto the bank with it. The beast isn't moving and Troy yells at his brother to give it a kick to see if it is dead or alive. Ha. Guy has to move fast when the huge tail swings quickly out in defense. A few stressful moments pass as the beast turns and Guy takes aim and shoots. Good news is that the 11 foot gator brings the average of their gators up a bit closer to where it should be for the day.

It is really nice to see the relaxed interaction between these two siblings. Troy chuckles commenting that mama would be mad at him if his little brother got hurt.

Bad news of the day is a little territory dispute between Junior Edwards and Troy. Junior won't back down so even though Troy still believes he is in the right he gives up that area to Junior.

Jacob and Chase are facing a bit of a different challenge to their lines. A super big gator is in the neighborhood and has escaped their line by bending a hook that is designed to hold about a 1000 pound beast. They get excited knowing that this could make those expensive tags really pay off big.

As they look around they spot a big gator swimming casually in their area and they are given a second chance to catch the monster. Chase shoots but he only grazes the animal on its back. It dives and is gone beneath the water. The boys decide to set their lines specifically with this beast in mind and it pays off.

When they circle back around they find the beast on their line but they have a surprise in store for them when they realize that this big 11 foot gator is not the one that had escaped their line earlier. There is another even larger gator in this territory and the proof is in the fight marks on the gator that they just dragged into their boat.

They know that they have had a second encounter with the beast when their next line has lost its hook. The monster has escaped them once again but in a deja vu moment they look out across the water to see a super size gator swimming there. Chase takes aim across the water and downs the beast on the first shot. They know this is their alligator when they examine the eleven and a half foot monster and see a hook lodged in its mouth and a bullet graze across its back. Best of all though the boys have made those expensive tags pay.

Meanwhile way off in another direction David and his nephew Jeromy are still traveling in their small motorhome and getting increasingly on each others nerves. David snores, Jeromy has a tendency to pass gas, and the pair just are not sleeping well in such close quarters to one another. It is leaving the pair of them pretty grouchy and busy snapping at one another whenever the chance arises.

Things don't get any better when they are out on the water. Generally they take turns holding the line or taking the shot but things don't pan out that way today. David is wrestling with a gator and Jeromy decides to use an old musket to take his shot. Problem is that the musket needs to be hand loaded which takes a bit of time. Then when he finally lines up the shot the gun does not fire as the powder has gotten wet.

David is through playing games and he pulls out his pistol and takes the shot. Now Jeromy is pissed and the pair argue about him losing his shot. David threatens to throw the musket into the bayou and Jeromy threatens to throw David in if he does. Things get a little rough but wisdom does come with a bit more knowledge and David tops off over Jeromy leaving him to back down.

Things don't get much better on the next gator. While David fights the line on a huge 11 foot 700 pound beast Jeromy reaches over and grabs the line out of his hands. Tensions are at a peak. David goes to shoot the beast and his gun misfires giving Jeromy the opportunity to grab his musket, which fires, and downs the beast. The irony of the situation isn't lost on either man and they start to laugh. The fight is over and the boys are back to being a team again.

Alligator Jerky: A spicy wild meat treat.


Just in case you don't live in gator territory but want to give this meat a try.

Jerky can be made from virtually any type of meat but in the swamps alligator meat is plentiful and it can make a large batch of jerky.

Jerky is a convenient high protein snack ideal for munching on when you are in or out of the house.


Everyone seems to be hunting in new areas this year.

This week Troy is hunting with his little brother Guy which is a fun combination for fans of the show. The duo head off to an area of the swamp known as "The Shallows".

We get a little incite from this dynamic duo of what life was like as a kid growing up on the swamp. Troy shares that he left his brother out in the middle of the bayou on a stump for a day because he was complaining that he didn't want to bait lines. It is typical of what brothers would do to one another.

The pair hunt very well together and by the end of the day the boat is piled high with a total of 31 gators for the day.

Jacob has healed well enough from his injury to head back out again. He and Chase have patched up their differences and are working again as a unified team.

While Jacob rested from his injury Chase had spent the previous day scouting out new territory and stumbled onto an old alligator that he believes is 12 to 13 feet in length. The beast is living in an area where he and Jacob caught a massive gator named Jaws a few years ago. They dub this new monster Jaws2 and are determined to hunt him down but this old beast is wise enough to be avoiding the lines.

The pair get a break when they spot Jaws2 out in open water. Chase lines up a 100 yard shot and manages to stun the beast. He grabs the treble hook to grab onto him so they can get in another shot and they drag the beast into the boat.

Jeromy and David are also hunting in new territory but they are quite a ways from home and are having a difficult time pinpointing the area they should be hunting in. This is brought home to them quite abruptly when a boat with a shotgun toting fellow comes roaring up on them.

Turns out they are hanging hooks on the edge of this fellows property but fortunately a little country hospitality dissolves what could be a tense situation. Mr. Phil offers to show them a good hunting area where some large gators have been spotted and mentions that he would sure appreciate a little alligator meat which the boys are only too happy to provide if the hunt goes well.

Mr. Phil leads them to an area known as "The Ghost Town" which is just as it names suggests. Hurricane Katrina came through and destroyed the homes and hopes of those who had stayed there. The ghost town lies eeriely quiet surrounded by the swamp. Overcome with the emotion Jeromy says a prayer while he and David quietly reflect on those affected by this tragedy.

Back at Mr. Phil's at the end of the day though they cook up the meat from a huge 10 foot 450 pound gator. With great food and drink, music playing, and plenty of good company the group end the evening with a fun night of dining and dancing.

Meanwhile back on the swamp Bruce is hunting once again with his dog Tyler. Ron is still gone so Bruce is hunting alone in an area known as "The Stinking Bayou". Just as the name implies there is a stinky smell in the air from methane gas that bubbles up from the bottom of the swamp. Enduring the nastiness of this area pays off though with a catch of 7 gators including a big 10 foot monster which is alone worth $650. All in all it was a darn good day.

An Interview with the Swampers.

It has been an unusual start to this season.

With so many tags left unfilled last year most of the swampers have picked up an abundance of tags this season. It also means that there are more nuisance gators to be taken care of immediately.

Jay Paul and R.J. Molinere have over 350 tags left to fill but today they are going after a huge 12 foot alligator that has been hanging around a local swimming hole endangering the children who swim there. This alligator has a disability that makes him especially dangerous in this area and one that also makes it easy to identify him. He only has one eye so will be hunting his prey largely by movement that he hears in the water.

The boys hang lines throughout the area and then circle back around. Most of the lines hang empty but one line comes up with a smaller alligator on it that has been attacked and killed by the larger gator. Jay Paul decides to use the alligator guts to lure in its attacker and this plan works. The cannibal grabs the bate and the boys make sure that it is the last meal that this rogue beast nabs in the area.

The girls are also on the water today and Liz and Jessica have 398 tags left to fill this season. Their lines have been turning up empty and it is really slowing down their count. So when Jessie spots a flock of black birds the girls come up with a new plan. Alligators tend to hunt black birds whenever they have the chance so the girls decide to down a few and use them to bait their lines.

Turns out that the lines fill up using the new bait and the girls manage to pull in 12 gators for the day including a huge 12 foot 700 pound beast that is alone worth almost $500. It is a very productive day but the girls will need to catch about 100 alligators per week to fill their tags this year.

With 196 tags left to fill Junior Edwards is suffering from severe back pain so his partner Dougie says that he will pick up the bulk of the work load while they are out. That is no easy task with the size of the gators being brought in this season but it is the only plan available to the pair.

When Dougie misses a gator with the treble hook line Junior takes over and hooks the beast with his first throw. Unfortunately his bad back kicks in and he is forced to sit back down. Dougie is left as the sole hunter on the boat and the boys end their day with only 5 gators before Junior's pain gets the best of him and the boys are forced to head back in.

The Texans are still hunting nuisance gators in their neighborhood but last week Big Foot suffered a hernia injury so he has been pulled from the game. T-Roy is left alone to hunt down and wrestle into the boat a huge beast of a gator. He quickly realizes how much he misses having his partner along. When T-Roy gets back home his reward for the day is a dinner of frog legs in batter served up by Big Foot of course.

Alligator Image courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife digital library.

Also on day 8 is the creation of a new treble hook by Willie.

Willie and Randy Edwards have gotten together to design a new lighter treble hook for hunting alligators. The old hook designed by their dad Junior has a little too much weight to it and Willie has had problems with that hook in the past.

Junior Edwards is definitely not pleased that they are messing with his design and he lets them know it. Willie has heard all his dad's negative talk before and he just lets it run off him like water off a ducks back. The proof will be in the hook itself and whether it can do the job or not and Willie is testing it today.

Willie is still alligator hunting alone but he is quite an experienced hunter and can generally bag and drag in some pretty big beasts on his own. Turns out that the new lighter treble hook works just fine and Willie wrestles in a big 400 pound alligator with it. Then he brings in a couple more with it as well.

When Willie stops by his parents to let them know how the hook worked Junior still isn't ready to acknowledge that his son has bested his invention. Junior is still grumpy and growling but as Willie goes to leave he softly says, "You done good." Coming from Junior that is one pretty big compliment.

Also on today's episode is Glenn Guist he is hunting turtle and his friend TK stops by to join him. Glenn has five turtle traps set out and he and TK set off to check them.

The first four are empty but the fifth one has a lucky 5 snapping turtles in it. One slips out the side of the trap and almost makes his escape but Glenn grabs onto him and hauls him back into the boat.

This catch is plenty for fixing up a feast of turtle sauce piquante and Glenn is going to prepare it. Of course his friends and family are only too happy to stop by to join him in eating it. Good food always taste better when it is in the company of good friends.

And if you are wondering how Jacob made out well he is back home from the docs and courtesy of a lot of drugs he isn't feeling too much pain. I'm thinking that will set in at some point during the night. Chase is planning on heading back out the next morning but we'll see on that.

14k Yellow Gold Alligator Pendant
14k Yellow Gold Alligator Pendant

This is one gator who won't be getting away. A glittering gold symbol of this beast of the swamp.

As a gift or for personal use this is a very distinctive animal to display. The alligator is symbolic of strength, endurance, knowledge, protection, primal urges, and maternal instinct.


Day 8 of Season five: Hope you are okay Jacob.

Chase Landry is back and it is a very large relief to Jacob knowing that he does not have to go out in the boat alone. That relief is short lived though as the day starts off with empty lines hanging.

Chase gives the treble hook a try but all that succeeds in doing is losing the hook to the deeps of the swamp. Shooting over water has no success either and just when it seems that the day cannot get any worse it decides to take a deadly turn.

Jacob rinses off an ant covered hook and line, and thinking that he has the line returned to the boat, he starts the motor to suddenly find the hook pulled from his hand and slammed deeply embedded into his thigh. The dangling line had managed to hook in the propeller.

The wound is deep and the heavy hook is barbed making it impossible to remove. Worse yet is the risk of infection from the dirty hook which not long ago held rotting chicken on it. The boys decide to head for emergency help as quickly as possible only to discover that Jacob knocked the key out when he fell backwards from the shock of the puncture. Without a key the boat is inoperable and every minute of passing time increases the risk of infection.

A boat rounds the bend and Jacob is sent speeding into the hospital with it. Chase stays behind to try to find the key so he can bring their boat home.

Troy in the meanwhile does not have a clue that Jacob has suffered a very serious injury. He and Holden have decided to fish on an open lake today in the hopes of reeling in a large gator known as Monster of the Lake Verret. Holden has to return to school the next day so this will be his last day hunting with his uncle.

Setting aside their standard chicken bate they decide fish might serve them better in the lake but their lines are not yielding the beast they search for. Just when they think the day has been a bit of a waste they hook him. He is all of eleven feet in length and a good 650 pounds. It is a triumphant way to end their day.


Season 5 alligator names:

Clyde - Caught by Jeromy and David

Jaws2 - Caught by Jacob and Chase Landry

One Eye - Caught by RJ and Jay Paul

Beast of Grand Lake - Caught by Troy and Guy Landry

Big Daddy - Caught by Willie Edwards

Big Hank - Caught by Troy and Guy Landry

Einstein - Caught by Junior and Dougie

Big Al - Jacob and Chase Landry

Big Boy - Troy and Brandon Landry

Metal Head - David LeDart and Jeromy Pruitt

Freak boy - Roger and Johnny

Swamp People episode March 12th 2014.

David La Dart and his nephew Jeromy Pruitt have been on the road in an old motorhome now for about a week and they are definitely getting on each others nerves. This unlikely duo can dicker and bicker back and forth with each other even on a good day so in close quarters for the week they are really getting moody.

Today Jeromy is breaking the tension with a new invention he's come up with it. He calls it his gut canon and that is a most apt description of this weapon. He loads the canon with chicken feet and other nasty stuff and with a huge boom he lets this stinky soupy mess of stuff shoot out across the swamp. Why?

Well he is trying to temp in that big bull cannibal gator they have been hunting. Their lines in that area have been untouched and all of the bait is still hanging so they need a new trick to try to bag this beast. It works and Jeromy gets his bragging rights in when he and David nab the 12 foot beast. It's so big they can't get it in the boat and have to rest in on the side of the boat and leave the body in the water to drag in to the buyer.

The Texans are also hunting a big bull cannibal gator. This one has been eating dogs and has got to go now. They have lines set up throughout his territory and are back to check to see if they have caught the beast. This gator has a distinguishing scar on his neck from a previous run in with a hunter.

The first gator they pull into the boat isn't the right one but the second one is and he is so big that the boys have a difficult time to try to drag him into the boat. The cannibal gator is 11 feet and as Big Foot pulls on the massive weight he feels a tearing in his abdomen and immediately falls back into the boat in pain. TRoy somehow finds the strength to wrestle the huge gator into the boat on his own. Now comes the worry on Big Foots injury. With their season just set to begin a serious injury could throw out their entire season. They head in to the doctor to get Big Foot checked out.

On today's episode the girls are also on the lake and Jessica and her mom are having a little battle going on in their neck of the woods as well. With a slow start to the season they have over 300 tags left to fill and Jessica has slept in delaying their appearance on the lake this morning. The pressure is on and causing tempers to flare.

They spot a big bull alligator in open water and Jessica goes for her treble hooked fishing line. She is an expert with it and generally can hook her gator on the first reel or two. The gator is acting like the king of the swamp as he casually swims through his territory so Liz laughingly dubs him "Macho Man".

Now I am not too sure how things turned wrong but the girls went from a good mood into a fighting match with each other quite quickly. They managed to bring in the Macho Man but there was sure some hurt feelings in the process. A little later Liz apologizes to Jess and with a few tears shared between the two they patch things up. Oh and in case you were wondering that big old alligator turned out to be a 12 footer worth about $500. at the buyer.

Last but not least to be discussed is one of my favorite hunters Jacob Landry. His day starts off okay with him and Miss Marie in the boat but she isn't feeling too well and quickly realizes that her illness needs to be dealt with at home. She hates leaving Jacob on the boat alone but simply has no choice.

Jacob drops her off and heads back out to see what he can accomplish on his own. Things are going pretty good, and although he is pretty tired, he has 15 gators in the boat. Things can turn bad pretty quickly though when you are tired and alone. He goes to reel in a line only to find the gator leaping into the boat with him. It's a hunters worst nightmare.

Jacob dashes to the back of the boat only to realize that his gun is at the other end of the boat with the alligator. He is in a very bad position. What he does have is a pole hook and he grabs it to try to maneuver the beast out of the boat. Luckily it seems that the gator is a little startled by the turn of events as well and quite eagerly is willing to return to the water.

The alligator is still on Jacob's line so once again he reels him in. This time he has his gun in his hands and shoots the beast before it gets into the boat. It is a battle that tires Jacob out even more so he heads in but as he turns to look back at his catch the gator springs back to life and heads in his direction. One more shot and that gator is done. Sixteen alligators for the day but that last one was a pretty scary catch.

Melissa & Doug Giant Alligator - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 5 feet long)
Melissa & Doug Giant Alligator - Lifelike Stuffed Animal (over 5 feet long)

This critter is cuddly snuggly and never bites. A beautiful green buddy for your favorite child.


March 5 episode of Swamp People season 5.

Bruce Mitchell who is one of the Louisiana swamps regulars has been delayed starting his alligator season this year. He has also learned that he did not get the number of tags that he requested and has only received 60 so is hoping he can pick up a few more from someone as the season progresses.

Bruce's regular partner Ron is tied up with family business so unable to join him for a couple weeks so he is hunting alone. This year his aging dog Tyler will also be staying home. It is the first year without him and both Bruce and Tyler are finding it hard to adjust to this new system.

His first day out on the swamp does not start off well. He realizes he has forgotten his tags and has to return home to get them before he can begin his hunt. Then after he sets his lines he discovers that the tide has dropped leaving his lines too high and empty.

Terral Evans and his partner Johnny are hunting another problem gator today. This one is suspected of eating 6 of a neighbors goats and that means that this alligator is far too comfortable near people to be safe. They set lines in the area and manage to bring in a large 450 pound beast but they just know that this one is not their troublemaker so keep searching.

As they near Miss Commoux's land where the goats were killed they spy the problem gator brazenly relaxing on her lawn. Being too close to the local houses to safely shoot the beast they decide that taking it down by knife is their best solution. While Johnny attracts the alligator's attention Terral hops onto the its back and delivers the knife into the small quarter size kill spot. One more problem gator taken care of.

Now this is where this weeks episode takes a rather unique twist. Junior starts his day with just 13 of his 237 tags filled. With Theresa Edwards out from the hunt due her broken finger Junior has been off of the swamp a couple days and now has taken on a new temporary partner till Theresa is healed.

This new partnership has got to be the most ideal pairing of opposites that I have ever seen and they compliment each other perfectly. Junior is his serious gruff self while his new partner Dougie wears a huge grin that comes accompanied by a somewhat quirky personality.

Before the duo set off for their day Willie stops by to meet his dad's new partner and to offer him some advice. His warns Dougie to keep his body well back and away from the shots Junior is taking. Willy's been shot more than once and he knows how that 22 of Juniors can splinter bone and quickly turn it into shrapnel looking for a target.

Now begins the day with Dougie and Junior actually making a fine duo in the boat. The pair are very entertaining together. Dougie has a smile that would light up the dark of night and a hooting call that would make the Turtle Man sit up and take notice.

I am not sure if Dougies comments are humor, sarcasm. or real but they certainly make Junior give him a second look or two and especially when Dougie mentions wearing spandex when he is out alligator hunting. It is greeted with a serious "Not in my boat" back from Junior.

Dougie is an excellent hunter and he proves his worth beyond a doubt. The duo end their day with 12 alligators worth over $1700. and Junior can't help but mention the accomplish to Willie who comes into the buyer with 2 gators in his boat.

This weeks episode also features Rogers Rivers and his partner Johnny as they hunt in a virgin territory that has never previously been hunted in. The day starts off well and they spot an alligator swimming in the open. Rivers uses a bow to shoot the gator from their boat to bring in their first catch of the day.

Then the boys get busy hanging their lines only to discover the same problem that Bruce had earlier in his day. Not knowing what to expect from this new territory they did not realize that the tide would recede and leave their first lines inaccessible by boat. They have to wade through the shallow water to get to their line and this puts them right into the gators element and in danger. It is definitely not a situation that too many hunters are pleased to find themselves in.

Their day also brings in a surprise as they realize that their caught gator has its tail chewed off. This is an indication of a larger alligator in that territory and they know they have to catch the more dominant beast before he chews up any more of their gators. They set up another line for him and when they return they find the beast gone and their number 14 hook straightened. They decide to use a larger hook and bate it with a whole rabbit as well as chicken. They dub their beast the "Grave Digger".

Some critters are friendlier than others.

Intex Giant Gator Ride-On, 80" X 45", for Ages 3+
Intex Giant Gator Ride-On, 80" X 45", for Ages 3+

This alligator doesn't bite and won't be chasing you around the beach either.

Expect both kids and adults to enjoy playing with this big boy in the water. Swim gator swim.


Swamp People Season 5 - February 26th

It turns out that Liz is not the only hunter having trouble with poachers this season, Troy and his nephew Holden are not pleased to discover that line after line within their territory has also been cut. Poachers are coming in during the dark of night to steal their catches.

Holden is learning some hard truths about alligator hunting today. They are forced to head off to one of Troy's hidden honey holes to hunt. Troy gets Holden to set his very first line which will also be the last line they return to that day. Holden is more than pleased to find their largest catch of the day there in a 12 foot gator. Despite the rough start to the day the pair end their day with 29 gators in the boat.

Jay Paul and R.J. Molinere are still up in Creole Bayou hoping their trek into the far back bayou will pay off for them with some large size alligators. Unfortunately they find themselves very disappointed as line after line comes up empty. They have 50 tags for that area but only manage to pull in 6 gators for the day. It can be a costly mistake. There is nothing else to do but head back for the preplanned rendezvous with the ice boat.

Jeromy and David find their lines have also been hit by poachers so they decide to head into the far back section of Mr. Jimmy's territory to fill their 30 tags. It is difficult to get into but they figure it will be worth the effort.

With the boat on full throttle so they don't bog down they head into the long narrow channel that will carry them into the back bayou. About halfway in a sharp bend finds them into speeding into the swampy grass instead of the channel and they are stuck. They have to manually push their boat back on track and it is exhausting. It is just not their day.

They finally reach open water and examine the map to insure that they have reached My. Jimmy's hunting territory. David figures they still are not in the right place but Jeromy is sure they are.

Once the lines are hung they head back around to find their first catch is a huge 11 foot gator. They are thrilled and celebrating their victory when the Molinere boys approach them to ask what they are doing hunting within their boundaries. It really is just one of those days. They agree to split the profit of the large gator caught in the territory.

Willie Edwards has luckily managed to evade the poachers and he is enjoying heading out into the swamp with his new boat. Last season he decided to make the break from hunting with his father in favor of manning his own boat. It was expensive purchasing the boat and gear but a cost that he knows will pay for itself over time.

Willie could have gone out with a partner but that would have meant splitting the profits so he has chosen to solo. Willie is capable of hunting alone but it does increase the risk factor as there is no one there to call for help should an accident occur.

Willie hears the call of small alligators and knows from experience that their cry is a sound of distress. He pulls his boat up to the shore and goes searching for the source.

He discovers an abandoned nest half filled with tiny gators trying to fend off the hundreds of bites being delivered from a colony of invading ants. He brushes off the baby gators and takes them over to the safety of the water. This respect for the swamp will come back to him in time. "See you in 17 or 18 years", he says. Willie ends his day with 6 good alligators including a 10 foot 300 pound one.

Season 5 is starting off rough for Junior and Theresa Edwards

Junior's son Willie has decided to go into his own boats so this year Junior is hunting alligators with his wife Theresa in the boat beside him.

Theresa is a good shot with the rifle so that isn't any concern but she is very small in stature so does not have the weight to haul alligators into the boat that Junior does.

The day starts off well and they are thrilled to catch a 12 foot beast. But their first day is not going to end the way they hope it will. Their 13th alligator is their last. Hauling it into the boat the beast's jaws clamp down on Theresa's finger breaking it on the spot.

One of the biggest fears of being bitten by an alligator is the risk of infection. Their mouth is filled with bacteria just looking for a host to breed in. Then add in that this is about 2000 pounds of pressure and it is a recipe for disaster. For an alligator hunter a bite is one of the worst things that can happen as it can put them out of the hunt for the rest of the season. Theresa is just very upset to have let her husband down knowing how much he needs her help on this hunt.

Photo credit:

Terral Evans is back and he is hunting a tracking collar.

Things are personal for Terral because the gator he is hunting is one that has eaten his father in law's dog. They believe that this is the 3rd dog that this alligator has taken and the scary thing is that it could just as easily have been a child that this beast attacked. This gator has got to go.

Fortunately the dog was wearing a tracking collar so Terral and his partner Johnny are able to track down the signal before it dies. If the gator they catch has the collar in its stomach then they know that they have the right beast.

They have pinpointed the beasts bed area previous to losing the signal so they set their lines and hope. Sure enough they catch a big beast on the line but are a little dismayed to find alligator tangled in the cypress grove.

Terral has to go into the water to get close enough to get a good shot at the quarter size kill spot at the top of the gators head. Going into the water with a gator is more than a little dangerous but Terral gets his shot in. Now they just have to find out if they have the killer gator.

Terral and Johnny drop the alligator with the buyer and wait to hear if the beast has the tracking collar in his belly. They breathe a sigh of relief when the buyer emerges with the tracking collar in his hands. It means that Honey Island will be a little safer place for kids and animals to live and play.

Serving up turtle soup for supper?

Home Essentials & Beyond 21569 Teramo Blue Resin & Metal Knobs (Set of 4)
Home Essentials & Beyond 21569 Teramo Blue Resin & Metal Knobs (Set of 4)

Even if what you are serving isn't turtle soup the kids might enjoy seeing this turtle land onto to their dinner table.

This tureen dish really is a cute way to serve up your soup, stew, or casserole.


Day 2 - Episode 2 of Season 5:

It seems like most of the Louisiana hunters have picked up extra tags for this season. Liz Cavalier is starting out her season with 425 which is 100 up from the last time she was out hunting and things are not destined to start off well for her.

Liz's regular partner Kristie will not be joining her this year as she is expecting a new addition to the family so Liz has once again taken on her daughter Jessica as a partner. Jessica is proudly sporting a new 38 special pistol that she is hoping to do well with.

When they head out to check their first lines Jessica gets her first chance to use her pistol. Going onto land with a gator is never a good situation but Jessica manages to shoot their very first catch of the day there. From there things go downhill when they discover that they have been hit by poachers and the next two lines they check have been cut.

Poachers are unfortunately a harsh reality of swamp life. Some folks just do not have much morality when it comes to earning a buck.

Liz decides to head out to an area of the swamp that she was hoping to hold onto as an ace in the hole for the end of the season. The duo do well there and head in with 22 gators in their boat for the day.

R.J. and Jay Paul

Troy is starting his season with 370 tags.

Troy Landry is one of the most popular stars of the Swamp People show and this year he is accompanied in his boat by his 15 year old nephew Holden who he will be training. Jacob is in his own boat this season and Chase is not available.

Holden seems a little nervous when he and Troy first head off into the swamp but after his Uncle gives him a little pep talk they begin to pull together as a team. They manage to haul in 32 alligators on day one for a payday of about $5000 and that is a pretty good start to the season.

It's a deal that comes with breakfast.

For season 5 Jacob Landry is heading out with his last season's partner Miss Marie. Last year she proved herself to be a very capable partner with more than a few techniques to use for catching the local beasts.

So with his brother Chase not available to hunt for the first part of the season Jacob is manning one boat and Troy another in an attempt to divide and conquer their tags.

Jacob is quick to discover that the deal works out pretty sweet for him when Miss Marie pulls a plate of pancakes and a bottle of maple syrup out of her tool kit. But Jacob isn't the only one who gets to enjoy the syrup. Miss Marie uses it to help bait up her "Gator Bomb" a plastic jar filled with her own special sauce. She hangs the jar on a branch and allows it to drip slowly into the water to attract in the local gators and it works. She and Jacob pull in 18 alligators for their day on the bayou.

Meanwhile in the skies Jay Paul and R.J. Molinere have decided to call in a favor from a friend and do a fly over to see if they can find a route into some rarely hunted swampland. It is a move which could pay off in some very big gators for them.

Using both the hovercraft and an ice boat they head off down the canal they figure will give them access to a remote swamp only to find their path blocked by pile-ons they had not seen from the air. They decide to have the ice boat meet them there the next day and head around the pile-ons with their hovercraft.

The plan is to hang their lines, camp overnight, and then rendezvous with the ice boat the next day around noon. They hang their lines and then realize that the tide has come in and pushed the lines under the water allowing some fish and animals to feed off their bait. This means that they now have to rebait and rehang each line again making for a very long day. They are both quite tired by the time they set up camp in the evening.

A big congratulations to Jay Paul on the birth of his new little girl.

Meanwhile in the North country David and Jeremy have decided to head to South Louisiana for their hunt this season. They will pick up tags along their way.

Jeromy shows up with an old RV without too many working features much to David's dismay. Then they pack up and head off on their way. First stop is Raceland where they are to pick up 30 tags from a local known as Mr. Jimmy. While there they agree to catch an alligator that showed up in the pool the local kids swim in.

Dubbed Clyde this gator gobbles down the treats used to bait him but manages to stay free. With a fishing line and treble hook David manages to snag him while Jeromy heads into the water to try to rope him in. Things get a little tense when the gator gets close enough to bump into Jeromy's legs, but his destiny is sealed, Jeromy grabs him by the tail and hauls him in.

Swamp People Season Five: Day one of the hunt.

On the first day of alligator season we are introduced to newcomers Roger Rivers and his partner Johnny. Roger is Choctaw Apache and he carries with him into the show his native traditions and heritage.

Before Roger begins his hunt for the season he and Johnny set off to bare handedly catch a giant Loggerhead snapping turtle.

The Loggerhead turtle is a symbol of Roger's native tribe and he will use it in a ritual ceremony asking for strength, wisdom, and courage to help them have a safe and successful hunting season. After the ceremony Roger will release the giant turtle unharmed and back to where it was retrieved from.

These turtle are giants and quite capable of delivering a serious bite. You can easily lose a finger or arm in an encounter with these beasts but Roger dives into the turtle's domain and barehanded snatches it out. The turtle is too heavy to drag out of the water alone so Johnny hooks onto Roger and pulls the pair to shore.

Stay tuned

And for heaven's sake bookmark this page.

If you happen to miss an episode I'll have all the highlights of that episode coming up soon.

You can leave your comments right here.

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    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 

      4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      I've never seen this before but it sure looks exciting.

    • Coreena Jolene profile image

      Coreena Jolene 

      4 years ago

      I've only watch an episode or 2 of the Swamp People (I haven't seen any of season 5 yet though). I'd definitely watch more of it if we had that channel with our cable package, be sadly we do not. I would love to watch more in the future.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      @Brite-Ideas: I have been watching it since the first season and it really drew me in. Because this reality show deals so closely with the families involved they become very close to you. You want to see them all do well out there.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

      4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Lorelei, we watch this show as well - usually my jaw is on the floor and sometimes I'm peeking through my fingers too - these show just draw you in :)


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