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Swing Dance Classes in Liverpool

Updated on October 10, 2016

Are you looking for a dance class in Liverpool that is fun and sociable? Join us at Mersey Swing. It's the latest swingtastic addition to the Liverpool dance scene.

There are many wonderful reasons to give swing dancing a try for the first time. Once you start you will fall in love with it. You'll find many more reasons to keep on going because you'll naturally want to get better and better at it.

source: Mersey Swing
source: Mersey Swing

drop-in classes that are fun and friendly

Dancers of all ages are welcome. Swing dance is popular amongst students, vintage addicts, burlesque lovers, anyone from grumpy old men to enthusiastic young ladies. It's not stiff and formal like ballroom dancing nor overtly sexy and seductive like salsa. You're allowed to make mistakes...hell, that's exactly how new variations of the dance steps are formed.

photo by David Bailey -  buy this print at
photo by David Bailey - buy this print at

Why go to swing dance classes?

You don’t need to bring a partner.

Although this is a partner dance, you don’t need to bring a partner if you can’t find one. Just come along. Many people show up alone and others bring friends for company. We always rotate partners frequently throughout the class. This is great because it gives you the best experience of swing dancing with various different dance partners. You will need this experience later when you try the very addictive social swing dancing.

You don’t need any sort of dance experience.

This is a social dance, made popular by ordinary people throughout the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. The style is very informal: no ballet, ballroom or salsa experience necessary. It is a partner dance that's just as popular with men as it is with women (at last!). Ladies, you know how hard it is to get a man to dance. Swing dancing can make every man look instantly cool and laid back. If you've watched Strictly Come Dancing in recent years, you'll see that it is the most popular and fun dance of the series, very popular with the male and female celebrities and the audience.

It's very sociable.

If you're new to Liverpool or Merseyside, it's a natural way to meet people in your area with little effort and cost. Just show up and you will very quickly get to know your fellow classmates. It’s a great way to get out and about as we visit local gigs and bars that play great music to dance to. You are learning something new without having to sit down and study books. Then you can impress your friends and family with your new moves. Depending on the music and your mood, swing can be cool and laid-back or high energy silliness, it's entirely up to you and your dancing feet.

photo by Gjon Mili - buy the print at
photo by Gjon Mili - buy the print at

Why is swing dancing addictive?

Anyone who has been swing dancing for a while will tell you that it's addictive and you just want to get better and better at it. Why is it addictive?

Forget your troubles, get happy.

Whether you are sitting in front of a computer all day long, studying, on your feet all day or worrying about money, love, career or taxes, swing dancing takes your mind off it for an hour or two. Learning to dance gives your body a break from the routine. Loosen up your mind and body and shake off life's worries. It's the reason swing dancing remained popular throughout the Great Depression of the 1930s and the austerity of the war years in the 1940s. It's a great way to blast away your blues. That's why it's still so popular around the world today. It is impossible to multi-task when you are dancing, you are truly in the moment and your mind will not wander. You will find yourself smiling even if you've had a tough day.

A workout for the mind and body.

It's the gym for stylish laid-back loafers. This is a great way of keeping fit without the treadmill routine of the gym. It's a great workout for mind and body. If you are sick of the gym, or plodding the streets in scratchy joggers, come dancing. Even your lips get a work out as you'll be grinning your way through the classes. Once you have your first few classes under your belt, the dancing becomes addictive. It will be so easy to motivate yourself to get out there and add to the latest moves you have learnt.

You will make lots of new friends

Whether you come along to classes on your own or with pals, you will make lots of new friends. You will meet people from all walks of life. The wonderful thing you will have in common is that you love to swing dance and you live in the North West of England.

Mersey Swing

Mersey Swing workshop
Mersey Swing workshop

Swing dance in Liverpool

So, what can you expect from the weekly drop-in classes in Liverpool?

You can bet that you will laugh out loud every ten minutes at least.

You will ease yourself comfortably into the basic footwork of swing with moves in Charleston and Lindy Hop.

You will come away knowing at least one cool new move and there will be a chance to socialise afterwards and practice new steps at a nearby cafe or bar.

You will find out all about upcoming events within the swing dance community locally and around the world. You will meet a friendly bunch of people happy to welcome you into the Mersey Swing family.

New dancers join every week and usually come back for more. If you are completely new to swing, or dancing, come for a few lessons at least to get to know the basics. Once you have got the basic footwork down there is so much more you can learn about the dance.

Visit the Mersey Swing website here for information and enquiries.

If you've never heard of swing dancing...

...where have you been hiding? Check out these videos. It's a taste of what you could be capable of if you stick to the swing dance lessons.


Watch Mersey Swing's Cat and Alex in action

Lindy Hop

Vintage Swing Dance prints

You can search and buy the vintage photos featured in this hub through this affiliate link at here.


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