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Updated on April 30, 2013

Women and Swords in Manga, Anime, and Videogame

Sword is one of the most deadly weapon used in battle and combat, especially during ancient period. Every country in the world has their own legend about a warrior with swords who protects people from the bad guy. In this article, we will see the contribution of those female swordsmen, or swordswomen and learn more about their profile. Indeed, the beauty of those women and their deadly weapon is truly unusual and interesting combination.

List of Women Warriors in History

Read the complete lists of woman warrior in history and you will be surprised to know that there are more than hundreds swordswomen in the world.

Top 10 Swordswomen/ Swordsmen in the World

This is discussion forum of the best female and male character with sword in manga/ anime

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Female Swordswomen Cosplay

In this article, we would like to discuss about various characters of female warriors. To be exact, female warriors who use swords, blades, or katana as their main weapon. Indeed, most of the character are taken from Japanese manga or video game, as there are so many interesting female samurai characters from this country. Just a name some examples as Kasumi from Dead or Alive, Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters, or Nariko from Heavenly Sword.

However, there are also some swordswomen character taken from Western culture such as Red Sonja, Blood Elves, Elektra, or Xena The Warrior Princess. In American and Western culture, usually these warriors use one handed sword that is supported with peripheral equipment such as shield, boomerang, or whip.

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Taki is a female ninja from Soul Calibur. Along with Ivy, she is my favorite character in the game. Most of the time, Taki uses "Dual Kodachi", two short swords as her main weapon. With kodachi and her great speed and agility, she is almost unbeatable in the game. She is wonderful fighter, as well as beautiful game character. As a fighter, probably Taki is not as tough as Ivy Valentine or other fighter from Soul Calibur, but she has vulnerable charms and special place among the Swordswomen lovers.

What is the best feature from Taki cosplay? I would answer that she is mainly attractive with her red blood outfit. Her dual kodachi is also different center of attraction as I could she that the weapon is very provocative. Considering her hairstyles, Taki surely is one of the most beautiful female video game character ever created.

Image Source :

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Let's try to find a swordswomen outside video games world. This one is my favorite character named "Cattleya". She is a fighter from visual combat books titled "Queen's Blade". At glance, Cattleya looks incompetent to be a fighter, but later if you read the story, you will know that Cattleya is very good with her swords. Take a look at those Cattleya photos below, and you will see her with enormous giant swords called as "Giant Slayer". Looks cool, eh?

In my personal opinion, Cattleya is very good example of character. As a swordswoman, she is able to combine her fighting skill along with beauty and cuteness. Probably, her enemies would be easily distracted by her physical attractions instead of paying full attention to fight her in the battlefield. Overall, very nice character!

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Kasumi is my most favorite character in "Dead or Alive" series. As a ninja, she is also equipped with Dual Kodachi, two small swords that is very sharp and agile for ninja stealth mission. Besides very good in using swords, Kasumi is also known for her great ability in martial arts as well as playing volleyball.

Alrght, many online polling show that Kasumi is the most popular as well as lovable character from Dead or Alive. Probably shes is not too strong, but she surely has agility to silently kill her enemies. Without waiting for a long time, Kasumi is later featured in the Dead or Alive movie version, played by famous Japanese descent actress, Devon Aoki.

Image Source: by Arisa Mizuhara

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Blood Elves

Blood Elves is a legendary race from the world of Warcraft. Although most of the elves use spell casting and magic ability, Blood Elves prefer to fight directly face to face with their melee skill and high level agility. By combining those physical power, swords, and magic spell, Blood Elves become one of the strongest races ever in the world.

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Image Source :

Ivy Valentine

Ivy Valentine is a game character from "Soul Calibur" series. Her weapon is as deadly as her hot appearance. It consists of several sharp swords linked together to form a "chain swords", a kind of weapon with longest range in Soul Calibur. There are many other interesting features in Ivy's sword, but most important, she is not only a mere swordswomen, but also a deadly killer.

Image Source :
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Lenneth Valkyrie

Lenneth Valkyrie is a legendary warrior from Viking's myth. She is the soldier of Odin, the God of Valhalla, the highest commander of the Gods. As a Valkyrie, Lenneth has main duty to collect the soul of dead soldiers, train them to be a great warriors, and take the to the battlefield of God. Lenneth is featured as main character in "Valkyrie Profile" series.

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Nariko probably is a female character with the biggest sword ever. Her swords is called as "Heavenly Swords", and it looks very heavy and difficult to use. Despite Nariko's ability to use the sword very well, people still think how much power should we have to make a good swing with those kind of giant swords. However, it is not a big problem for Nariko.

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Maya Natsume

Maya Natsume is one of the example of female samurai. Samurai is a name for Japanese swordsman who fights with very sharp, thin, and long swords. Maya Natsume is described as a charming character with wonderful swords skill and techniques, such as "Natsume Goushin-Ryƫ Kongou Hasshiki: Taizan Hougou" which is very deadly as well as very difficult techniques to learn. Find more wonderful cosplay of Maya Natsume on the thumbnails below.

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    • wolvyz profile image


      6 years ago

      I wished that the female sword cosplay pictures would load.

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      7 years ago

      Girls with swords are among the greatest things on Earth.

    • Milkcananime profile image

      Max Wong 

      7 years ago from Singapore

      Excellent Anime Lens. Twittered! :)

    • yourselfempowered profile image

      Odille Rault 

      7 years ago from Gloucester

      Great lens! Interesting topic, and love the costumes! :)

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      7 years ago


    • NoobWriter LM profile image

      NoobWriter LM 

      7 years ago

      good collection of hot girls....

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      7 years ago

      Very good lens.

    • AceofHearts profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Lens Post. I hope it catches on. I found it enjoyable.


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