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Carl White Joins Eastenders

Updated on October 4, 2015
Carl White played by Daniel Coonan
Carl White played by Daniel Coonan
Kirsty has been receiving threatening calls
Kirsty has been receiving threatening calls
Max gets into a fight with Carls brother Adam
Max gets into a fight with Carls brother Adam
The branning brothers warn Adam and Carl to leave Kirsty alone
The branning brothers warn Adam and Carl to leave Kirsty alone

Max and Jack Get into a fight

Kirsty Branning has got her self in a right state this month when Max questions her about their 12 week scan coming up. Kirsty who has been lying about her pregnancy, tells Max that she has already had her 12 week scan. When he asks her for a picture, a quick thinking Kirsty tells Max that she didn't bother buying any as the pictures didn't really show anything.

Upset that he missed out, Max surprises Kirsty by booking a 3d scan at a private clinic. A panicked Kirsty knows that her lie is spiralling out of control and prays that she is already pregnant for real. However when she takes yet another pregnancy test, Kirsty discovers that she is still not pregnant and it looks like her game is up.

Its not just the pregnancy lies that Kirsty has had to worry about this month. She has also been receiving a lot of mystery calls, which turn out to be from Adam, the brother of her ex boyfriend.

As Kirsty prepares to tell Max the truth about her fake pregnancy, she receives a voicemail from Adam. In the voicemail Adam tells Kirsty that her ex boyfriend Carl is being released from prison and wants to see her.

Kirsty is worried about Carl's release and plays the voice message to Max, who assures her that he will protect her from any harm, this makes Kirsty worry more as she knows what her ex is capable of.

Max tries calling Adam several times, but when he gets no response he goes to Jack for advice. Max and Jack hatch a plan to warn off Kristy's ex, and soon head off to pay Adam a visit. Max confronts Adam and tells him that Kirsty doesn't want to see Carl, and for them to leave her alone. Adam doesn't take the warning very well, and responds by punching Max in the stomach.

However Jack who has been watching on, wades in and floors the unsuspecting Adam. Thinking they have made their point, both Max and Jack return to the square and tell Kirsty that she wont be hearing from them again. Kirsty knows that Carl wont take this lying down, and worries about the repercussions.

Carl White (played by Daniel Coonan) will arrive in the square in the next few weeks, after spending the last few years in jail. While in jail he became good mates with none other that Derek Branning after the pair shared a cell. (small world huh!!)

Carl arrives in Walford looking for some money he believes belongs to him. Could it be the money Ian has stolen? Carl also makes no secret in wanting Kirsty back but will she be swayed by her bad boy ex?

David Priors

Daniel Coonan As David Priors

Interestingly Daniel Coonan has already stared in Eastenders back in 2011, when he played the role of David Priors.

David Priors met Whitney and Janine in R&R and ended up spending the night with Whitney believing her to be a prostitute, paying Janine fifty pound. The next night an insulted Whitney meets up with him again and steals his wallet, an angry David turns up at the girls flat demanding his wallet back, but is sent packing by Janine who threatens to tell his wife.

Will Kirsty Get Back With Her Bad Boy Ex?

See results
Ava is shocked when Sam arrives
Ava is shocked when Sam arrives
She lies to Dexter about Sam's identity
She lies to Dexter about Sam's identity
and Dexter takes an instant liking to him
and Dexter takes an instant liking to him
Later Dexter is angry to discover Sam's his Dad
Later Dexter is angry to discover Sam's his Dad
but Sam wants to stick around and gets a job working for Ian
but Sam wants to stick around and gets a job working for Ian

Dexter's Dad Arrives in Walford

While Ava is preparing for her date with Billy Mitchel this week, she hears a knock at the door. Expecting it to be Billy she nervously answers it, and is shocked to see Sam standing there. Sam (played by newcomer Cornell S John) is Ava's ex but more importantly he is Dexter's estranged Father.

Ava cant quite believe that Sam is actually stood on her doorstep, and asks him to leave while Dexter is home. After Dexter has gone out, Ava speaks to Sam, who tells her his own Father has just passed away and made him realise that he wants to get to know Dexter before its too late.

Knowing how Dexter feels about Sam after walking out on him, Ava tells him to leave, but before he does, Dexter returns home.

Feeling caught of guard, Ava lies to Dexter and tells him that Sam is an old friend. Sam goes along with Ava's lies and introduces himself as old friend Jacob. Dexter takes an immediate liking to 'Jacob' and the two begin chatting. Later when away from Dexter, Ava warns Sam to stay away from them both.

However Sam has missed out on enough of his Sons life and is keen to stick around, so he books himself in to the B&B. The next morning Kim who has already set her sights on the new comer, takes Sam to the Café for breakfast where they bump into Dexter.

Dexter really liked Sam and is keen to get his Mum away from Billy Mitchell, so decides to do a bit of match making. He asks Sam to meet him for a drink that afternoon, then later asks his Mum to meet him for a drink as well.

Later when Ava arrives at the Vic she is annoyed to see Dexter sat chatting with Sam. Dexter doesn't understand why his Mum is being so off with him, but when they start arguing and Ava accidentally calls Sam by his real name, it all becomes clear. Dexter is hurt and angry that his Mum lied about who Sam really is, and storms out of the pub.

Later, Sam who is a builder by trade gets a job working for Ian Beale, but when Dexter and Ava find out that he is sticking around they are less than pleased. While Sam will be doing anything he can to talk to his son, Ava will be trying her hardest to drive Sam out of the square. But is it because he walked out on Dexter, or more because he walked out on her?

David Wicks & Carol Jackson
David Wicks & Carol Jackson

Is David Wicks Returning to Eastenders?

There has been talk of David Wicks returning to Eastenders in September. We last saw David return to say goodbye to his dying Mum Pat. On his return he rekindled his love with Carol Jackson, mother of his eldest child Bianca.

However things were never going to run smoothly for David and Carol while bully boy brother Derek Branning was on the scene, and so David left back to Australia. David did write to Carol asking her to join him, but Derek hid the letter from her. Carol eventually received the letter on the day of Derek's funeral by which time was too late.

Carol has recently struck up a bit of a thing with neighbour Massood, however we all know her heart has always lied with David Wicks, and with Derek now well and truly out of the picture, will David return for Carol?


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