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America's got talent

Updated on May 6, 2012

Expect the unexpected. Monday May 14th, 2012. Season 7. 8/7 central. The world's BIGGEST talent show returns. This year brings some changes, like a new judge. It doesn't matter if you watch for the dancer, singers, magicians, side-show acts, or any of the other many versions of talent they have, you won't want to miss the premiere of this season.

Formerly Howie, Sharon, and Piers, on this season Piers is out and Howard Stern is in as the new judge. Now love him or hate him we are going to miss Piers. This makes me wonder is Howard going to step up in the role of Piers and not be afraid to press his buzzer or is he going to need some time to get the hang of the judging as Howie. Tell me your opinion of Piers and what you think of him or what you think Howard will be like in his role of judging.

Now predictions for this year. As we look back over all seasons there has not been a year in which a singer has not won (I include Terry Fator in this as singing was part of his talent set) So my prediction is a singer will win this year. For who I'd want to win I'd like a magician to win yet I'm biased in saying that. I can't predict who exactly will win yet as we don't know any or all of the contestants yet, but keep an eye out for some picks in the future.

Back and bigger than ever agt will return, expect a break durring the summer for the olympic games as in season 3. Who will win leave any comments about that or our new or leaving judge below. Lastly of course be sure to tune in.

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