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Tangled: Based on Fairy Tale Rapunzel

Updated on May 9, 2017

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My Simple Review

One of my favorites Disney Movie that I will share now is based on a German Fairy Tale "Rapunzel", titled Tangled. When I've learned this movie last two years ago, I immidiately bought a DVD copy to watch it. And as usual Disney again convey another funny and amazing story of a long haired princess named Rapunzel. The story started when a magical golden flower (filled with strong healing properties), from the sun, was discovered by an enchantress named Gothel, she was determined to hide its healing power to achieve eternal life. To use its magic, Gothel use a special song to use its healing power to keep her young for the fast centuries. However, after many years, there was a Queen from nearby kingdom who have been deathly sick during her pregnancy, her husband the King will absolutely do anything to cure his wife. And when he learned about the mystical flower, the King seek for the said legendary plant to bring cure fo his wife.

While despite the effort of Gothel on hiding the flower, it was found by the soldier of the palace and brought back to the Kingdom. The plant was boiled and given as medicine to the Queen, that actually healed her successfully. Then after her birth to a healthy baby girls and that was Rapunzel, the Queen and King was not even aware that their baby possesses a healing power on her long golden hair due to the said flower. Then behind on what had happened, Gothel breaks into the palace to regain her immortality, so she cuts the hair of Rapunzel but unfotunately when the hair was cut the power also wears off. That is why Gothel decided to take the baby and brought Rapunzel to a very secluded tower that only Gothel knows. She raised Rapunzel there as her own child, and taught her that outside world was a scary place that she must not go outside to remain safe and alive.

From here a more funny phase of story will be presented that you will surely enjoy. On ths part you will see the other funny Characters like Maximus the funny horse and Pascal the chameleon pet of Rapunzel and a lot more. So what I recommend is to discover it yourself by trying to watch the said movie then discover how enchanting it really was. So again happy viewing! Until next time.

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