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Updated on March 13, 2011

Gossip could be either true or false statements and stories spread around by one person or a group of people. I feel that gossip is an acquired practice. I have found that a person starts gossiping as early as four years old or five years old. You remember when you called it("telling it") a form of telling on each other. Your mother or father would be in the kitchen fixing dinner or writing up checks for bills in the study, you just happen to come along to share some good news. The good news always seem to be something you were not suppose to discuss, and you always added comments here and there.

As you reach middle school, you learn more about the art of gossiping. Most of the time, you use pen, pencil and paper to spread various statements and stories. For example, you tell your best friend about how Tom likes to chew paper into spitballs, Mary likes John or even who you think is the teacher's pet. Most of the gossip at this age can be harmless and sometimes it is not. It does not matter how much your parents tell you it is impolite to talk about people in public, you cannot help gossiping. Nine out ten your parents or closest relative does it in there own home. You learn to curtail the practice when you are caught in the gossip yourself or the person or people you have gossip about catches you.

Now you are in high school, this when you learn the effects of gossiping. You find young ladies as well as young men who are considered the in-crowd or bad-crowd, and how those teenagers who are not part of the clique are treated. Most of the time whether it is the in-crowd or bad-crowd will harassed the other studentsby spreading true and false statements and stories. This kind of gossip has become very technical, in the year 2010, the students have a tendency to place their comments on the internet by way of telephone or computer.

Grownups are very similar.  Grownups tend to gossip at work and play.  The typical playground for most adults is at family reunions, nightclubs, and around the break-rooms at work.  Gossip at family reunions includes the battle like "the Hatfields and McCoys" family.  Gossip at the nightclub definitely involves someone's husband or boyfriend and vice-versa.  And gossip in the break-rooms at work can be about someone's boss and another employee or two employees from different classes, and some type of fraud or wrong doing in the company.

Some of my friends feel that gossip can be an inherited trait or acquired trait. I disagree with them, I feel it is an acquired trait. If you are expose to people who constantly spread statements and stories around, you will eventually do the same.




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    • Sarah Masson profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Gossip is a bad thing but it's true, everyone has done it.

    Is gossiping inherited trait or is it an acquired habit?

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