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The 10 Most Annoying Songs Ever

Updated on February 2, 2014

What makes the most annoying songs ever?

You know those songs that somehow get so popular, but no-one seems to actually like them? The ones that nearly make you vomit because it's so bad; that make you feel like you want to smash the radio, Ipod or device this rubbish has invaded or even enters your mind and you can't get rid of it because it's so 'catchy' and you can't stop singing it even though you would prefer to die? Those are the songs that are on this list. You will have a chance to disagree with my choices, for after all 'Barbie Girl' may be your's and your spouses 'special song', but these are my choices so I hope you hate them as much as I do.

I pine for the time where Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Beatles dominated the airwaves and say "What the hell happened to music with soul? Did I miss a meeting where we made a conscious decision to produce awful songs, just to make us appreciate the classics even more?"

I want to say 'I hope you enjoy this lens', but if you do, it might be because these are on your greatest hits list, so in truth I hope you love the writing, but hate the music. Endure!

Barbie Girl - Aqua

My goodness, what the hell were we thinking? A song about Barbie and the world went crazy for it?

Released in 1997 by the Danish-Norwegian dance group Aqua, this song is so catchy I can actually here this in my head as I type! Please get this song out of here? Who, in their right mind, would write a song about a toy doll?

It has featured in several 'worst song ever lists' including in Rolling Stones magazine and Blender!

It reached number 1 in the chars in 17 countries including The United Kingdom, which gave birth to The Beatles! Someone help us!

Baby - Justin Bieber

This is the perfect product of something called Bieber-fever - a droll song from a now man-child that was written when he was too young to know anything about relationships!

People lapped this song up like a cat laps milk and it seemed to be played in every club and bar that I walked into. The song went on to break records and top charts which is similar to the way Bieber went on to break the hearts of fans and laws of America. I prefer the second option I have put on the songs which includes a goat.

The better one

The Original

Friday - Rebecca Black

This song makes me want to 'do a Van Gogh' and mutilate my ears so that I have a chance of avoiding hearing this stinking pile of trash. Awful lyrics, awful song, awful music, in fact it's just plain awful.

Who let the Dogs Out? - Baha Men

Who let this song out? more like. Ridiculous song, just plain terrible. It was annoying when it came out and it still lasts, ringing in my ears like tinnitus.

The only good thing I can draw from this song is it seems that the Baha Men were a one hit wonder.

Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Don't call her, hope she goes away. This song seemed to slip under the radar on most peoples annoying lists, but not mine. It's bile and repetitive, the same rubbish lyrics over and over and over again.

This is painful, so painful, but how can people criticise 'Friday' and not this? It's awful!

Blobby Song - Mr Blobby

Mr Blobby was a phenomenon in The UK. Children and adults alike thought he was hilarious. They even went as far as to open up several theme parks at the height of his success! Then he crashed and burnt, but before all that he even managed to release a song.

The epic beginning just sets the tone for what is a true piece of musical rubbish.

I love You - Barney

He doesn't love you, he hates you. He wants you to kill yourself slowly after listening to this song. This sort of music preceded the Bieber generation. Hold it down, I see a link!

Hey Mickey - Toni Basil

What more can you say! It's a pile of crap, a stinking turd on the music of life yet still to this day it gets played in clubs as a jokey end of the night song...


Never Gonna Give you Up - Rick Astley

I wish Rick Astley had given up, never made this song and worked on a market. Bill Hicks was right with his condemnation of Astley, but now Bill is dead and Astley seems to be making a comeback, especially due to the Rick-Rolla phenomenon!

This is karma in action

Macarena - Los del Rio

Destroyed so many parties due to the fact overweight middle-aged people think it's a dance call.

I hate it! Honestly, it should be on the FBI's most wanted list for crimes against our ears!

So do you agree with my choices?

Feel free to defend some of these songs on here, you're wrong, but you can try :) hahah

Seriously though, maybe some on here float your boat

Yes, Spot on

Yes, Spot on

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    • anonymous 3 years ago

      good list although I like Call me maybe! I would add "Effeil 65- Blue" and "Axel F -Crazy Frog"


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        • profile image

          dwelburn 3 years ago

          I don't know all these songs; but the ones I do I agree with you. There's lots more from the 70's and 80's that I would be a lot more familiar with.

        • RoyWoodhouse LM profile image

          RoyWoodhouse LM 3 years ago

          hahaha it's really strange your should say that, cause the moment I pressed publish I suddenly thought of about 50 more songs I could have stuck on this list... I think I might have to make a top 100 haha

        • profile image

          dwelburn 3 years ago

          @RoyWoodhouse LM: Ha; a top 100 would make quite a lens :)

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