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The 5 Most Stylish Headphones that Sound Amazing

Updated on May 7, 2012

The 5 Most Stylish Over Ear Headphones that Look AND Sound Amazing

For those of us who feel that listening to music is not merely a routine task, but rather an expression of ourselves meant to be experienced to its fullest, headphone choice represents an extension of our personality and is taken seriously.

From consumer to audiophile, for urbanites, commuters, travelers, and nerds - the way we listen to music is integrated into life.

This article provides an overview of the top 5 over ear headphones that not only look great, but also provide impeccable sound.

We'll take a closer look the V-Moda Crossfades, The Fanny Wang 3003s, Beats by Dr. Dre Studio, Grado RS1i, and the Ultrasone Edition 10 headphones.

V-Moda Crossfade LP

The V-Moda Crossfade headphones are a great budget headphone that still represents a huge step up in audio quality over traditional ear buds and inexpensive over ear models.

The Look

The hexagonal ear cup paired with a variety of colors is what makes these headphones really standout. The material is sturdy and the kevlar coated cable is built to last. Comfort over long periods of use is not an issue as the lightweight and foam ear pads have you covered.

The Sound

If you're making the jump from earbuds or low quality headphones, prepare for a new sound experience. The V-Modas have superb sound isolation due to the closed back design, solid low-end, and smooth highs.

Notable Features

A remote / microphone embedded in the kevlar coated cable. Oh, did I mention the cable is 69-inches!

Who Should Get 'Em?

-DJs and other fashion forward music fanatics

-Those looking to upgrade their sound at an affordable price

-Those who are on the move quite alot and need a rugged headphone

-Those who listen to headphones over long periods of time who value comfort

Fanny Wang 3003

The Fanny Wang Headphone Co. is the new kid on the block but definetly bring exciting new ideas to the world of headphones with their power packing sound and feature rich enhancements.

The Look

Fanny Wang has different models of headphones which all look great and come in a variety of colors. They are the only company I know of that allows you to completely customize your headphones. This feature alone is huge! I jus love innovative companies :)

The Sound

What would a good looking set of headphones be without good sound? The Fanny Wangs are designed for great sound and reveal of new level of detail in the audio. The Fanny Wangs are capable of massive bass, but the best part is the bass boost is switchable so for music that is less suited for a large low-end, the Wangs won't sound overly boomy. The headphones also feature onboard mics to provide superb noise-canceling which removes up to 95% of background noise.

Notable Features

-Apple remote and mic cable (ability to answer your phone using the headphones).

-Noise Canceling Technology

-Switchable Bass Boost

-Customizable Colors

-The Duo Jack to allow friends to plug into your music stream directly on your headphones with no loss in quality.

Who Should Get 'Em?

-Fanny Wangs are well suited for listeners of Hip Hop and Electronic Music with their fat bass and powerful drivers. They'll sound great on other types of music as well.

-Those looking to define their own style with custom colors. Careful - you'll be asked "what kind of headphones are those" quite often!

-The Commuter who is wanting to isolate the noise from the outside and enjoy their music while looking great.

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio from Monster

The Look

Beats by Dre are possibly the most recognized set of over headphones on the market. Their original sleek style featuring a variety of exotic colors shows the world that you take your music and your style seriously.

The Sound

Beats have one of the best low-ends around. Though possibly over exaggerated for some genres, they provide the perfect hip-hop and RnB bass that most headphones don't come close to. They're comfortable to listen to music to for hours and provide great isolation.

Notable Features

-The infamous Monster Cable Quality.

-Integrated iSoniTalk cable to allow for phone communication.

-Mute button onboard for quick muting

Who Should Get 'Em?

-Fans of Hip-Hop, RnB, and Electronic Dance

-Those making a fashion / status statement with their headphone choice

Consumer Vs. Studio Reference Headphones

It should be noted that the three headphones above fall under the consumer / prosumer category. This means the headphones are built to enhance the music in a certain way such as boosting the bass or smoothing over the highs. Consumer headphones are great for most listeners and provide an excellent way to listen to music and have added features as noted in the descriptions above.

Studio Reference headphones are more neutral and aim to have a flat frequency response to best represent the music how it was recorded. This lack of color is highly regarded by many audiophiles. The research and materials put into the products are often of a higher grade and the headphones sound their best when paired with the appropriate headphone amplifier.

Grado RS1i Reference

The Grado name is infamous for its classic looking headphones and supreme audiophile quality sound reproduction. The RS1i provides the listener with a sublime audio experience and a distinguished look.

The Look

A fine leather headband and beautiful Mahogany ear pieces make this headphone stand out. The vintage look represents earthiness and natural connection to the music.

The Sound

The Grados faithfully reproduce the music in an uncolored fashion. As these are open-back headphones, there will be some noise leakage, but the sound is worth it. The unbiased tone of the recordings is revealed upon listening and these headphones truly make listening a pleasure.

Who Should Get 'Em?

-Those making the jump into the audiophile arena.

-Listeners who enjoy closing their eyes for a moment and experiencing music.

-Those looking for a classic vintage look radiating sophistication.

-Vinyl Collectors

Ultrasone Edition 10

The Ultrasone Edition 10 headphones represent the ultimate luxurious musical experience. Each set is handcrafted and meticulously tuned to accurately playback music as it was meant to be heard. These headphones come with a high price tag, but the cost may be worth the reward if you demand the best.

The Look

Luxurious sound combined with luxurious looks. The semi-open back headphones come with a fine leather headband, Zebrano wood ear pieces, Ethiopian sheep leather ear pads, and ruthenium coated finish. The warm tones matched with exquisite materials are the epitome of headphone design.

The Sound

Listening to the Ultrasone's could be compared to viewing an HD TV for the first time. It takes listening to music to a transcendental level revealing all of the subtitles and nuances found in a recording. The stereo imaging and depth are simply devine. The tone is natural, balanced, and unaltered. In one word - fantastic.

Who Should Get 'Em?

-Those who can afford the luxury of experiencing music on a level few have the pleasure of hearing.

-Audiophiles with access to great headphone amplifiers and full resolution audio.

Reviews or Comments? - Share your experience with heapdhones.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Headphones nowadays are accessories! They all look cool!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      good collection...thanks

    • JaredMDwyer profile image


      6 years ago

      Sold someone earlier. He had Fanny wangs. Sick looking headphones!!!


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