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the age of the 15 minute fool

Updated on April 13, 2010


If ever a prophesy came true it was Warhol’s much quoted one about the people of the future all jostling for their 15 minutes of fame. Anyone who trawls through the endless cable and satellite channels broadcasting reality TV shows and  YouTube of an evening can see that.


In amidst some genuinely great pieces of reportage, creative flourishes ,serendipitous life moments of heart and humour and some comic imaginings, you tube is home to  swathes of nobodies making lo-fi home videos of themselves in their bedrooms in front of the camera daily spouting their opinions on everything from the premature death of a celebrity or the state of the economy or what they thought about what somebody thought about some video on you tube that somebody made saying what they thought about that performance of such and such at some awards ceremony.

Why do we need to know this?

Everyone has an opinion but it doesn’t necessarily equate that we need to broadcast that opinion on every minutiae of life.

Every one has an opinion but some opinions are better informed than others.

Before you tube, there was an age when opinions were asked of pre-eminent experts or elders. Now, everyone wants to spew their opinions whether they were asked or not.


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