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The amazing original Dracula movie

Updated on January 16, 2013

Original Dracula movie will scare your pants off.

Dear reader. Nothing sends chills down my spine more intensely than the original Dracula movie titled Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror.

It is not only the original Dracula movie, but also a silent movie made in black and white. Both those features, maybe unavoidable at the time of the films making only add to the suspense and horror.

This is the best horror movie ever made in my opinion. Not a high budget film, but expertly made, it makes me afraid to walk outside in the dark when just thinking about the count Orlok (the original Dracula).

Come into the blog if you dare!

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Let us move on to the original Dracula blog. - Lets get some info!

Meet count Orlok, the vampire from the original Dracula movie. Did he make your heart racing? If so get your original Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror below to see the horror of the movie. Be careful though. Watching this movie alone will be the greatest and scariest experience of your life. You will be scared of the dark years to come at the sheer thought of count Orlok!

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The story behing Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

The plot, the plot!

A young real estate merchant is sent into the Carpathian mountains to help broker a deal. He entrusts his wife to his friend and takes the journey.

On the road he is warned about the dangers of warewolves and after crossig the bridge before the count Orlocks estate the driver does not wish to continue. When the young merchant crosses the bridge alone, a black carriage picks him up and takes him to the castle.

There he dines for the first time with the count and notices his lust for blood after he cuts his finger. Strangely or greedily he stays, not fearing for his safety.

At some point the count notices a picture of the young merchants wife. He buys a house next to the merchants own home.

The young merchant starts to suspect that count Orlok is actually a vampire. First he noticed some bite marks, but thought they were mosquito bites. Later, when he hides count Orlock comes for him during the night. He wakes up and discovers that the count sleeps in a coffine and soon enough he notices he is preparing to leave. He is injured by falling and is unable to return speedily.

After a while a ship is found empty of all souls docked at the port of the town where the merchant lives.

Soon people in the town start dying. They blame the plague, it must have come from the ship! But it is no plague.

CAUTION: Spoiler warning. Use your mouse and click and drag over the block of black to reveal the spoiler. See the spoiler if really curious or have watched the original Dracula movie already.

The merchants wife reads about vampires and learns it can be stopped by distraction of a pure hearted woman till the rising of the sun. She accomplishes the task but is drained of life. She greets her husband and perishes.

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About the Dracula movie

How was the original Dracula movie made and how was the reception?

Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (in german called Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens) was released on the 4. March of 1922. It is considered the first horror movie, a top 100 movie of all time and also no doubt is an amazing piece of art.

Interesting fact: the original Dracula movie was later deemed a plagiat of the Bram Stoker's novel titled Dracula.

Where was the original Dracula movie filmed?

The movie was filmed in the Weimar republic (now Germany). The precise locations were:

- Wismar

- Lübeck

- Lauenburg

- Rostock

- Sylt

Some shots were also made in Slovakia (a beautiful country).

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A poll on the original Dracula movie - Do you think this is the best vampire movie ever made?

Did you enjoy the movie. Is it as good as i and many enthusiasts say?

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