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The Andy Griffith Show a TV Classic - Season 1

Updated on October 5, 2011

The Andy Griffith Show Season 1 Episode Guide

My favorite TV show of all time past and present, is the Andy Griffith Show. The Andy Griffith Show made its debut on CBS on October 3, 1960 and ran for 8 seasons with the final episode airing April 1, 1968. There were a total of 249 episodes, 159 of which were in black and white and 90 episodes in color. The show is set in the sleepy little town of Mayberry, North Carolina, a fictional town really patterned after Andy Griffith's boyhood home of Mt. Airy North Carolina. Andy Griffith plays the part of Andy Taylor, a widower and sheriff in Mayberry. Ron Howard, now known for his directing and his part in Happy Days as Richie Cunningham, played Andy's son Opie Taylor. Aunt Bee was played by Frances Bavier. Aunt Bee was Andy's Aunt and housekeeper. Don Knotts rounded off the main cast as the Deputy always with good intentions but unfortunately always getting into trouble. The Andy Griffith Show was a spin-off from the Danny Thomas Show with Andy Taylor not only as sheriff but also as the justice of the peace and the newspaper editor. Andy pulled Danny Thomas over for speeding and then stepped in as Justice of the Peace. When Danny Thomas threatened to call the newspaper Andy put on his editor's hat to take the story. From this episode, the Andy Griffith Show was born. The Andy Griffith Show was the first Television Show to go off the air in the number one spot. There also a couple of spin-offs from the Andy Griffith Show as well, Gomer Pyle USMC and Mayberry R.F.D. While both of the spin-offs were successful, neither enjoyed the success of the Andy Griffith Show. Since its departure from CBS the Andy Griffith Show has not been off the air in rerun syndication. No, they just don't make like this anymore.

Season 1

Episode order

Episodes below are listed in their production order, not their original broadcast order. Production order is the order most commonly used for The Andy Griffith Show because it is the order used by the show's syndicator, Paramount Pictures.

All episodes aired on Monday. Season 2 is listed in Broadcast order

Season 1 (1960-1961)

32 episodes

Episode 1: The New Housekeeper

Originally Aired on Oct 3, 1960

Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and his young son Opie (Ron Howard) are in need of a new housekeeper. Andy's Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) looks like the perfect candidate and moves in, but her presence causes friction with Opie.

  • The first line of The Andy Griffith Show: "Anybody here know why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."
  • This is the only episode in which Andy is shown owning a pickup truck.
  • Barney Fife (Don Knotts) is revealed to be Andy's Cousin.
  • Opie has a pet bird (Dickey); a pet dog (Gulliver); and a pet lizard (Oscar).
  • Since Frances Bavier's early years were spent on the Broadway stage, it is difficult to find images of the young Aunt Bee. A framed publicity photo of the ingenue Bavier can be seen hanging in the Taylor living room.

Episode 2: The Manhunt

Originally Aired on Oct 10, 1960

Andy and his bumbling deputy, Barney Fife> (Don Knotts), offer to help track down an escaped convict, but the Captain of the State Police scoffs at the small-town sheriff's help.

  • Andy wears a gun in this episode.
  • Otis Campbell (Hal Smith) makes his first appearance in this episode.
  • Andy and Barney's squad car is a Ford Galaxie.
  • Dirksen's mug shot number is 74582. His prison uniform number is 26043.
  • This is the only episode in which Barney's mother is shown. Her only line is "But Barney, I'm your mother!"
  • Emma Brand suffers from sciatica. The afflication causes pain in the back and hips.
  • Barney accidentally shoots off his gun in his holster for the first time in this episode.
  • The music that would soon become known as Barney's theme, "The Manhunt", is played as the state police arrive in Mayberry.

Episode 3: The Guitar Player

Originally Aired on Oct 17, 1960

A gifted guitar player who has self-doubts about his musical talent gets a chance at stardom - with a little push from Andy.

  • The guitar player is played by James Best, who later played Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • Jim Lindsey buys his guitar picks in Winston-Salem.
  • It is interesting to note that Jim Lindsey gets electric guitar sounds out of an acoustic guitar with no amplifier.
  • Andy makes a reference to Elvis Presley in this episode.
  • It is implied that Jim Lindsey is illiterate (when Jim and Andy are talking in the jail cell, Andy states that it would nice to have the "folding" kind of money, and having folks asking for autographs. It would be worth learning how to write just for that.)
  • A one-man band from Altoona, Pennsylvania is said to have passed through Mayberry.
  • Barney gets down to the sounds of Jim Lindsey and Bobby Fleet & His Band With A Beat.

Episode 4: Runaway Kid

Originally Aired on Nov 7, 1960

Andy teaches Opie about how important it is to keep a promise, only to have that lesson conflict with his need to help Opie's friend who ran away from home.

  • This is the last episode where any references are made about Andy and Barney being cousins.
  • Barney is said to own an automobile in this episode. This bit of information causes a discrepancy with the premise of the storyline in episode 90, "Barney's First Car".
  • The Mayberry Hotel was built in 1878.
  • George "Tex" Foley from nearby Eastmont is passing through Mayberry on his way to , where he plans to become a cowboy. Tex also considered running away to Wyoming.
  • Opie has a pet frog.
  • George Foley was born in August.

Episode 6: Ellie Comes to Town

Originally Aired on Oct 24, 1960

When Mayberry's local pharmacist falls ill, his niece Ellie Walker steps in as a temporary replacement - and creates turmoil with the town's resident hypochondriac.

  • This is the first appearance of Ellie Walker, played by Father Knows Best.
  • Andy states that he was in France during World War II. (He mentions this fact again in episode 8 - A Feud Is A Feud).
  • Ellie's degree in pharmacy is known as a Ph. G. Andy asks her if the initials stand for "Pharmacy Gal."
  • Ellie's diploma bears the (fictitious) name "Bernard University".
  • Fred Walker keeps the key to the drugstore above the front door.
  • Fred Walker has been giving Emma Brand sugar pills for 10¢.
  • Walker's Drugstore is located across the street from the courthouse.
  • Ellie and Opie make faces at each other in the drugstore window.

Episode 7: Irresistible Andy

Originally Aired on Oct 31, 1960

It's the annual church picnic, and when Andy invites Ellie to the event, he begins to suspect that she has marriage on her mind - so he hastily arranges for three of Mayberry's most eligible bachelors to lavish attention on her.

  • Andy tells Barney that his "salt and pepper" suit makes him look like the Adolphe Menjou of Mayberry. He hasn't worn it since Clarey Dorsett's funeral. He wears it for the first time in this episode.
  • The three eligible bachelors in Mayberry are Pete Johnson, Franklin Pomeroy and Charlie Beasley.
  • The last reported pickpocket case in Mayberry was Old Man Burnett against Old Lady Burnett.

Episode 5: Opie's Charity

Originally Aired on Nov 28, 1960

Andy is dismayed when Opie refuses to contribute money to the school charity drive - but there is a secret reason behind Opie's apparent "selfishness".

  • Don Knotts does not appear in this episode.
  • In this episode, the town of Mayberry is said to be located in Mayberry County. It is stated that there are 400 underprivileged children in the county, or 1.5 children per square mile. This would put the size of Mayberry County at 267 square miles (smaller than average in the United States).
  • Opie donates a measly 3¢ to the Underprivileged Children's Charity Drive. His classmate, Roy Pruitt, donated the second lowest amount of 5¢, but he can be forgiven because he is one of the underprivileged children.
  • The mayor of Mayberry was a man named Jenkins when Tom Silby "passed away" in Charlottesville.
  • Sam Peabody is a Mayberry alderman.
  • The inscription on Tom Silby's grave reads: RIP/THOMAS SILBY/A FINE MAN AND A DEAR HUSBAND/1908-1958.

Episode 8: A Feud is a Feud

Originally Aired on Dec 5, 1960

Andy hopes to finally bring peace to two of the county's longtime feuding families, the Carters and the Wakefields - by arranging a duel between the two patriarchs of the quarreling clans!

  • This plot is derived from the legendary Hatfield-McCoy feud.
  • Don Knotts does not appear in this episode.
  • Andy wears a gun in this episode.
  • The Carters and the Wakefields have feuded for more than 87 years.
  • On September 14, 1908, Jedediah Wakefield had be taken to the hospital after he was injured by his mule, Emmie.
  • This is the second wedding ceremony that Andy performs as justice of the peace in the series.
  • This episode included Andy's Romeo and Juliet monologue made famous during his career as a stand-up comedian.

Episode 9: Andy the Matchmaker

Originally Aired on Nov 14, 1960.

When Barney's bumbling law enforcement techniques are questioned, Andy and Elie decide to stage a fake robbery - a scheme which turns Barney into a real hero!

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • Andy states that the Snappy Lunch is one of his favorite eating spots. There is a real Snappy Lunch in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina.
  • Tracy Crawford is said to be from Chattanooga.
  • Barney can always get a job as a brine tester at the Pickle Factory.
  • The poem written on the wall of the bank:
There was once a deputy called Fife

Who carried a gun and a knife

The gun was all dusted

The knife was all rusty

Cause he never caught a crook in his life

  • Barney resigns for the first time, turning in:

1 badge

1 notebook

1 pencil

1 gun belt

1 holster

1 revolver

1 bullet

1 whistle ("Replaced the pea but ain't a gonna charge you fer it")

1 tie clip

1 tie

1 cap

1 flashlight

(and 1 pair of handcuffs, which he forgot to mention)

Episode 10: Stranger in Town

Originally Aired on Dec 26, 1960

Ed Sawyer, a mysterious stranger, arrives in Mayberry and disrupts the lives of the townspeople because he appears to know everyone's name, intimate details about their lives, and other startling facts about them.

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • Though it was not originally played by Howard McNear, this episode introduced the character of Floyd, the barber. The original Floyd was played by Walter Baldwin.
  • Ed Sawyer stays in Room #216 at the Mayberry Hotel. He declined Room #209 because Wilbur Hennessey got drunk and fell out of the window.
  • Three Mayberry secrets are (1) how to make possum pie, (2) how to make turnip jam, and (3) how to make fried chicken and Jonnycake.
  • Floyd's Barber Shop is open on Saturday evenings. There is also a door in Floyd's leading to the Beauty Shop.
  • Sarah, the telephone operator, enjoys taking a pinch of snuff now and then.
  • Ed Sawyer was an Army buddy of Joe Larson.
  • Barney compares Ed Sawyer to Tokyo Rose.

Episode 11: The Christmas Story

Originally Aired on Dec 19, 1960

Mayberry's local "Scrooge," storeowner Ben Weaver, manages to have harmless bootlegger Sam Muggins thrown into jail on Christmas - but the Mayberry folks manage to celebrate Christmas with Sam in a most unusual way.

  • This was the one and only holiday story in the history of the Andy Griffith Show.
  • Ben Weaver is said to be the richest man in Mayberry.
  • A calendar hanging in the cell has Christmas falling on a Wednesday. Christmas 1960 fell on a Sunday. Prior to 1960, Christmas fell on a Wednesday in 1957.
  • Andy and Barney receive a letter from the Hubacher brothers, whom Andy and Barney sent to state prison. Under their picture is the message, "Greetings from State Prison." In a blooper, Andy mistakenly reads the message as "Merry Christmas from State Prison".
  • Ben Weaver gives the following gifts: to Opie, a pair of roller skates; to Billy, a baseball mit; to Effie, a doll; to Ellie, a bottle of perfume; and to Aunt Bee, a sewing basket. Andy, Barney, Sam, and Bess all receive wrapped gifts. Viewers never see the contents.
  • This was the only Christmas episode on the Andy Griffith Show
  • A small problem in this episode was with the mention that Ben Weaver's store sold "spirits." Mayberry was in a dry county.
  • Barney makes a very thin Santa Claus.
  • This episode was stated by Elinor Donahue to be her favorite.

Episode 12: Ellie for Council

Originally Aired on Dec 12, 1960.

It's a battle of the sexes when Ellie Walker decides to become the very first woman to run for a seat on the Mayberry city council - and the town's horrified menfolk decide to sabotage her newfound political career.

  • This episode was filmed 50 years ago (as of 2010), yet it remains an example of the fight for equality. This was rare on a television show in 1960.
  • Otis Campbell's wife, Rita, appears for the first time in this episode.
  • Barney's first steady girlfriend, Hilda Mae, appears for the first time in this episode.
  • Sam confronts Barney over signing Ellie's petition.
  • At Ellie's rally, the women of Mayberry hold the following signs: "Ellie, Ellie, Ellie," "Ellie Means Equal Representation," "We Wives Want Ellie," "A Fair Deal For The Fair Sex," "Ellie For Council," and "Mayberry Women Want Ellie."

Episode 13: Mayberry Goes Hollywood

Originally Aired on Jan 2, 1961

Lights! Camera! Chaos! A Hollywood producer chooses idyllic Mayberry as the backdrop for his next movie, and the entire town goes into a frenzy as they gear up for the anticipated glamor, fame and fortune.

  • This episode marked the first appearance of Floyd Lawson (Howard McNear) as Floyd the barber. However, his last name is Colby, not Lawson.
  • In the mayor's office there is a portrait on the wall of opera composer Giuseppe Verdi.
  • As a youngster, Floyd practiced barbering on alley cats.
  • Mr. Harmon claims to be a good friend of one of Barney's favorite actors, Gabby Hayes.
  • While Andy and Barney are fixing up cell #1, there is a calendar on the wall with a picture of Ron Howard's younger brother, Clint. He is standing with a dog.
  • The price per copy of the Mayberry Gazette is 7¢.
  • Besides local citizens to be in a Hollywood movie, other new items include:
New library dedicated

Warned Of Force

110,000 Chinese living in trees as result of flood

Thousands See Industry Fair

Engineer is killed as Limited crashes

Political placards' removal is asked by zoning director

Grand jury probe of county flood control dams due

U.S. delegates attend meet

Board head to speak

Episode 14: The Horse Trader

Originally Aired on Jan 9, 1961

Andy performs some slick dealings with an antiques dealer to get rid of the town's old, worthless cannon. But when young Opie later mimics his father's shady deal to obtain a pair of roller skates, Andy has second thoughts about his own wheeling and dealing.

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • At Walker's Drugstore, a copy of TV Guide magazine, featuring Lucille Ball on the cover, can be seen in the magazine rack.
  • Why did Opie want Jerry Parker's roller skates so badly? Three shows earlier, in episode 11, "Christmas Story," Ben Weaver gave him a pair of roller skates as a Christmas present. He must have worn them out in a hurry.
  • In this episode Barney is said to live in a house.
  • Charlie Ross, Mayberry's junkman, agrees to take the cannon off Andy and Barney's hands, if they pay him $15.00.
  • The first "You beat everything, you know that" is heard. Barney says it to Andy when Andy asks him if he wants to buy the town's old cannon.

Episode 15: Those Gossipin' Men

Originally Aired on Jan 16, 1961

Aunt Bee, accused by Andy as being a hopeless gossip, sets out to prove that the men of Mayberry are even bigger rumormongers than the women.

  • On the wall behind Andy's desk are upside down maps of Idaho and Nevada.
  • According to Barney, New York City is 900 miles (1,400 km) from Mayberry.
  • Mr. Finch stays in Room #23 at the Mayberry Hotel.
  • Floyd the barber's son, Randall (or Wendell), auditions on the saxophone. He plays a selection from Saxomania. The boy is mentioned again (in "The Jinx", where it would appear Norman is a bad baseball player), but later in the series run, Floyd is said to have no children.
  • The Baxters of Mayberry have their "No Trespassing" sign stolen by trespassers.
  • Mr. Finch reports to his boss, Mr. Simmons in New York City, that he sold 67 pairs of shoes during his one-day stay in Mayberry (a company record).

Episode 16: Andy Saves Barney's Morale

Originally Aired on Feb 20, 1961

When Andy has to leave Mayberry for the day to testify in a court case held in Centerville, Deputy Barney Fife is left in charge of the sheriff's department - and he proceeds to arrest everyone in Mayberry!

  • This episode marked the first use of a flashback when Barney's girlfriend, Hilda Mae, recounted her date with Barney the night before.
  • On a variety of charges, Barney arrested some of the following folks: Harry, Miss Mary, Jud Fletcher, Mayor Pike, Tom, Miss Johnson, Franklin, Charlie, Nellie, Aunt Bee, Chester, and Otis Campbell.
  • The Mayberry Hotel serves breakfast from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM; lunch from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM; and dinner is at 7:00 PM only.
  • In a continuity blooper, Chester Jones appears in two places at the same time. This occurs when Andy drops in on Jud and Chester, who are in the middle of a game of checkers. Andy announces that he is going to replace Barney. Next, Andy goes immediately to Floyd's Barbershop with the same announcement. There at Floyd's, acting as if he has not heard the message previously, is Chester Jones.

Episode 17: Alcohol and Old Lace

Originally Aired on Jan 30, 1961

Opie comes to the courthouse talking about a "flower-making machine" owned by sisters Clarabelle and Jennifer Morrison, the spinsters who run the local flower shop. Andy and Barney do a little investigating and discover the contraption is actually a still and the kindly sisters are in the moonshining business

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • Andy suggests deputizing non-drinkers Orville Monroe and Reverend Aiken to assist in wiping out the moonshiners.
  • This is the only episode in which Otis pays a $2 fine and serves jail time.
  • Andy sings the Woody Guthrie song "Goin Down That Road Feeling Bad."
  • Andy and Barney believe that a still may be located at Fancy Gap. Fancy Gap is a real town in Virginia located not far from Mount Airy, NC.
  • Barney relishes taking a big ax and going POW! POW! POW! on confiscated stills.

Episode 18: Andy the Marriage Counselor

Originally Aired on Feb 6, 1961

Mayberry newcomers Fred and Jenny Boone are constantly causing domestic disturbances with their fighting, so Andy decides to play marriage counselor to the bickering couple - with disastrous results!

  • Barney is reading the book The Art Of Judo by Professor Matzamota. He also practices judo, unsuccessfully of course, on Andy.
  • Opie and his pal Billy love to fight with each other while playing cowboys and indians and cops and robbers. Andy gives them each a nickel every time they play nicely with each other. This doesn't last long, though, because the boys think that playing nicely is boring.
  • Andy gives Fred and Jenny some sweet cider for successfully graduating from his counseling sessions.

Episode 19: Mayberry on Record

Originally Aired on Feb 13, 1961

A record promoter arrives in Mayberry, intent on making a recording of the region's local folk music, but Andy becomes wary of the stranger and suspects he might be a con artist seeking some fast cash.

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • Andy demonstrates to Barney how easy it is to be taken in by a con man when he agrees to sell him a buffalo nickel with the buffalo facing the wrong way for $75.00.
  • Andy orders a sundae at Walker's Drugstore but lets Opie eat it.
  • Appearing in this episode was The Country Boys who were Roland White, Eric White, Clarence White, Billy Ray Latham, and LeRoy Mack. They soon evolved into the famous bluegrass group the Kentucky Colonels.
  • The finished album is called Music From Mayberry.
  • This episode is a rare example of Andy showing poor judgement in the character of another person.
  • Barney smokes a cigar while reading the Wall Street Journal.

Episode 20: The Beauty Contest

Originally Aired on Jan 23, 1961

The Mayberry town council wants to end the annual Founder's Day celebration with a beauty contest, with Andy chosen to pick the winner. The result is pandemonium as candidates of all shapes and sizes descend on the hapless "judge".

  • Don Knotts does not appear in this episode.
  • Floyd runs an ad in the Founder's Day program that reads, "Compliments Of Floyd's Tonsorial Parlor, Best Clip Joint In Town."
  • At the beauty contest, Barbara Sue Lindsey is contestant #5, Josephine Pike is #6, and Ellie is #7.
  • Erma Bishop made all of the costumes for the Founder's Day play.
  • Floyd's song "Hail To Thee Miss Mayberry" is sung to the tune of >O Tannenbaum.
  • Opie's girlfriend, Mary Wiggins, is the first female to be seen in Floyd's Barbershop.

Episode 21: Andy and the Gentleman Crook

Originally Aired on Feb 27, 1961

A notorious, nationally known con man dubbed "Gentleman Dan" becomes a hero of epic proportions to Aunt Bee, Opie and Barney when he is held for two days in the Mayberry jail.

  • "Gentleman Dan" smokes cigars that are custom-made by a man in Tampa.
  • Dan Caldwell's patented line is "On my word as a gentleman."
  • Dan Caldwell tells exciting stories about the Kansas City Million Dollar Heist and the Toledo Payroll Caper.
  • Dan Caldwell committed crimes in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Andy tells Opie and Barney his homespun version of "Jack And The Beanstalk". This fairy tale can be heard, complete with a 100-piece orchestra conducted by Earle Hagen, on the 1961 Capitol Records album, "Songs, Themes and Laughs from the Andy Griffith Show".

Episode 22: Cyrano Andy

Originally Aired on Mar 6, 1961

Andy is caught in the middle of a misunderstanding between Barney and Thelma Lou. The victim of Thel's scheme to make Barney jealous, Andy is cast as a rival for Thelma Lou's affections. Andy finally manages to work his way out of the mess and brings the two lovebirds back together.

  • This is the first appearance of Barney's steady girlfriend, Thelma Lou. (Her last name is never mentioned during the entire series.)
  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • Barney learned how to be romantic by watching Rock Hudson movies.
  • Barney's telephone number is given as 431.

Episode 23: Andy and Opie Housekeepers

Originally Aired on Mar 13, 1961

Aunt Bee must leave Mayberry to care for a sick cousin, but not before scolding Andy and Opie for their messy housekeeping habits. The two are determined to clean house before she returns - a project that suddenly accelerates when she phones to say she'll be coming home earlier then expected!

  • Don Knotts does not appear in this episode.
  • Opie has a bad habit of sticking half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and apples under his pillow.
  • Mayberry's sister city, Mount Pilot, is first mentioned in this episode.
  • Hope Summers makes her first appearance in the series as Bertha Edwards. In future episodes, she will be referred to as Bertha Johnson and ultimately as Clara Edwards.

Episode 24: The New Doctor

Originally Aired on Mar 27, 1961

Andy must make a hasty, ill-advised marriage proposal to Ellie Walker after he comes convinced that the new, handsome young doctor in town is trying to steal his girl.

  • George Nader appears as Dr. Robert Benson.
  • Three of Mayberry's previous doctors were Old Doc Carruthers, Old Doc Green and Old Doc Mackenzie.
  • Dr. Benson says that Mayberrian Harvey Willick is a hypochondriac.
  • Dr. Benson and Ellie patch up Opie after he falls and skins his elbow.

Episode 25: Plaque for Mayberry

Originally Aired on Apr 3, 1961

The Women's Historical Society is all set to throw a celebration in honor of the last living descendant of a Revolutionary War hero named Nathan Tibbs, who has been traced to Mayberry. But their excitement turns to horror when they discover that the intended honoree is the town drunk, Otis Campbell.

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • This episode includes "The Barney Fife Peter Piper Nose Pinching Test For Drunks."
  • In a rare scene, Andy wears a tie with his sheriff's uniform to the award ceremony.
  • What did Nathan Tibbs do to make him a Revolutionary War hero? It was said that he ran eight miles (13 km) through the snow to set the Mayberry bridge on fire. This act turned back the enemy and allowed George Washington and his troops to capture an entire regiment.

Episode 26: The Inspector

Originally Aired on Apr 10, 1961

When a state inspector arrives in Mayberry to check the jail and courthouse, Andy and Barney are shocked to discover he's a by-the-book stickler for rules and regulations. Things look shaky until Andy is able to demonstrate the "Mayberry way" of fighting crime.

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • Otis Campbell celebrates his birthday (with 9 candles on the cake) in this episode.
  • Barney plays checkers against himself in this episode. He also enjoys playing parchessi and casino by himself. Andy would love to see Barney play a game of ping-pong by himself.
  • Inspector Ralph Case, who replaced Sam Allen, compares Andy and Barney to the Katzenjammer Kids.
  • Andy and Barney receive a package from the Hubacher brothers. Andy receives a wallet and Barney gets a leather bookmark. The letter says that Elmer Hubacher had been out on parole but ended up back in prison.

Episode 27: Ellie Saves a Female

Originally Aired on Apr 17, 1961

Ellie Walker takes pity on a shy tomboy named Frankie Flint and is determined to give a "Cinderella" makeover to the young girl - much to her gruff father's displeasure.

  • This episode probably marked the beginning of the television make-over, when women received a beauty treatment and the audience saw the "before and after."
  • The farmer is played by R.G. Armstrong, one of Andy Griffith's real-life mentors and best friend.
  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • When Ellie sprays "Midnight Madness" perfume on Andy, Opie says he smells like a gardenia blossom. In a rare turn-of-the-tables scene, Barney unmercifully teases Andy about the "lovely fragrance" he's sporting.

Episode 28: Andy Forecloses

Originally Aired on Apr 24, 1961

Andy, faced with the unpleasant task of serving an eviction notice on a family who has fallen on hard times, tries desperately to come up with a way for the tenants to keep their home.

  • In this episode, Sam Edwards portrays Lester Scobey, Margaret Kerry is Helen, and Joy Ellison appears as Mary. In episode 11, "Christmas Story", these actors portrayed the Muggins family.
  • Barney's never-seen girl on the side, Juanita Beasley, is introduced in this episode. She works as a waitress at the Junction Cafe. Her telephone number is given as 142R.
  • The stall tactics used by Andy to hold off the foreclosure are (1) neglecting to tell Ben about the $2.00 registration fee for a foreclosure notice, and (2) stealing Lester's glasses so he cannot read or understand the terms of the foreclosure notice.
  • Despite their differences, Andy and Ben Weaver enjoy going fishing together.

Episode 29: Quiet Sam

Originally Aired on May 1, 1961

Barney is convinced that the new, mysterious farmer (William Schallert) in town warrants further investigation. Andy finally agrees to pay a visit to the man's farm - and finds himself drawn into a predicament he never imagined he'd find himself in.

  • Note the Mount Airy newspaper on the table where Andy and Barney are reviewing the policemans handbook.
  • Mayberry's doctor, Doc Winters, is out of town.
  • Sam and Lily Becker's house is known as the old Birch farm.
  • Lily Becker is never seen in this episode.
  • Floyd Lawson mentions that his wife's name is Melba.
  • During World War II Barney served in the army. He was second in command to a corporal in charge of over 3,000 books at the PX library on Staten Island.
  • Sam Becker is a veteran of the Korean War.
  • Barney believes that Sam Becker is growing marijuana on his farm.
  • The careful attention given to detail is evident in the brief telephone-conversation scene between Floyd and Barney. Pouring rain can be seen through the window behind Floyd. Such detail enabled Mayberry to come alive as a real and believable place.

Episode 30: Barney Gets His Man

Originally Aired on May 8, 1961

Barney's reputation as a deputy soars when he inadvertently helps capture Eddie Brooke, an escaped convict. But Brooke vows to escape again and head straight back to Mayberry to exact his revenge.

  • Andy wears a gun in this episode.
  • Barney claims to have 20/20 vision.
  • A rare camera angle, from the ground up, is used to make Barney appear much taller after he captures Eddie Brooke for the first time.
  • Eddie Brooke is serving a twenty-year prison sentence in Atlanta.
  • While in the process of capturing Eddie Brooke for the second time while in a barn, Barney fires his pistol through a kerosene lantern (directly in the line of fire of Andy) and swallows three sticks of gum.

Episode 31: The Guitar Player Returns

Originally Aired on May 15, 1961

Mayberry's famed hometown musician - Jim Lindsey - returns for a visit in his flashy convertible and fancy clothes. But despite all the trappings and signs of showbiz success, Andy senses that all is not well in the life of the popular performer.

  • This is a followup to episode #3
  • Jim Lindsey has a hit record with "Rock 'n' Roll Rosie From Raleigh."
  • This is the final appearance of James Best as Jim Lindsey.
  • Jim stays in Room #22 at the Mayberry Hotel.
  • Jim's Mercedes is financed by the Mid-Mountain Finance Company.
  • Two men named Charlie and Ralph are members of the Mayberry Drum and Bugle Corps. A man named Kester quit the corps because the other band members refused to practice at his house.
  • This episode is the final appearance of Elinor Donahue as Ellie Walker. No further mention was ever made of the character, nor was any on screen reason ever given for her departure. Producers felt there was no exceptional chemistry between Donahue and Griffith so she was not rehired for the next season.

Episode 32: Bringing up Opie

Originally Aired on May 22, 1961

After being scolded by Aunt Bee, Opie decides to run away from home... a plan that quickly turns into a series of eye-opening - and sometimes dangerous - adventures for Opie and a scare for both Aunt Bee and Andy.

  • It is not mentioned in the episode, but the man named Fred who notified Andy of Opie's whereabouts must have been another sheriff or the driver of the Elm City Delivery Service truck in which Opie fell asleep.
  • Two warning signs outside the entrance to the Johnson mine proclaim: "Dangerous Condemned Mine" and "Trespassing Forbidden."
  • Barney disputes Andy's version of "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table."

Season 2 (1961 - 1962)

31 episodes

Season 2 (1961 - 1962)

31 episodes

Episode 33: Opie and the Bully

Originally Aired on Oct 2, 1961

Andy learns Opie is being terrorized by a local bully, who threatens him with pulverization until he gets Opie's lunch money. Andy decides to let Opie fight this battle on his own. Opie goes to face his nemesis, and Andy suffers as he waits for his son to return. Opie returns to the courthouse as the better man--he won the fight for his rights.

Sheriff Andy Taylor must decide whether to intervene or let the problem work itself out when a bully demands Opie's lunch money at school.

  • Terry Dickinson appears as Sheldon. Could this name have been inspired by executive producer Sheldon Leonard? Mr. Leonard appeared in countless television and movie roles as a tough guy.
  • Hodie Snitch was a bully in Mayberry when Andy was a child.
  • While spying on Opie Barney tore a hole in a newspaper. The newspaper was the Press Herald.

Episode 34: Barney's Replacement

Originally Aired October 9, 1961

This was actually the first Episode of Season 2 produced, Opie and the Bully was produced second but aired as the Season Debut, this Episode, Barney's Replacement, aired second.

When an attorney (Mark Miller) is sent to Mayberry for law enforcement training, Barney mistakenly believes the man is his replacement and quits the police force to become a vacuum-cleaner salesman.

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • It is not stated whether Andy's state's attorney friend, Ralph Baker, is related to the little boy that Opie handcuffed to the flagpole in episode 32, "Bringing Up Opie." That youngster's name was also Ralph Baker.
  • According to Bob Rogers, the Green River Ordinance was inspired by a case that occurred in 1924 in a town called Green River, (Wyoming), or as Roger says "Green Wiver." This mispronuciation went unnoticed.
  • In the final scene, Barney is seen littering when he tears up Bob's citation and casually throws it down on the sidewalk.

Episode 35: Andy and the Woman Speeder

Originally Aired on Oct 16, 1961

Andy arrest beautiful big-city woman Elizabeth Crowley (Jean Hagen). By the time she reaches trial, Miss Crowley has used flattery and bribes to turn the witnesses for the prosecution--Opie, Floyd, and Barney--against Andy. After winning the case, Miss Crowley sees the error of her ways and promptly speeds out of town intentionally so Andy can arrest her again and allow her to pay the fine she deserved in the first place.

  • Floyd Lawson caught three trout and two perch while fishing. Barney caught a frog.
  • Barney imitates Frank Sinatra by singing the first lines of One For My Baby.
  • This episode has a storyline similar to the pilot episode of The Andy Griffith Show on the Danny Thomas show.
  • Jean Hagen had played wife Margaret Williams for 3 seasons in Make Room for Daddy; an episode of its successor series, The Danny Thomas Show, starring Danny Thomas as Danny Williams provided the pilot for The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Two of Mayberry's attorneys are Rafe Peterson and Clarence Polk.
  • This is the only episode in which Mayor Pike served as a judge or held a mayor's court.
  • The bribe Opie received was a baseball autographed by the entire New York Yankees team. Though the year of the team was not mentioned, the show was filmed in October 1961. Assuming the ball was from the same season, some of the signatures on the ball would have been: Tony Kubek, Clete Boyer, Yogi Berra, Elston Howard, Bobby Richardson, Moose Skowron, Whitey Ford, Ralph Terry, Roger Maris, and Mickey Mantle. Maris hit his world record sixty-one home runs in 1961, and the Yankees won the World Series (on October 9, exactly one week prior to this show's broadcast) beating the Cincinnati Reds in five games.

Episode 36: Barney on the Rebound

Originally Aired on Oct 30, 1961

Barney's head is turned by lovely young newcomer Melissa Stevens, who proves to be the more attractive half of a team of con artists out to trap naïve young bachelors into breach-of-promise settlements. Andy saves the day by calling the bluff of Melissa's suspiciously young "father", George Stevens. In the middle of what the pair had hoped would be their payoff, Andy begins the wedding vows, and the two back off.

  • Noted actor Jackie Coogan appears as George Stevens. Coogan is well known for his television role of Uncle Fester on The Addams Family from 1964 - 1966.
  • Melissa claims to have attended junior college in Savannah for two years.
  • Barney tells George and Melissa that he would like to be a private detective, or work for J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI.
  • Melissa's real name is Gladys.

Episode 37: The Perfect Female

Originally Aired on Nov 27, 1961

Once again the feminist theme is brought to the fore when Thelma Lou arranges a blind date between her visiting cousin and Andy. To everyone's surprise, they hit it off, but the relationship collapses when Karen Moore takes up a shotgun and shows Andy thay she is not the usual delicate female. After Andy gets a good dressing-down, he admits the error of his ways.

  • Karen Moore is the female skeet shooting champion of Arkansas.
  • Barney had once set up Andy on a blind date with a girl named Melinda Keefer from Detroit. Andy said Melinda had fat knees and talked too much. One other time, Barney introduced Andy to a girl who Andy said looked like Benjamin Franklin.
  • Both Andy and Karen enjoy reading mystery stories.
  • In the skeet shooting competition, Karen proceeds to hit all 25 targets (and wins first prize), while Andy nets only 23.

Episode 38: Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter

Originally Aired on Dec 4, 1961

Aunt Bee falls for traveling handyman Henry Wheeler. Andy soon realizes Wheeler is not as nice as he seems. So before things get out of hand, Andy explains patiently to Wheeler that he would not want his Aunt Bee hurt by any false promises. To emphasize the point, Andy holds the conversation on the porch while he cleans his shotgun. Wheeler prudently decides it is time to leave Mayberry.

  • Don Knotts does not appear in this episode.
  • Mr. Wheeler charges Aunt Bee $1.60 to spray her roses.
  • Mr. Wheeler claims to have once owned and operated a hardware store, but says he gave it up when the pressure got to him.
  • George Bricker is a mailman in Mayberry.
  • "Goldbrick" Wheeler claims to suffer from a touch of lumbago, even though roofing is his specialty.
  • When Aunt Bee was 18 years old, her family moved to Peoria, Illinois. She was quite skinny in those days.

Episode 39: Mayberry Goes Bankrupt

Originally Aired on Oct 23, 1961

Andy teaches Mayberry exactly what "Love Thy Neighbor" means in this episode. Andy is forced to evict Frank Myers from his home only to later discover that he holds a century-old bond that is originally believed to be worth $349,119.27. Since the Mayberry treasury holds just over $10,000, the mayor and town council scramble to keep Frank happy by renovating his run-down home. Later, the bond is discovered to be worthless because it was paid for with Confederate currency. Once again the town turns on the old man, but Andy is able to convince everyone that they have done something nice and should leave it at that.

  • Don Knotts does not appear in this episode.
  • Warren Parker makes his first appearance in the series as bank president and town treasurer Harlan Fergus. In later episodes, his name in the series will be changed to Mr. Meldrim.
  • Frank Myers has a pet chicken named Hazel. He also has fifty boxes of different berries for women's hats.
  • In a blooper, Frank states that his medallion is from the "1906 World's Fair in St. Louis" but that World's Fair occurred in 1904.
  • Frank Meyers has a portrait showing his great-great-grandfather posing with Robert E. Lee.

Episode 40: Opie's Hobo Friend

Originally Aired on Nov 13, 1961

Opie becomes fascinated with David Browne, a vagrant hobo who uses his wits to live on the edge of the law. After realizing his son has taken a liking to the wily wanderer, Andy tries to find David some honest work. Andy's plan goes sour when Opie, at Dave's encourgement, is caught playing hooky. Andy then has a long talk with the hobo. Dave sees his side and arranges to get himself arrested in order to show Opie that he was not the man he thought him to be.

  • The hobo is played by Buddy Ebsen, who is best known for his role as Jed Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies.
  • Mr. Dave gives Opie his homemade "Gollywobbler Super Fish Catcher".
  • Mr. Dave also shows Opie how to get free gumballs from a machine by using magic. He taps the machine twice, says "tuscarora" (named after Tuscarora Mountain outside of Binghamton, New York) and (with the help of a metal wire) gets all the free gumballs his heart desires.
  • One of the strengths of the series was its realism. An excellent example of detailed realism is present in the Tuscarora scene. Mr. Dave and Opie are standing in front of a store window. A pedestrian walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street can be seen in the window's reflection.

Episode 41: Crime-free Mayberry

Originally Aired on Nov 20, 1961

Two crooks posing as an FBI man and a photographer comes to Mayberry to congratulate the Sheriff's Department for achieving a crime-free record. Andy gets suspicious after the supposed FBI agent allows his picture to be taken. When the pair crack the Mayberry Bank's vault, Andy is inside waiting for them--he had come in the back door. Always the gracious sheriff, Andy thanks them for opening the vault that had been locked for almost fifteen years after the combination was lost and the vault company had gone out of business.

  • Andy sings "John Henry" to Otis and offers to sing "Wreck of the Old 97" to Barney.
  • Barney is envious of the new state police facility that recently opened in Mount Pilot.
  • Actual real-life photos of Andy as a youngster are seen in this episode.
  • F
  • loyd's tour group consisted of folks from a New Orleans-bound bus. He refers to Andy as "Dead-Eye Andy", while Barney refers to himself as "Fast Gun Fife". In the presence of the tour group, Otis confesses to Barney that he committed a murder. He killed off a pint!
  • Barney's version of "Oh My Darling, Clementine:

    In a jailhouse, down in Dixie, fightin' crime and risking life,

    Dwelt a sheriff and his buddy, pistol-packin' Barney Fife.

    Oh, my darin', oh my darin', oh my darin' Barney Fife.

    He's a deadly crime-stopper, what a copper Barney Fife.

    One day there came a-ridin' two bad men to rob a bank,

    But Fife was tricky, a dead-eye dicky. Now they're locked up in the tank.

    (Andy added the following couplet.)

    Oh, my Barney, oh, my Barney, had a jail and couldn't lock it.

    Had one bullet for his pistol, had to keep it in his pocket.

Episode 42: The Clubmen

Originally Aired on Dec 11, 1961

One of Andy's big-city fishing buddies invites him to join the Esquire Club, an exclusive Raleigh men's organization. Barney is also asked to join and he, of course, overreacts and alienates the entire group by trying to hard to fit in. Andy is offered membership, but Barney is not. Andy tells his fishing buddy that he must decline because he does not feel right joining a club that wouldn't let in his best friend. Before Andy can break the news to Barney, Barney assumes Andy was the one rejected and sits down to write the club a scathing letter of rejection himself.

  • Trivia buffs will notice that Andy's sleeves are rolled down in some closeups of him sitting at his desk after giving Barney back his shoes while his sleeves are rolled up in the more distant shots in the scene.
  • The prestigious and exculsive Esquire Club is in Raleigh.
  • Club members Roger Courtney, Cliff Britton, Tom Wilson, Jim Baker, John Dandy, and George Bronson were all named after teachers who taught at the same school Andy Griffith did during his brief stint as a public school teacher.
  • Barney is ecstatic about joining but on the other hand Andy couldn't care less.
  • The Esquire Club meets on Thursdays at 8:00 PM.
  • At the club Barney looks sharp in his salt and pepper suit, but he proceeds to make a fool of himself by making dumb remarks about golf scores and the stock market. The coup de grace occurs when the hapless deputy says that baked Alaska came into being after Alaska was admitted to the Union.
  • Marie Simms is one of the biggest blabbermouths in Mayberry.
  • In this episode it is implied that Raleigh is rather close to Mayberry. Remember, Andy and Barney planned to attend meetings every Thursday evening. The real-life town of Mount Airy, NC is 142 miles (229 km) from Raleigh.

Episode 43: The Pickle Story

Originally Aired on Dec 18, 1961

It's canning time again, and Aunt Bee has put up another batch of pickles. After realizing the only thing they're good for is killing flies brave enough to land on them, Andy and Barney decide to substitute store-bought for her homemade and hand the originals to travelers passing through Mayberry. After the switch, Bee decides to enter her pickles in the county fair. Unfortunately, the perennial winner is Clara Johnson, Bee's best friend, and she has her heart set on winning her 12th blue ribbon in a row. Andy and Barney have no choice but to destroy all eight jars before she can enter, so they eat night and day until all the pickles are gone. They do their work proudly, but Bee decides that since the boys liked them so much, she will make a double batch.

  • Don Knotts selected "The Pickle Story" as his favorite episode.
  • When Aunt Bee offers Barney one of her "kerosene cucumbers", he responds "I'll smoke it, I mean, I'll eat it later".
  • A fly lands on one of Aunt Bee's pickles and dies.
  • Barney tells Andy that Aunt Bee's pickles are scattered from Oregon to Nova Scotia.
  • The music playing while Andy, Barney, and Opie gulp down eight quarts of pickles deserves special notice for how well it fits the scene.

Episode 44: Sheriff Barney

Originally Aired on Dec 25, 1961

Barney gets an offer to become the sheriff of Greendale, and Andy tries to discourage him. Unsure how to handle matters, Andy gets an idea to let Barney be sheriff of Mayberry for a day. Given the opportunity to get a taste of what the office of high sheriff entails, Barney understands that he is not up to the job and calls Greendale to decline.

  • Greendale City Hall was erected in 1902.
  • Barney describes Greendale as a "cesspool" and "another Dodge City."
  • Otis' directions to Barney to the whereabouts of Rafe Hollister's still: Go out Route 22, past Waynesboro, Midville, Thorndyke, Upson, through Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio (he's making for Canada), then back through West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, into Mayberry on Route 10, to 411 Elm St. (Barney's residence).
  • Barney compares the Welch-Osgood dispute to the case of Willougby vs. Perkins.
  • In this episode, Willow Street and Woods Way are said to be quiet and peaceful streets in Mayberry.

Episode 45: Farmer Takes a Wife

Originally Aired on Jan 1, 1962

One of Andy's old pals, Big Jeff Pruitt, comes to Mayberry looking for a suitable woman to be his wife. Andy and Barney give him a hand, but Jeff just can find a woman who suits him. Finally he finds the perfect woman: Thelma Lou. Andy instructs Thel to accept Jeff's proposal and then go about trying to civilize him into being a city-dwelling house husband. That is more than Jeff can abide, and heads back to the hills and his old gal, Big Bertha, just as Barney comes to Thel's demanding Big Jeff either flee or fight.

  • The farmer is played by Alan Hale Jr. who later played The Skipper on Gilligan's Island.
  • This episode is the first time Barney says his famous catchphrase, "Nip It In The Bud" ("Nipped i' the bud" from The Tragedy of Brennoralt by Sir John Suckling, 1609–1642).
  • The farmer calls Barney his "little buddy," a nickname that The Skipper often called Gilligan.
  • Andy and Thelma Lou devise a plan to turn Jeff Pruitt into a city slicker. They teach him proper etiquette and make him buy the largest suit at the local men's clothier, Carroll's of Mayberry. (As Andy and Jeff arrive at Carroll's, a customer is seen exiting the store. This is Andy Griffith's real-life father, Carl, making a cameo appearance in the series).
  • In this episode Andy gives Barney his first direct order.

Episode 46: The Keeper of the Flame

Originally Aired on Jan 8, 1962

Opie is accepted as a member of a secret society called The Wildcats after he takes a sacred oath never to reveal the club secrets. Given the job of Keeper of the Flame, Opie is fingered as the guilty party when the barn that the club meets in is burned to the ground. The fire was actually started by the barn's owner, farmer and moonshiner Jubell Foster. Not knowing this, Andy takes responsibility for the fire and is about to pay Foster for the value of the barn when Barney, having stumbled upon and unkhoningly consumed some of Foster's moonshine, staggers out drunk.

  • Everett Sloane guest stars. He also wrote the lyrics to the theme song of The Andy Griffith Show, "The Fishin' Hole", although the lyrics were never performed on the show.
  • Andy states that Mayberry County has a volunteer fire department.
  • Aunt Bee enjoys listening to an unnamed radio soap opera. Celia Gordon and a man named John are two of the characters. Andy enjoys poking fun at Aunt Bee for listening to the melodramatic program.

The lyrics to "the Fishing Hole Song" (never sung on the Andy Griffith Show) written by Evereet Sloane who played Jubell Foster are:

Well, now, take down your fishin' pole and meet me at The Fishin' Hole,

We may not get a bite all day, but don't you rush away.

What a great place to rest your bones and mighty fine for skippin' stones,

You'll feel fresh as a lemonade, a-settin' in the shade.

Whether it's hot, whether it's cool, oh what a spot for whistlin' like a fool.

What a fine day to take a stroll and wander by The Fishin' Hole,

I can't think of a better way to pass the time o' day.

We'll have no need to call the roll when we get to The Fishin' Hole,

There'll be you, me, and Old Dog Trey, to doodle time away.

If we don't hook a perch or bass, we'll cool our toes in dewy grass,

Or else pull up a weed to chaw, and maybe set and jaw.

Hangin' around, takin' our ease, watchin' that hound a-scratchin' at his fleas.

Come on, take down your fishin' pole and meet me at The Fishin' Hole,

I can't think of a better way to pass the time o' day.

47: Bailey's Bad Boy

Originally Aired on Jan 15, 1962

Rich kid Ronald Bailey is jailed when he blatantly defies the law. As Bailey waits for his influential father to bail him out, Andy teaches him the lesson of self-responsibility. Bailey decides to stand on his own two feet and take care of his traffic violations himself.

  • Note that in the episode "Andy and the Woman Speeder", involving an out-of-towner who gets a speeding ticket, Andy both issues the ticket and acts as justice of the peace at the hearing that same day. In this episode, aired just a few months later, no mention is made of Andy's status as justice of the peace (although the sign on the sheriff's office door still states it clearly). Instead, Ronald Bailey, arrested for speeding, must wait in jail for his trial until the circuit judge arrives "in a few days".
  • Ronald Bailey is played by Bill Bixby. Bixby later played Tim O'Hara on My Favorite Martian, Tom Corbett on The Courtship of Eddie's Father and Dr. David Banner on The Incredible Hulk.
  • Andy assigns Barney to watch the bicycles at the movie house. No reason is given as to why he is doing this. Maybe there is a bicycle thief in Mayberry.
  • In this episode, Barney is living in the back room of the courthouse.
  • The visiting hours at the Mayberry jail are 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM daily, except Sunday.
  • While most of the vehicles used in the series are Ford's, Fletch Dilbeck's truck is a Chevrolet.

Episode 48: The Manicurist

Originally Aired on Jan 22, 1962

Shapely young Ellen Brown pops into Mayberry in search of a friendly town where she can make a living as a manicurist. When she lays claim to a corner of Floyd's Barbershop, the men of Mayberry aren't quite sure how to act. It isn't long before they come around to liking the whole idea, and it's the wives who become less than enthusiastic.

  • The manicurist is played by Barbara Eden, who later played Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • Mayor Pike, Barney, Floyd, Sam and Art the butcher describe what they did on Sunday, while gawking at Ellen Brown's shapely legs. Mayor Pike shot three rabbits; Barney did nothing; and Sam caught a half-dozen trout. Floyd and Art say nothing. They are too busy staring!
  • Barney makes some very uncharacteristic remarks about Ellen Brown. For instance, when Floyd asks him how he would treat a girl like that, Barney responds, "a little rough" and he would "rough her up a little," because "women like her expect that type of treatment." It's a wonder that this type of dialogue made it through the production staff of the show, or the censors at CBS in 1962.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Mayor Pike.

Episode 49: The Jinx

Originally Aired on Jan 29, 1962

Barney gets the whole town on guard when he declares Henry Bennett to be a jinx. No matter how Andy tries to convince the town otherwise, Bennett's mere presence seems to consistently coincide with disaster. Even Andy gives up after a drawing fixed in Bennett's favor fails. Andy then explains to him that a man with as many friends as he has must be lucky.

  • Floyd won't admit that his son Norman is a lousy baseball player.
  • Barney says that Cole Porter records "have that certain effect" on Thelma Lou.
  • To ensure good luck, Barney reads his grandmother's book Signs, Omens, Portents and Charms to Ward Off Bad Luck.
  • Although he is unbilled in the credits and has no lines of dialogue, Clint Howard appears as the cowboy-clad youngster at the church social. In future episodes, Clint will return in the same outfit as Leon, the little cowboy who loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and wants to share them with everyone.

Episode 50: Jailbreak

Originally Aired on Feb 5, 1962

A team of convicts is on the loose, and the state police arrive ridiculing Sheriff Taylor and Barney. Andy cracks the case by focusing on the smallest details: a trailer hitch and an offhand remark by the dry cleaner about a suit with dog hairs. This leads to the convict's accomplice, but only after Barney somehow manages to let the one convict they have captured escaped.

  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • Barney gives Andy's address as 24 Elm St.
  • Andy wears a gun in this episode.
  • Floyd Lawson owns a shaggy dog named Sam.
  • When Barney was Malloy's cellmate, he said his nicknames were "Puddintane," "Fingers," "Chopper" and "Mad Dog." He makes sure that Malloy knows that he was never known as "Tattletale."
  • The Half-Moon Trailer Park is located on River Road.

Episode 51: A Medal for Opie

Originally Aired on Feb 12, 1962

Opie has his heart set on winning a medal in the annual Sheriff's Boys' Day race. Under the tutelage of legendary fifty-yard-dash winner Barney Fife, Opie enters the race confident of a win. When the day is done, however, Opie comes up empty. Andy finds Opie sulking at home, and the two have a heart-to-heart about the value of good sportsmanship.

  • Opie runs the 50 yard dash but finishes dead last. His friends Billy Johnson, Aaron Harrison, and Freddie Pruitt finish first, second, and third, respectively.
  • Barney used to weigh around 120 to 125 pounds, before he fell off training.
  • Barney poops out while riding his bike during one of Opie's training sessions.
  • The Mayberry Diner's telephone number is given as 242.

Episode 52: Barney and the Choir

Originally Aired on Feb 19, 1962

The town choir's tenor has to drop out and the choir desperately need a replacement. When the choir director finds out that Barney sings tenor, he asks Barney to join the choir, not knowing Barney is a terrible singer. When the awful sound coming from the Mayberry choir is narrowed down to Barney, the members decide they must get rid of him. Since no one has the heart to do it, they set him up telling him he is singing into a supersensitive microphone, while someone else is actually singing the part backstage.

  • The Mayberry choir sings "good old 14A" in the choir's songbook, (Anton Rubenstein's Melody In F) "Welcome Sweet Springtime."
  • Thelma Lou tells Andy that Barney is a great person, "but he can't sing a lick."
  • The choir secretly practices (without including Barney) at the home of John Masters, on Elm Street in Mayberry. Barney overhears their voices and shows up anyway. The choir's usual practice place is the Mayberry Town Hall.
  • Hazel is the name of the lady who plays the piano for the Mayberry choir.
  • Thelma Lou plays the piano in this episode.

Episode 53: Guest of Honor

Originally Aired on Feb 26, 1962

It's Founder's Day again, and thistime the celebrration centers on honoring the first vistor to town with the key to the city. Unfortunately, the first person to drive in is Sheldon Davis, an expert pickpocket and petty thief. When Andy runs a check on him and finds the truth about their "Guest of Honor" he decides not to tell anyone and just keep a close eye on him until the day is over and he can run him out of town. Barney messes everything up and ends up letting him have the keys to all the business in the city. Andy foils his plan in the end and cathces him red handed.

  • Frances Bavier and Ron Howard do not appear in this episode.
  • A convicted thief and pickpocket named Sheldon Davis has just been tossed out of neighboring Pierce County. His alias is Thomas A. Moody.
  • In a hilarious speech to the new deputies, Barney gets himself (and them) so fired up with emotion that even mild-mannered Floyd Lawson is screaming at the top of his lungs. Don Knotts recalled that he "laughed so hard at Howard McNear's screaming, the entire scene had to be reshot 20 times."
  • Sheldon Davis stays in Room #81 at the Mayberry Hotel.
  • Mayberry has a Founders Day song: "Mayberry'll shine tonight, Mayberry'll shine. When the moon comes up and the sun goes down, Mayberry'll shine."
  • Crowley's Market is selected as the starting point for the tour of the town for the guest of honor.

Episode 54: The Merchant of Mayberry

Originally Aired on Mar 5, 1962

Mean old Ben Weaver goes on a rampage when Bert Miller, a traveling salesman, stops in Mayberry. Weaver demands Miller be taken off the street for not complying with a Mayberry law that prohibits anyone from selling goods without a permant structure. Andy, out to have a little fun, decides to settle the matter in his own way by helping Bert build a nice little stand in a vacant lot down the street, setting off a trade war between Bert's and Weaver's Department Store. Ben finally gives in and decides the best way to eliminate the competition is to put him to work in his own store.

  • The merchant is played by Sterling Holloway, who is best known as the voice of Winnie the Pooh.
  • Barney purchases size 11 socks from Bert, even though he actually wears size 10 1/2.
  • Andy buys razor blades and Aunt Bee buys an 87¢ apron from Bert.
  • Weaver's Department Store has been located in Mayberry for almost 25 years.
  • Opie sets up a 2¢-a-glass lemonade stand in Crowley's vacant lot.

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Episode 55: Aunt Bee the Warden

Originally Aired on Mar 12, 1962

The Gordon boys are brought in for moonshining, and when Otis arrives for his regular stay at the jail, there is no room at the inn. When the Gordon boys accuse Otis of turning them in, Andy has no choice but to take Otis home to let him sleep it off at the Taylor . Come morning, Otis finds that he's been turned over to "Bloody Mary," aka Aunt Bee, who decides to rehabilitate Otis once and for all.

  • Andy arrests the Gordon boys (Billy, Ike, Junior, and Sherman) for moonshining.
  • Andy wears a gun in this episode. The equipment on his gunbelt changes from scene to scene.
  • Mayberry has a previously unheard of physician: Doc Zack.
  • Aunt Bee uses Roy's Laundry Service. The company makes home pickups and deliveries. There is an actual Roy's Laundry Service located in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, NC. It is operated by Roy Hutchins and is located on Spring Street, directly across the street from the Andy Griffith Playhouse.
  • In a blooper, as the delivery man opens the back doors of the truck for Aunt Bee who is looking for Otis, a microphone boom can be seen in the reflection of the driver side window.
  • In a fit of rage Andy Griffith had punched a wall at his home with his right hand. This injury was worked into the script of this and the following episode.
  • Aunt Bee is referred to as Bloody Mary and the Taylor home is referred to as The Rock.

Episode 56: The County Nurse

Originally Aired on Mar 19, 1962

Mary Simpson, the first of the county nurses, enlists Andy's help in getting Rafe Hollister to submit to a tetanus shot. Rafe refuses until Andy, using the old reverse psychology trick, gets Rafe to change his mind after he serenades him with a song that Andy plans to sing at Rafe's funeral.

  • Frances Bavier and Ron Howard do not appear in this episode.
  • Barney reads Karate The Art Of Unarmed Self-Defense and demonstrates three moves for Andy: the Hawk, the Bull Elk and the Rattlesnake.
  • Rafe Hollister states that his daddy lived to be 100 years old
  • .

Episode 57: Andy and Barney in the Big City

Originally Aired on Mar 26, 1962

In Raleigh Barney gets wrapped up with a jewel thief. Guest Arte Johnson "Laugh-In" and Allan Melvin "All in the Family"

  • Barney refers to the big city as "the asphalt jungle."
  • When Barney signs the hotel register, he signs, "Bernard Fife, M.D." Questioned by Andy, he says the initials stand for Mayberry Deputy.
  • Andy and Barney stay in Room #920 for $7.00 per night.
  • The woman with the jewelry stays in Room #420.
  • C.J. Halser's mug shots are dated September 15, 1959. He is listed as 59 years of age, 5'7" tall and weighing 132 pounds. He has brown eyes and gray hair. The mug shot number is 75249.
  • Andy and Barney have dinner in a French restaurant. Not wanting to look like a hick, Barney points to the menu and orders escargot and cervelle de veau. Andy takes no chances and orders a steak, a baked potato, and green beans.

Episode 58: Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee

Originally Aired on Apr 2, 1962

Clara convinces Aunt Bee that she's the reason Andy isn't getting married. In order not to feel that she is in the way, Bee invents an imaginary beau. Andy misunderstands and becomes convinced that Bee is serious about finding a husband. When Bee needs to produce a body, she grabs Fred Gross, the Mayberry dry cleaner. When Andy finally figures out what has transpired, he tells Bee that she is not in the way and is part of his family.

  • Don Knotts does not appear in this episode.
  • Mayberry's Dry Cleaner is H. Fred Goss, an incessant gossip.
  • While at the courthouse, Otis tells Andy about Goss sweet-talking Aunt Bee. As the two talk, a rare thing happens - Otis and Andy become equals, two adults. (Otis is usually childlike in relation to Andy.)
  • In a rare occurrence in the series, Opie makes reference to his mother.
  • The viewers get a rare glimpse of the Taylors' bathroom.
  • On many occasions, Frances Bavier stated that "Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee" was her all-time favorite episode.

Episode 59: Three's a Crowd

Originally Aired on Apr 9, 1962

Andy tries to romance county nurse, Mary Simpson, but Barney constantly interrupts. Finally, Andy becomes exasperated and tells Barney he wants to be alone with Mary. Barney understands perfectly, and he gathers everyone together for the first of several false wedding announcements involving Andy and his current female love interest.

  • Ron Howard does not appear in this episode.
  • Mary Simpson was back again - sort of. Though the name was the same, the actress was different. This time she was a blonde, played by actress Sue Ane Langdon.
  • Barney's favorite pizza topping is mozzarella. He also loves pepperoni.
  • Thelma Lou's telephone number is given as 247.
  • Andy wants to take Mary to Franklyn Woods. It features a lake and a berry patch.

Episode 60: The Bookie Barber

Originally Aired on Apr 16, 1962

Floyd gets his chance at being a proprietor of a two-chair shop when semiretired barber Bill Medwin arrives with a proposition of expansion. Floyd jumps at the chance since Medwin promises to supply the chair and the customers. As it turns out, the barber is a bookie, and Barney jumps in to bust the criminal.

  • Mr. Medwin charges customers 80¢ for a shampoo and $1.50 for a facial.
  • This is the only episode that features Floyd's "Two chairs - no waiting" sign.
  • Barney worries that Mayberry might become known as "the gateway to Monte Carlo."
  • This is the first episode in which Barney wears a dress.

Episode 61: Andy on Trial

Originally Aired on Apr 23, 1962

J. Howard Jackson, a wealthy newspaperman, seeks revenge on Sheriff Taylor after Andy tracks him down for failing to appear in Mayberry court for a traffic violation. Unwittingly, Barney becomes a key witness in Jackson's attempt to remove Andy from office, supplying female reporter Jean Boswell with informationthat is eventually used as evidence against Andy. When Barney is called to the stand, he is able to dispel all doubts that Andy is an honest man of the law and a true public servant.

  • Jean Boswell was played by Ruta Lee, who is best known as Alex Trebek's model/sidekick on High Rollers.
  • Frances Bavier does not appear in this episode.
  • The view outside J. Howard Jackson's office window is the Hollywood Hills.
  • J. Howard Jackson's article was titled, "Does The Sheriff Run The Town, Or Does The Town Run The Sheriff?"
  • Barney tells Ms. Boswell the Mayberry Hotel is the town's only hotel, but in subsequent episodes, the Palmerton Hotel, the Gibson Hotel, and the Gem Hotel will be shown.
  • This episode concluded with one of the strongest dramatic moments during the entire series. The genius of Don Knotts is displayed in his speech from the witness chair when he defends Andy as a friend and professional.

Episode 62: Cousin Virgil

Originally Aired on Apr 30, 1962

Virgil, Barney's awkward cousin from New Jersey, visits mayberry and immediately makes a mess of everything he touches. Ater Virgil has dumped a roast in Andy's lap, driven the squad car through his gate, and smashed a pane of glass while sweeping up around the courthouse, Andy tries to get him out of his hair by sending him to polish the cell keys. Virgil polishes the teeth right off of them, making it impossible to let Otis out when he's due to leave the cell. At his wit's end, Andy is shown a set of hand-carved wood figures that virgil himself made. Andy realizes the best tonic for Virgil is a good dose of self-confidence and leaves him alone to remove the door of the cell.

  • Cousin Virgil is played by Michael J. Pollard who later played C.W. Moss in Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.
  • Otis's job interview is with Oscar Skinner at the Mayberry Feed and Grain Store. The business was established in 1890.
  • Miss Gratham is the only person to exit the bus in Mayberry.
  • The bus stop is located in front of Franklyn Pharmacy in Mayberry.
  • Rance Howard, father of Ron and Clint Howard, appears as the bus driver.

Episode 63: Deputy Otis

Originally Aired on May 7, 1962

Andy helps his number one prisoner save face when Otis learns his brother Ralph is coming to visit. Having told his brother he is a member of the Mayberry sheriff's office, Andy makes an exception and deputizes his favorite ward long enough to convince Ralph he's a member of Mayberry's finest. As it turns out, Ralph isn't any better a man than Otis, coming in drunk to lock himself in the Mayberry jail--just as he does at home.

  • Frances Bavier and Ron Howard do not appear in this episode.
  • Barney gets all worked up when Andy deputizes Otis. He is against any kind of falsifying.
  • Otis' brother Ralph is the town drunk in his hometown.
  • The third and final correspondence from the Hubacher brothers comes in this episode when they write on the occasion of their second anniversary in the state pen. They mention in the letter a song sung by Junior to commemorate the occasion: "My Little Grey Home In The West." It made the warden cry.

Andy Griffith Music and Comedy Albums

Andy Griffith sings "The Fishing Hole" song

What is Your Favorite Andy Griffith Episode from Season 1?

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    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      3 years ago from USA

      The first season is probably filled with most of my favorites from this show. I never saw it as a kid though and rediscovered it about ten years ago. Still haven't seen all the episodes.

    • profile image

      Kenneth Tennant,DC 

      3 years ago

      Google: Kenneth Tennant (Domestic Terrorism: USA vs Veterans and the First Amendment) Andy would have been mortified about this Crime Against Humanity. Someone PLEASE Share this with Ronny Howard...

    • netwriter4hire profile image


      5 years ago

      Barney is so proud. I wish I had a friend like Andy who made it a point to protect him. amberwaves57

    • netwriter4hire profile image


      5 years ago

      When Bee makes the bad, bad, bad tasting pickles. The expressions that Barney and Andy produce cannot be duplicated! Contact me. I am amberwaves57.

    • RealVernonLee profile image

      Vernon Lee 

      6 years ago from Midwest,USA

      Love the lens...I'm gonna miss those guys! Not sure if it's a season 1 episode,but my daughter and I love "the loaded goat" episode! It is so funny,where the goat eats all of the dynamite.....thanks for the memories.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My mom had the entire set of Andy Griffith show and I absolutely love it, great lens as well by the way def a classic lens for a classic show

    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image


      6 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      Oh, I have so many favorites! Mr Griffith is a really wonderful actor! :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Oh my! We love Andy Griffith!! I keep reading to my husband! He thinks he knows everything about Andy Griffith show, but your page gave me some good ones that he did not know! Thank you!


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