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Preparing for your New Place in life

Updated on September 28, 2010

Setting your own place on the table called "life"

A place can be imaginary position, spiritual or a physical location. For example, place can give definition to your residence and the status you hold in your household, whether you are the father or the son; birth position which in some households carry certain rights and privileges.

We have heard the familiar saying that “one does not know his place” and so because man is unclear about his place, he takes the easy way out which is void of discipline. Therefore, he fulfills  his "hellish desires" in a hand basket, and completely miss that place which was intended for his life. A life without discipline is called a "circus" and the only place a circus will take you is to another circus location.

Finding your place in life becomes tangential for it breaks out of the normal circle of events and is motivated into the unknown. A place determines ones destiny and the people and events you will pass along the way, adds up to a completed life. Man is born at a place, called place of birth, lives to a place of destiny then life ceases in a place of death. For those of us who believes in an after life; we ascend or descend to a place to which we have prepared ourselves to be everlastingly, with our Lord.

Gaining Access into spiritual Place

We gain access to a new place by the development of relationship.

In spiritual things there must be a development of spiritual relativity.

This means you must have;

  • Seen it – the vision, dream, written image, appointed time
  • Heard about it – the gospel; ex. the Ethiopian eunuch heard the prophetic word of Isaiah
  • Impressed upon your spirit – unction 1John 2:20

You must Build an Altar

The awakening of increased spiritual relativity demands an "altar".

Altar is from the Hebrew word “misbeach” pronounced miz-bay-akh and wherever there is an altar there is usually a sacrifice or someone gave something. Every sacrifice requires discipline.

You need an altar for;

a) An offering to begin a relationship

b) An altar builds confidence – you are not alone

c) An altar marks territory – God’s presence abides wherever he sends you

d) An altar documents that the individual is now justified

e) An altar declares the salvation of ones soul

f) An altar carries you on eagles wings into your new place

The word for altar is a compound word, mizbach, which signifies a place for
sacrifice, and the root zabach signifies simply, to slay.
The Latin word for altar is altus, high or elevated, because places for sacrifice were
raised high; high places which were built on the tops of hills or mountains.

The “altar” constitute the situations and circumstances you must encounter to prepare you for the new anointing in the new place.

As you yield or surrendering your right to the sacrificial altar you are saying, "Come Lord that I may produce the harvest of the living God that is your requirement for this place".

For in each place that you enter, the Lord is looking for revenue from your life.

Nothing pleases God but a life in a place that leads to generation of God kind.

God said of Abraham Genesis 18:19, “I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him”.

God is here making reference to generation and the expansion of the kingdom, Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15.

God is like a farmer at a certain place and that farmer seeds the land that it may bring forth an increase of men and women boldly declaring in the place that God has made to be fertile all that is wrapped up and contained in God. God is always into increase but there has to be preparation of the seed for a particular place.

Therefore, God will grace you to build an “altar” on which place you are laid daily so that the world can watch you “burn”.

This is the working of the Lord Jesus whom John said, “He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire”.

So therefore, you in effect saying, "Lord, I humble myself so that the world can see the likeness and image of Jesus!

I want to be his epistle read of all men. What ever place I am in i will be content.

In Genesis chapter 12 Abram was told to take a trip to a land (place) were God would shew him. God was calling him out of darkness into his marvelous light. He was obedient to God and traveled from Haran to the land of Palestine where he built altars in that place.

Abram Builds an Altar at Shechem Gen. 12:6, 7

The Hebrew word Shekem means, “the upper part of the back.”

Jesus said, “Take my yolk upon you … my yolk is easy and my burden light”.

Oxen are yoked up together to plow the land or whatever the farmer intends and the yoke was placed right at the upper part of the back around the shoulders. As the farmer plowed he and his oxen became one unit. They became truly a "machine" to till the soil so that the farmer could seed. He could not seed in unploughed soil.

Abraham built the altar at Shechem and he called on the participation of the Lord in that place. He was saying,

· I have put away my old landmark

· I have released my family/ father image

· I have released my gods

You have called me out of darkness and now I am here to learn and ready for you to teach me about your marvelous light. He was implying that he knew now that there is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction.

At Shechem Abraham received the “new birth”, were he made a formal resolve in that place that he would follow the Lord.

He built a 2nd Altar at Beth-el, the House of God which is the House of Prayer. The word "beth" is house and "El" meaning God.

Now that Abraham was yoked up with God some arrangement had to be made on how to communicate. Would it be by carrier pigeons or by smoke signals?

The Lord established prayer as his means of communication with Abraham and so Abraham built an altar as a formal recognition of this new place and anointing.

That means God had covenanted himself to hear Abraham whenever he had a need for fellowship.

Abraham had established a covenant partner, one that would be closer than a brother that was raised up for every type of adversity in whatever place he was in this new land.

He was in a new place and a new place had a new anointing.

You must go through some adversarial confrontations before you arrive at any place in God.

Some of us have seen this new place but have not been able to gain victory. We have not been able to break out of our captivity (Tishbe).

Victory is the confidence in your claim that allows you to take possession.

Israel could not take possession for 40 years because they were not willing to fellowship in the place of Abraham's faith. When you fellowship you put yourself in a position to do and hear from God.

Some of the ways we fellowship with God is to,

  1. Worship/ Adoration
  2. Give thanks/grateful
  3. Honor God
  4. Intercede on behalf of his neighbor

God’s Endorsement for the “new place”.

As you begin to worship, God will confirm his anointing upon your life for the new place.

Some of us allow a spirit of condemnation to hinder us and tell us that we are not anointed to stand in a certain place but if Moses had allowed this hindrance then Israel would be still waiting to cross the Red Sea.

Look at Moses,

a) Poor public speaker – Ex. 4:10

b) Inept in delegating – Ex. 18:13-27

c) Temper problems – Ex. 32:19

d) Murderer

e) He was not proud – Numb. 12:13

f) Faithful Numb. 12:6-8

Moses was used by God due to his developed relationship and not from the strength of his own personality.

He never had to defend himself but notice that when he broke the pattern that God had established for his life, then he found himself an unfamiliar place. Moses fell into unbelief because of his temper and the Lord God voided his ticket for entrance into the Promised Land.

Moses had fallen into a place where he failed to follow the pattern set by God. The pattern is God's word, it is the life that God has chosen for us.

Once the Lord has set up a pattern for his leaders he expects them to be faithful by being obedient to the pattern.

Failure to be faithful will lead to a breakdown of relationship and an inability to function in the “new place”.

Some Places in God

These places God took Abraham.

I. The place of opportunity – this is any place where God makes an appearance.

II. The Place of confirmation

III. The place of Humility Gen.17:3

IV. The Place of Covenant Gen.17:3,7,9 – with church, home, jobs

V. The place of Identification – God changed Abram name to Abraham, father of many nations.

VI. The Place of Fertility Gen.17:6 – for the purpose of dressing the earth with an array of govt. & people that would make the sound of God’s symphony.

VII. The Place of Increase Gen. 17:8 – whenever God gives that increases you to another place in Him.

VIII. The Place of Obedience Gen.17:9 – linked to the place of increase/ authority/ rulership

IX. The Place of Circumcision Gen.17:10-26 – sign of a covenant

X. Place of Evangelism Gen.17:13 – Extension of grace to the gentiles, whether born in the household, foreigner, etc.

XI. Place of Reasoning Gen.17:17 – will Sarah bear me a son in her old age. The mind is the battlefield – can’t be given to false reasoning which is the precipice of unbelief.


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