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The Beauty of Tremors (plus a Graboid Survival Guide)

Updated on September 8, 2014
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Shay's hobbies include: recommitting Alanis Morissette lyrics to memory, pretending like she understands Mr. Robot, and Jeff Goldblum.

Our copy of the Tremors ATTACK PACK. The original is so much better than the sequels, it practically eats it.
Our copy of the Tremors ATTACK PACK. The original is so much better than the sequels, it practically eats it.

Before I start with the lowdown on Graboids, I'd like to state how much I adore Tremors. It was the first movie that my husband and I discovered we were mutually obsessed with when we started dating. Nothing says love quite like nasty worm monsters that shoot smaller worm monsters out of their mouths.

So, why all the ooey gooey worm monster love? Pish, posh. That's easy! Tremors is MORE than just a horror movie folks! It's easy to love something that is cinematically perfect! Take a look:

#1 - Tremors is an original horror movie. Vampires, zombies, homicidal maniacs, and demons are so common. Don't you agree? Correct me if I'm wrong (no really, please correct me in the comments if I'm wrong), but Tremors is the only movie I can think of that involves a monster that comes from up under the ground like some kind of land shark. LAND SHARK.

#2 - Tremors provides an elegant balance. There aren't many genres that are as perfectly matched as comedy and horror. You get the scary, jump out of your seat moments matched with laugh out loud funny moments. The comedy gives you a chance to breath for a second before you pee your pants a little.

#3 - The characters in Tremors are actually likable. Has anyone else here been watching a movie and had a terrible character take you completely out of it? Well that doesn't happen in Tremors. I basically love all the characters, and the ones that I feel "meh" about get land sharked.

#4 - Tremors is a modern western. A ridiculous, horror comedy western, but a western nonetheless. Think of the two main dudes as modern day gunslingers with a heaping dose of bravado, and the big nasty worm monsters as the bad guys with a heaping dose of snakes in their mouths. The environment is spot on for a western as well: it's hot, it's arid, it's completely, hopelessly isolated.

#5 - Kevin Bacon. No further explanation is needed here.

Your Graboid Survival Guide

So the villain of Tremors, the "monster" if you will, is a beast in a category all by itself. A Graboid is a nasty goo covered giant leech-dinosaur-thing with internal organs that look like they're made out of a stinky pile of warm tapioca mixed with Orange Crush. Here's what you need to know about Graboids, should you ever come across one in real life:

  1. Graboids are blind. They "see" by sensing vibrations in the ground. They follow those vibrations and will shoot up out of the ground and grab you (get it!? Grab-oids??). If you find yourself in Graboid country, keep quiet and try not to move around too much. Also, think about taking up pole vaulting.
  2. Graboids are FAST. Don't let the little nubs they use to get around fool you. These suckers could catch a horse running at full speed and chow down on it for dinner. Are you as fast as a horse? No. I didn't think so.
  3. Graboids are found in areas with loose, dry soil. Graboids can move around in loose soil, but get completely stymied when soil is thick and/or got a ton of big rocks in it. Do you live in the mountains? You are probably fine. Do you live near a river or lake? Yeah, you're probably fine too. Do you live in the desert? Good luck to you. Go back and re-read #1.
  4. Graboids are smart. You can't just run from Graboids (see #2 above), you'll have to outsmart them to survive. Think of Graboids as "learning computers," ie the kind of robot Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Terminator 2 . They start out kind of dumb and easy to fool, but they adapt to their environment and will start eating you. Yes. Graboids are just like The Terminator.

I watched the Tremors trailer for the first time while writing this. Holy moly, it's corn-tastic!

I heartily recommend each of these movies as well: Terminator 2 (or T2 for you hip kids) is a pretty flawless science-fiction-action film that's better than the original, plus Arnold is basically a Graboid. 1982's The Thing, is a lot like Tremors, but much more terrifying. Who knew Wilford Brimely could be scary, eh? And Slither is... Slither is disgusting. It's a comedy horror movie about worm monsters as well, but this one will give you nightmares, legit.

This is a Grabeard - a Graboid, with a beard. And yes, Kevin Bacon's pants are falling off a little. (Used with permission from the artist, Greg Hinkle.)
This is a Grabeard - a Graboid, with a beard. And yes, Kevin Bacon's pants are falling off a little. (Used with permission from the artist, Greg Hinkle.) | Source
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    • Rhonda Lytle profile image

      Rhonda Lytle 3 years ago from Deep in the heart of Dixie

      Tremors ruled, even the sequels. Burt is the bomb when it comes to preparedness :).

    • ThreeQuarters2Day profile image

      Dawn Romine 3 years ago from Nebraska

      Just look at that 80's hair, flashback central. Tremors, yup a cult following.

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