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The Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus, the Best DJ Deck ever?

Updated on March 5, 2013

One of the best DJ equipment choices you can make right now

Access music on every device imaginable, from smartphones to laptops, from hard discs to memory sticks, from CD to DVDs, it's all fair game for today's digital DJ.

Sync up to four decks and see at an instant the key and beat matching potential of anything playing.

Manipulate, loop, slip and scratch while quantize keeps the galloping horses at bay.

Work on your set on the way to the party on your iPhone or Android smartphone, someone in the crowd has that killer track? They can send it to you to play in an instant!

CDJ 2000 NXS Image Courtesy of

Where to buy a CDJ 2000?

Pioneer CDJ-2000-NXS Digital DJ Turntable
Pioneer CDJ-2000-NXS Digital DJ Turntable

Just watch the videos, this is the most advanced DJ Deck ever created, the most expressive, creative and exciting product to hit the dance floors for years.


That Sync Button...

For some the inclusion of the master sync button is an attack on the very principles of DJing, to others it's a device that allows them to concentrate on tune selection, effects and eq, and generally responding the crowd and being more creative.

Mostly it's only DJs who care, the dance floor will just want great music presented in an entertaining way, preferably without a train wreck or galloping horses moment.

Plus, you don't actually have to use the button itself do you?


What is Rekordbox?

Rekordbox is the free included music management software, once installed on your computer you can manage and index all you music, and create playlists which can then be modified and edited later.

You can use Rekordbox to analyse all your music, and make it ready for use on the CDJ player and within your sets, creating loops and hot cues. It's not just for PCs and Laptops either, as the Android and iOS versions allow you to use it on the move too.

Finally, and probably crucially if you're a DJ who uses both the CDJ at home or in studio as well as in clubs, you can store all your personal setting on your phone and then download them to the CDJs in the club when you get there.

Rekordbox Logo Courtesy of

What is a Hot Cue?

Firstly, let's start with the plain old cue, a cue point is a point in the track that you have marked for some reason, it could be the first beat of the first bar, it could be the beginning of a breakdown, or the end, basically it is what is says, a marker that informs you of the points in the track where you might want to interact with the music.

A hot cue is a cue that is mapped to one of 3 buttons on the CDJ 2000 NXS (see the left hand side of the deck in the big picture below), as the track is loaded into the CDJ the hot cues are enabled against these buttons, allowing the DJ to instantly jump to that point at a press of a button.

Pioneer have made a series demonstrating the features of the CDJ 2000 NXS

CDJ 2000 NXS
CDJ 2000 NXS

What is Slip Mode?

Slip mode continues to play the track you are manipulating, in time and tempo, allowing the DJ to transition back to it perfectly in time once a loop, scratch or reverse is finished.

How Pro DJ Link works

beware you will want another 3 CDJ-2000 NXSs!!

Simply put, the Pro DJ Link allows you to link, and most importantly SYNC, up to four CDJ 2000 Nexus multi players, but it doesn't just do that, it will also provide a visual confirmation via the traffic light, of the key of any track playing on any player, enabling the DJ to key-match as well as beat-match with confidence. Finally, the beat count and phase meter provides information across the various CDJs of how many beats remain until a memory cue (maybe a big drop is coming!) allowing the DJ to relax and focus on tune and effect selection.

Benefits of the new 6 inch colour LCD display and graphically user interface

With the new display you can see a wealth of information, from the track name and detail information, wave form data and MORE, including the ability to see artwork providing a visual cue enabling you to find the right track for that moment in time to use it.

How does Wi-Fi connectivity benefit me the DJ?

The main benefit is the ability to draw music into the CDJ from almost any wi-fi enabled device, be that an iPad or iPhone, a tablet device running Android, a computer or laptop, when the device is running Rekordbox you can take advantage of all its capabilities to prepare the track for playing within a set, even if you’ve just been e-mailed a demo on the way to a club or party!

How does CDJ 2000 Nexus Quantise help me?

The CDJ 2000 NXS will accurately identify cue points based on the rhythm of the track, this works in conjunction with the syncing functions to help correct off-beat errors but still leaves the DJ in full control to mix naturally.

Numark DJ 2 Go Ultra-Portable USB DJ Controller for Mac or PC
Numark DJ 2 Go Ultra-Portable USB DJ Controller for Mac or PC

Highly regarded, this great value DJ controller is just the thing to get you started.

Numark N4 4-Deck Digital DJ Controller And Mixer
Numark N4 4-Deck Digital DJ Controller And Mixer

A pro-level DJ Deck with the ability to integrate into any DJ set, be that turntables or CD Decks.


The Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus, the Best DJ Deck ever?
Access music on every device imaginable, from smartphones to laptops, from hard discs to memory sticks, from CD to DVDs, it's all fair game for today's digit...

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What's your thoughts on the Sync Button? - Can you be a DJ and not be able to beatmatch?

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      5 years ago

      No, it is the one thing a DJ HAS to do. A DJ that can't beat match is like, um, not a dj. He is a guy playing records. If he can't beat match, then his song selection probably sucks as well. If you can't beat match, you can't hear fine differences that makes some song synch and work and other to simply fail as a pair.


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