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The Bosstones

Updated on August 27, 2011

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

an American ska punk band from Boston, Massachusetts, formed in 1983. The Bosstones are often credited as one of the progenitors of the genre of ska punk and the creators of its sub-genre ska-core, a form of music which mixes elements of ska (Ska music was made for dancing. The music is upbeat, quick and exciting. Musically, ska can be characterized with a drumbeat on the 2nd and 4th beats (in 4/4 time) and with the guitar hitting the 2nd, 3rd and 4th beats.) with punk rock ( fast, hard-edged music, typically with short songs, stripped-down instrumentation, and often political, anti-establishment lyrics) and hardcore(vocalists screamed, chanted and used spoken word poetry. Drummers would play fast D beat one moment and then drop tempo into elaborate musical breakdowns the next. Guitarists were not afraid to play solos, octave leads, and grooves as well as tapping into the various feedback and harmonic noises available to them. The guitar sound was almost always distorted and amplified. With two minutes being considered a lengthy hardcore song, most of the songs were short and rushed).

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Current lineup:

Dicky Barrett - lead vocals

Joe Gittleman "the Bass Fiddleman" - bass guitar

Tim "Johnny Vegas" Burton - tenor saxophone

Ben Carr - manager, dancer and "Bosstone"

Joe Sirois - drums and percussion

Kevin Lenear - alto saxophone and Baritone Saxophone

Lawrence Katz - guitar

Chris Rhodes - trombone

Former members:

Nate Albert - guitar

Tim Bridewell - trombone

Josh Dalsimer - drums

Roman Fleysher - saxophone

Dennis Brockenborough - trombone

Additional personnel:

Davey Holmes - keyboards

Brian Dwyer - trumpet

Kevin P. Stevenson - guitar

Dave Aaronoff - keyboards

Sledge Burton - trumpet

Jon Nash - guitar

John "JG" Goetchius - keyboards

As of August 2011, according to a Facebook wall post from Spring Heeled Jack, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have begun work on their next album.

Dicky Barret
Dicky Barret

Dicky Barret

the frontman

Richard Michael Barrett was born on June 22, 1964. Dicky has an older brother named Billy (I don't know if he has any other siblings), and his mother's name is Patricia. He attended Norwood Junior High and Norwood Senior High School, where he wrote poems as a hobby. Dicky attended college at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston. Before being a member of the BossToneS, Dicky was also apart of two other bands: Cheapskates and Impact Unit.

Barrett is known for his distinctive loud, gravelly voice. He is the the announcer for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Dicky does write most of the incredible lyrics for the Bosstones. Dicky is also an artist and did the art for Question the Answers and various other promos and singles.

Dicky has toured the globe with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones for the past two decades and has released nine studio albums with the band. He portrayed rock pioneer Bill Haley in the television miniseries Shake, Rattle, and Roll, has appeared and performed on the world's best television programs, has been in a movie or two, and worked with Elmo from Sesame Street.

Joe Gittleman
Joe Gittleman

Joe Gittleman

the Bass Fiddleman, (bass guitar)

Joe Gittleman was born on April 6, 1970. Joe G is probably the most over-looked of all the BossToneS, although he is one of the original six members.

While in Italy in 1993, the BossToneS confronted a man selling bootlegs. The crazy man then jumped up and stabbed Joe. The stab wound barely missed his lung. Fortunately, he is alright now. Joe plays a 1973 Fender jazz bass with Bartolini pickups and GHS strings

He provided background vocals for the Street Dogs' 2005 album Back to the World as well as the more recent Fading American Dream. In addition, Mr. Gittleman produced The Briggs' new album Back to Higher Ground as well as the Flogging Molly album Whiskey on a Sunday. Since 2005, Gittleman has been a full-time staff producer and A+R for the Los-Angeles-based independent label Side One Dummy Records. Gittleman actively posts content on the MySpace site for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and continues to play in their most recent incarnation.

The Impression That I Get (Video)

Tim Burton
Tim Burton

Tim "Johnny Vegas" Burton

tenor saxophone

Tim "Johnny Vegas" Burton (born John Timothy Burton in 1964) grew up on Martha's Vineyard with two brothers, Steve and Sledge. His father was a minister and his mother was an art teacher. Tim attended Martha's Vineyard Regional High School. After graduating from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts


Burton married Kristie Lassiter in Las Vegas in 2002 and they moved to Hollywood, California. In 2005, they relocated to Jacksonville Beach, FL along with his stepson, Noah. Tim continues to work on films, the latest being The Year of Getting to Know Us (assistant production coordinator) and HBO's Recount. Tim produced and performed on Victims of Circumstances' 2007 debut album Do It Yourself available on Financial Records (co-founder)

Burton is also an avid boater and began volunteering at the U.S. Coast Guard Station at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville. As a volunteer member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Burton was trained to monitor communications radio traffic on the Coast Guard's local channel.

ben carr
ben carr

Ben Carr

manager, dancer and "Bosstone"

Ben Carr sings, dances, and gets the crowd pumped. His father, Jack Carr, can be seen in the "Kinder Words" video (he's the guy with the long beard at the Hoe-Down). He is a good friend/Roadie for the band.

Like much of the band at the time, Ben was under age. One night the band was told by a club owner that Ben would have to leave since he wasn't 21 and wasn't in the band. Dicky insisted Ben was in the band and told Ben to get on stage and jump around so he wouldn't be kicked out...

Again, it just stuck! Behind the scenes Ben would eventually go on to do double duty as Tour Manager as well

Someday I Suppose (video)

joe sorois
joe sorois

Joe Sirois

drums and percussion

Also known as Little Joe, he was born on January 27, 1972, and grew up in Andover, Massachusetts. He has a little sister, Amy, and a brother named Dan. He knew Bosstone's frontman Dicky Barrett from time shared at Bunker Hill Community College. He replaced former drummer Josh Dalsimer on the band's first American tour and played on More Noise and Other Disturbances and subsequent albums.

Sirois plays on Yamaha Maple Custom series drums with a twenty inch kick, Sabian cymbals, a twelve inch tom, a fourteen inch tom, and a sixteen inch tom. He also played drums for the Boston based band Street Dogs from 2004 to 2007 when he reunited with the Bosstones.

Kevin Lenear
Kevin Lenear

Kevin Lenear

alto saxophone and Baritone Saxophone

Kevin grew up in Walnut, Alaska. He joined The BossToneS before the More Noise album like Dennis and Lil Joe. He also made a cameo appearance in the Devil's Night Out video. Kevin used to live with Dennis until recently when he moved to Brooklyn where he currently lives.

Word on the street says Kevin left the tones a few months ago to pursue a solo career..he also owns a recording studio in New York City.

The Rascal King (video)

Lawrence Katz
Lawrence Katz

Lawrence Katz


has parlayed his passion for music into an immensely successful and exuberantly diverse career. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music, Lawrence has lent his talents on many different levels of the recording and touring worlds.

Not too much info on Lawrence Katz, On his website he says he is spending alot of time in South America with Grammy winning artist Beto Cuevas in support of his newest solo record which he got to play all of the guitars on. Most recently he had the opportunity to tour Europe with another great and successful artist, Daniel Powter. He says "The band was great and the shows were as well. Not to mention Europe in the Fall! "

He says he has also done some fun recording projects as well. Including a couple of Latin pop records with producer Aureo Baquiero. He played guitar on some great songs for a film called "Get him to the Greek" ( Produced by Lyle Workman!!!).

Otherwise He has been working on some personal and production projects in his studio "Argyle."

source from

chris rhodes
chris rhodes

Chris Rhodes


from New Haven, Connecticut best known for playing trombone in several notable ska bands including Spring Heeled Jack USA, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Bim Skala Bim and The Toasters as well as Connecticut funk band, Boogie Chillin'. He has also made frequent on stage guest appearances with bands such as Reel Big Fish, NOFX and Less Than Jake.

Kinder Words (video)

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      Wow, I remember these guys back when ska was all the rage - great lens and great band - ska ska ska! :)

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      @mrsclaus411: thankyou for stopping in and enjoying the music. I listened to this band as a kid and I still enjoy their music...

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      I have never heard of this band before but i love the music on you tube. Thanks for sharing!