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The Breakfast Club

Updated on October 5, 2012

My Favorite Movie

I've chosen this movie from the 1980's. It is one of my most favorite movies ever. I had it on video, replaced it with a DVD, and recently acquired a special anniversary edition DVD.

This is the epitome of a Teen movie, and, even though, John Hughes made many of the best Teen movies of the 80's, this one is my absolute favorite.

I've seen it so many times that I can almost recite every line in it, but, yet, I never get sick of watching it.

The Plot

The plot of the movie is simple. Five kids get all day detention for one thing or another. They have nothing in common, and have to spend the whole day with each other. Each one is a different type of student including The Princess, The Jock, The Delinquent, The Brain, and the Weird One. By the end of the movie they've discovered different things about each other and themselves.

Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?

Did You Love This Movie Or Hate It

I love this movie. I think all the actors did a great job.

Did You Love This Movie Or Hate It?

Let me know if you liked this lens or not. Do you remember this movie as well as I do? Do you love it as much as I do?

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    • whiteskyline lm profile image

      whiteskyline lm 6 years ago

      I got some of the quiz wrong :( But I love that movie!

    • profile image

      bdkz 8 years ago

      One of my favorites!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      That is one of the classic teen movies from the 80's and still one of my favorites too!

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 8 years ago

      Very cool!