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The Butler - Inspired by a True Story

Updated on October 15, 2014

While browsing and searching for new movie to watch this week end, I happened to stumbled to this Movie. It made me curious about the story it will tell to its viewer. Then what catches my interest was it is Inspired by a true story, from life of Eugene Allen. And what also make it more interesting was the Cast, the main character is Cecil Gaines portrayed by Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey as Gloria Gaines wife of Cecil. These two actors were some of my favorite African-American stars, because of their outstanding performances. For these reason, I know that this movie will surely bring enjoyment to me.

So I searched for the short information about it and what I've got is that this movie was set first in year 1920 while Cecil Gaines was still a child and an incident in his mother that made her mute, while her father because of the said incident confronts the owner of the cotton plantation (where Cecil's Parent work) but the said event took the life of Cecil's Father. And due to that, Cecil was taken by Annabeth Westfall, the estate's caretaker and made Cecil as house servant. Then a few years later, when Cecil become a teenager, he and his mother left the plantation to seek more meaning in life. Cecil who broke a hotel pastry shop one night, but not knowing that this incident would made him a have a job unexpectedly. From there he learned a more advanced skills from the master servant of the hotel, and after several years the master servant itself recommend Cecil a position in Washington D.C hotel.

Then when he started his life at D.C a more colorful and meaningful story begun that awaits to its viewers, from meeting his wife Gloria, to have a family and two children. Then becoming more successful as not just servant but becoming part of the history of the White House. It was amazing that US film is always gives people a new blend of stories that was fulled out and based on real life stories, and the kind of film that, I know, will surely make us cry and be inspired after watching it. So, I'll end this up now in able for me to find a DVD, and I can watch it too. Happy viewing.

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