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The CD Collector

Updated on February 6, 2013

Collecting CDs For Fun Or Profit!

Everything is collectable and although CDs are fairly new, it's already hard to find many of the older ones.

Collecting CDs takes up a lot less room than collecting the old vinyl records and it isn't quite as hard to keep them in good condition.

If you're a music fan, now's the time to get started! Prices are not that high for most of them yet, and you can pick many of them up for a very modest price at bargain stores and garage sales or even in the bargain bins at your local discount store.

Scroll down to learn more about collecting CDs! Click on the eBay and Amazon links for some great buys, or check out some "almost impossible to get" CDs that I have for sale.

CDs For Sale!

I'll be listing collectable cds that I have for sale here!

When my brother passed away I was given his cds and as he once worked as a small town dj, I have some Country Top Ten Countdown CDs that were for radio use only. They were put out by Overton. The list below gives the week that they were broadcast, the artist, the number one song for that week and the price. Each cd has all top ten songs plus the advertising that went along with them for that time slot. You'll also get the sheet that the radio station received that tells what is on the cd. Contact Me if interested in any of my cds and I'll get back to you. I accept PayPal or USPS money orders.

Here's your chance to get some cds that you won't find anywhere else. I think they were suppose to be trashed after they were broadcast.

04/30/01 -----Jessica Andrews -----Who Am I ----- $25.00

07/16/01 -----Lone Star I'm Already There -----$25.00

07/30/01 -----Lone Star I'm Already There -----$25.00

08/06/01 -----Lone Star I'm Already There -----$25.00

09/17/01 -----I Have Not Played This One Yet & No Prog. -----$25.00

04/15/02 -----Cris Cagle I Breathe In, I Breathe Out -----$25.00

05/06/02 -----Toby Keith My List -----$25.00

10/27/03 -----Gary Allen Tough Little Boys -----$25.00

11/24/03 -----Toby Keith I Love This Bar -----$25.00

Looking For Unusual or Vintage Items?

Check Out My On-Line Store!

Jerry's Place!

Shopping? Try These Recommended Stores!

These banners are links to some great and reliable stores so if you're shopping on-line, why not give them a try? Besides, I get a few cents commission anytime someone buys using one of these links! It doesn't cost you any extra and it helps me out, so thanks in advance!

What type of CDs do you collect and what would you like to see here? If you enjoyed your visit, please give the site a rating point by clicking on the "like" button below or at the top of the page.


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