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The 'Complete!' Beatles Anthology

Updated on December 8, 2013

When I was growing up, it was just at the end of the Beatles reign. My dad use to love telling me the story of how he snuck into a Beatles concert, it was his favourite story and we heard it a lot. It was his 2 hours of glory, something I would never have, and when I think back now, I fully realize how lucky he was!

I know this has been out for a while, but just this past summer during a heat wave where it was even too hot to go outside, we sat hunkered in the house and watched this entire Anthology, and boy was it worth it.

These disks give you the entire story of the Beatles from beginning to end, and when I say beginning, I mean from the times before the Beatles even knew each other, as the first disk shows them as children and talks about each of their lives growing up. It then spans their entire career, with interviews, songs and juicy information that any fan longs to hear. So many details even I didn't know, and I thought at my age, and in my career, I was a pretty huge fan, but I really didn't know even a quarter of the story.

I honestly wasn't looking forward to watching this, we had just watched some really poorly produced musician 'biographies', but once we had I was elated, and at the same time so sad that it was over!! I feel like more of a fan now, but on a deeper, more personal level. The series ends with interviews from present day, and it will make you teary for sure.

The Beatles were epic, they were more than a band, they were more than entertainment, and they were more than their music. They are important historical icons, and this series should be viewed by everyone as historical documentation of an accessible part of recent world history.

It is just that important to see.

The Man Who Made the Beatles: An Intimate Biography of Brian Epstein
The Man Who Made the Beatles: An Intimate Biography of Brian Epstein

This is an interesting read after you have seen the show.

The White Album
The White Album

This is my favourite Beatles album, I use to have it on White Vinyl. Wish I still had it!


A trailer from the film.

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