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The Croods Merchandise, Posters, DVD and Toys

Updated on September 19, 2014

Where To Find Croods Merchandise Including Toys, Posters, Games, Costumes and Books Online?

If you are looking for The Croods merchandise, such as posters, games, books and toys then you've come to the right place.

On this page you will find the latest Croods merchandise including a book on the artwork of the movie, some of The Croods toys and some of the latest Croods posters, which are all now available to buy online.

I know I loved the movie and the characters and all the really cool animals, especially the ones that were pets!

I know a lot of kids are begging mum and dad and every relative they can for a Croods character or animal. If you have no idea which Crood animal to get your child, you can't go wrong with Belt!

The Croods DVD Now Available - Check out the cool freebie that is included with the DVD....

The Croods (Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy + Toy)
The Croods (Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy + Toy)

Watch the Croods at home and kids will love to watch it while they snuggle up with their favorite character Belt.

Get a free Belt plush toy when you order your copy of the Croods on DVD today. This is a lllikely to be a limited period offer so better hurry and get yours before they are all gone!


The Croods Toys

Grug Versus The Macawnivore - How Did He Tame The Wild Beast?

Fisher-Price DreamWorks The Croods: Croodaceous Macawnivore
Fisher-Price DreamWorks The Croods: Croodaceous Macawnivore

Help your child's imagination run wild with this Grug and Macawnivore action figure.

Kids from 36 months old to 7 years old will have hours of fun with this toy set.


The Croods Figures - Which Crood Fought These Creatures and Survived?

Fisher-Price DreamWorks The Croods: Croodaceous Creature Pack
Fisher-Price DreamWorks The Croods: Croodaceous Creature Pack

Pack of 5 animal creatures from The Croods movie - Macawnivore, Jackrobat, Liyote, Bearowl and Crocpup.

Perfect for kids from 36 months old to 7 years old.


Grug and The Tar Pit Playset - Guys Just Love to Get Messy!

Fisher-Price DreamWorks The Croods: Tar Pit Playset
Fisher-Price DreamWorks The Croods: Tar Pit Playset

Have even more fun with Grug.

Recommended for 36 month olds to 7 year olds.


The Croods Characters Poll

Who's Your Favorite Character From The Croods?

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Where to Find The Croods Soft Toys?

I've been looking forward to the release of the The Croods soft toys and plush toys and I have to tell you that they have finally been released! Get your favorite characters such as Eep and the super cute Sandy. Or you can get some of the grizzly creatures such as Macanivore and the Punch Monkey. I know what's gonna be top of my list and that's gotta be the adorable Sloth that is also dubbed the utility belt.

Love Belt and His Best Friend Guy?

I do!

Belt is just the cutest character!. The way he's sitting on his friends knee is so adorable. I want a Belt just like him. Not only is he the best pet but he's also a great friend.

More Places to Get Belt From The Croods

If you are finding that Belt is sold out above then you could try bidding on Ebay for him. He's so cute and lovable that everyone's trying to get him just now. He's my favorite character from the movie, so it's easy to see why everyone's getting him.

Celebrating a Birthday Soon?

If it's your birthday soon, then a Croods themed party could be perfect! Decorations would be easy in the form of animal print plates and cups. Food could be mud cakes or even a birthday cake made to look like a cave!

Party activities could include telling stories like the Croods did in the cave, hide and seek (from the dangerous animals in the area), or even some athletic activities such as running.

You could dress up like the characters too!

The Croods Merchandise

Are You Looking For Croods Merchandise For...

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Go Behind The Scenes With The Croods Artwork

The Art of The Croods
The Art of The Croods

See the evolution of The Croods characters with character sketches and concept art. There are over 400 pieces of art to copy and learn to draw for yourself. Interviews with the animation team are also included along with digital pictures, paintings and storyboards.


Have Fun With The Croods Computer Games

The Croods: Prehistoric Party! - Nintendo Wii
The Croods: Prehistoric Party! - Nintendo Wii

You can play The croods on the Wii as any of the Croods family member, including Gran! Have fun with friends too with the four player multiplayer mode and meet new creatures not from the movie. Collect special items throughout the game and unlock five unique boards and boosts.


Watch This Cool Movie Trailer

The Fun Continues With McDonalds - Collect All The Croods Toys From the Happy Meals

I love the toys you get in Happy Meals at McDonald's, but if you are like me, then you're probably never able to complete the whole set either. Well now you can get the complete set from Ebay or even just the one's you've been unable to collect yourself. This way you don't have to miss out on your favorite Croods characters.

Tonight We'll Hear The Story of Crispy Bear

— Grugg Crood

The Croods Books!

Mix & Match All Your Furry Friends

The Dreamworks The Croods Mix & Match
The Dreamworks The Croods Mix & Match

Mix and match the creatures and the characters from The Croods with this fun flip book.


Latest Trailer For The Movie

Lol even Grug doesn't like his mother-in-law!

The Croods Soundtrack and Songs From the Trailer

The Croods Music

The Croods (Music from the Motion Picture)
The Croods (Music from the Motion Picture)

Check out the songs that were made for The Croods movie that were mostly composed by Alan SIlvestri, with the first track on the soundtrack by Owl City. This soundtrack is in good hands as Alan Silvestri is also responsible for other great movie soundtracks such as The Avengers, Lilo and Stitch, Forrest Gump and the Back to the Future trilogy.


Evermore - Follow The Sun

Follow the Sun is the song featured in the Croods trailer below.

Looking For Even More Croods Merchandise?

There's so much to choose from that it's almost impossible to put it all on one page. I instead I have tried to feature the most popular items that either I love or people have specifically asked me about or have asked for.

If you haven't found what you are looking for then please search below for what you feel is missing. If you have some time, please tell us what it was you were looking for in the comments section please.

Did You Find The Croods Merchandise You Were Looking For?

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