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the decline of cinema in america

Updated on September 25, 2009

American cinema today, some would say is at its pinnacle; the top of the top. This, my friends could not be farther from the truth. Movies for a long time have been in decline. The directing, acting and writing have all gone south. I don't know anyone, that when asked what the last great movie they saw was, that could actually tell you the name of a film that is not at least ten years old.


This problem is not only the fault of the movie makers, writers and actors. We, the audiences have some blame in the matter. As movie goers we have become complacent and unwilling to demand a better product for the money we spend watching these films. I for one feel let down when I go to see my favorite actors' or directors' new film only to find out that they are just not trying anymore. Art aside, when it comes down to it, these people work for us the consumer and it is my opinion that our needs are not being met. Far too many crappy, over budget, so called blockbusters are being forced down our throats. Personally, I would rather be beat with a sock full of nickels than sit through another preachy movie that takes its self too seriously.


Today far too many movies are made by people that are bent on making powerful, shocking, and visually stunning films. The problem with this is that they lack the vision and ability to do so. They have seen way to many really good movies and now for some ungodly reason they think they can do the same. "But wait", they say, "I will put more of that thing I liked in my movie. It will be twice as good". This is one of the problems. And is part of what brings us films where we, the movie goers, sit in our uncomfortable theater chairs, eat our overpriced popcorn, and wonder why our hero had to stair at his hands for three minutes. Then, when the movie picks back, up we are hit with pointless talking about things that mean nothing to the evolution of the character or the story.


Another problem in film today is special affects. I am not totally against them; I just wish that film makers today would not rely on them so much. The over use of special affects leads to bad movies. It’s a crutch used far too often today so that movie goers will overlook the bad acting or horrible story. The reason older movies and actors were so good was because there were no multimillion dollar special affects. This meant that actors actually had to act and writers actually had to write. Maybe I am over-thinking this. Maybe, instead of a good, well thought out, well acted movie, we should just have three hours of setting crap on fire.


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    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      Just look at the state of 3D in the theatres. Now pretty standard fare, you more or less expect your latest kid's/action movie to be experienced that way. And it's not even done right. Avatar was probably teh only film i can think of where the 3D was done right, but it was more immersive than the 3D we've come to expect of things randomly popping up at you for no reason other than to do it. Like the movies themselves have become the gimmick where nobody can speak their minds anymore. Look at the 90's where you had things like Fight Club and the Matrix openly critizing, in one form or another, the society and reality in wihch we live in. Now, you'd be lucky if you got any form of watered down commentary in your films. Not that films should be entirely about that, i'm just saying its a breath of fresh air to see someone voice thier opiinons everyonce in a while, which of late, seems to be a myth of old at this point.

    • profile image

      jason 6 years ago

      The majority of modern "cinema" is made up of adaptations of books, remakes, uneccesary (and often endless) sequels, and reboots of franchises that have just ended (Mark Webb's new Spiderman, for example), and the endless superhero films in general. We've seen just about every super hero ever created, all beginning with their origin stories that have been cut and pasted before time and again to superheroes that we have known for years, who need no explanations. Or the debasements of old cartoons such as the new Yogi Bear film with Dan Akroyd, completely CG'd (the directors would never dare make it a cartoon, because to be honest, when was the last time you saw a full length 2D animated film in theatres?)that can't even compare with the original show. Same with the Smurfts and the Chimpunks movies, all of which have extensive CG when other possibilities could have been ventured.

    • profile image

      The Vern 7 years ago

      Interesting read, but I would have like to know what movies for example are the decline of cinema.