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The Doors T-Shirts

Updated on July 15, 2013

Celebrate the Lizard King -- Unique Jim Morrison Shirts and Doors T-Shirts

Poet. Rock Star. Lizard King. Jim Morrison, the singer for The Doors, was one of the greatest rock n’ roll singers to front any band, and had a tremendous influence on the rock scene of today. His onstage antics drew big crowds, and The Doors developed a reputation as being an unpredictable live act with a great repertoire of music. On this page, you can find some of the greatest Doors T-Shirts, from unique Jim Morrison t-shirts to Lizard King t-shirts. Scroll down to buy and browse the tees!

The Doors Music
The Doors Music

The Music of The Doors

The sound and style of the band

The musical style of The Doors is hard to pin down to one specific style. They were really a fusion of many music scenes of the moment, mixed with an as yet unheard of style that evokes modern day hard rock. From jazz to blues, you can hear a medley of influences in the music of The Doors. The songs themselves ranged from more radio friendly classics like "Light My Fire" and the poppier "Hello I Love You," to the long, psychedelic, magnum opus "The End."

Officially Licensed Doors T-Shirt - Long sleeve, album covers, stencils and more

The Doors - 1st Album T-Shirt
The Doors - 1st Album T-Shirt

Image from the album cover of their debut album on black.

The Doors - Waiting For The Sun T-Shirt
The Doors - Waiting For The Sun T-Shirt

Features the official album artwork on the cover, this t-shirt is perfect for true fans!

The Doors - Spray Stencil T-Shirt
The Doors - Spray Stencil T-Shirt

Spray stencil style that has a vintage style look.

The Doors - Morrison Ladies Raglan
The Doors - Morrison Ladies Raglan

Ladies Raglan featuring the famous "Young Lion" photo shot in monotone, with the band logo underneath.


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Strange Days 1968 Concert Tour T-Shirt - From their sophomore album Strange Days

The Doors Strange Days 1968 US Tour T-Shirt
The Doors Strange Days 1968 US Tour T-Shirt

The second album is often described as a "sophomore slump" if the album flops or is received poorly. The Doors didn't fall into that trap, partially because the material for the second album was written mostly before the first album was even released. "Moonlight Drive" was one of the first songs written by the band, and "Love Me Two Times" was one of their strongest cover songs. The final song on the album is one of their psychedelic epic masterpieces, "When the Music's Over." It slowly builds into a crescendo, much like "The End" did on their debut album. This shirt features their 1968 concert to promote their sophomore effort.

The Doors
The Doors

Band Members

The unique talents that formed this legendary 60's band

The band consisted of four members:

  • Jim Morrison (vocals)
  • Ray Manzarek (Keyboards)
  • Robby Krieger (guitar)
  • John Densmore (drums)

The four members each brought something different to the table that made them so unique. Singer Morrison was not trained formally, but was well known for his baritone singing skills and poetic lyrics. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek was trained from a young age on the piano, and happened upon fellow graduate of UCLA, Jim Morrison, just by coincidence at Venice Beach. Upon hearing the lyrics of Morrison and his singing abilities, the two decided to form a band. Krieger and Densmore entered the fold soon after, who were also UCLA graduates.

After Morrison's death in 1971, the band continued for two albums without him. They did not try to replace Morrison, instead having Ray Manzarek fill in for his vocal duties. These two albums failed to make much of a splash in the rock world, and the band stopped recording new music.

The Doors Light My Fire
The Doors Light My Fire

Success With Light My Fire

#1 Billboard Single in 1967

The Doors didn't have stay playing the club circuit very long. Their debut album started to pick up in sales rapidly after the release of "Light My Fire," which remains their most played song. It was penned by Robby Krieger initially, with the rest of the band building off of his concept. After a controversial appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the band's success continued to climb. The songs "Break on Through," "Alabama Song," "People Are Strange" and "The End" solidified the group as a major rock act in 1967. "Light My Fire" hit #1 on the Billboard singles charts, selling over one million copies.

Light My Fire (Live - From the Ed Sullivan Show) - Rule breaking first TV performance of 1967

The band got in trouble for Jim saying the word "higher" in this song. They never played Ed Sullivan again, but the performance lives on as one of the most legendary of any Ed Sullivan performance.

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wanted jim morrison poster

Live Act Controversies

Whisky A Go Go, New Haven, and Miami incidents

The band was no stranger to controversy, having a few major incidents that the group, specifically Morrison, was especially noted for.

In 1966, the band was a regular paid act at the Whisky A Go Go. Their nightly performance impressed record executives at Elektra, earning them a recording contract. The Whisky was also where Morrison debuted his oedipal epic, "The End," with its profanity laden breakdown in the middle of the song. The cursing led to an immediate firing of the band from The Whisky, though the song is highly regarded as one of their best.

At their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the group was asked to change the lyrics of their hit song "Light My Fire" from "girl we couldn't get much higher" to "girl we couldn't get much better." Sullivan expressed his apprehension of the lyric being sung live because of possible drug connotations. When the band sang it live, Morrison deliberately sang the original lyrics, claiming he forgot. The band was banned from the Ed Sullivan Show for this incident.

On December 9, 1967, The Doors played to a sold out audience in New Haven, Connecticut. Backstage, Morrison was said to have been making out with a fan. A scuffle ensued with the police in which Morrison was maced. When the inebriated Morrison hit the stage, he proceeded to tell the audience about the backstage incident, using plenty of profanities and vulgarities to describe it, all the while belittling the New Haven police. This led to his arrest for public indecency and public obscenity.

On March 1, 1969, The Doors performed their most controversial concert ever in Miami, Florida. This subsequently led to a jail sentence and fine for singer Jim Morrison. As the concert began, Morrison frequently stopped the music, shouted at the crowd, taunted them, and allegedly exposed himself to the audience. This is by far their most notorious live concert ever. A circus of media and courtroom drama ensued, which resulted in Morrison's sentencing. He never lived to serve that sentence.

Roadhouse Blues - Keep your eyes on the road and your hand upon the wheel!

Have a real good time listening to Roadhouse Blues below. Great song.

The Doors Black T-Shirts - Classic images of the band on 100% cotton tees

Jim Morrison Paris
Jim Morrison Paris

The Death of Jim Morrison

Died 1971 in Paris with Pamela Courson - reports still vary

In 1971, The Doors recorded what most consider to be one of their best records, L.A. Woman. It was an updated sound, with Morrison's vocals huskier, Krieger's guitar wilder, Manzarek's keyboarding more experimental, with Densmore's percussion being the constant. The record was a massive success for the band, being their most successful since their debut album. It spawned the singles "L.A. Woman," "Love Her Madly," and "Riders on the Storm."

Following the recording of the album, Morrison went into self exile in Paris. His time there was spent writing, drinking, and discovering heroin. He died on July 3, 1971. He was said to be discovered by long time partner Pamela Courson, who was his common law wife. He left his fortune to Courson in his will. When he was discovered, he was in a bathtub according to reports. Other reports indicated later (there was no official investigation into the cause of death) that Morrison overdosed on heroin at the Rock N' Roll Circus club in Paris, and was brought back to the apartment to revive him in the bathtub. Whatever the case may be, it seems probable that drugs played the biggest role in the demise of Jim Morrison.

LA Woman T-Shirt - Album cover art from their 1971 album

The Doors - LA Woman Juniors T-Shirt
The Doors - LA Woman Juniors T-Shirt

Slim fitting womens shirt is available in several different sizes. As you can see by this photo on the cover, Morrison was sporting a beard and had gained a considerable amount of weight. The music, however, was more mature than their previous albums. Morrison's voice was huskier, the songwriting had improved, and the band was fine tuned. It was a good return to what the band does best, yet was still a step forward. It was the final album The Doors recorded, and features the title track "LA Woman," as well as hits "Love Her Madly," and the favorite "Riders on the Storm."

Jim Morrison poem
Jim Morrison poem

The Doors After Jim Morrison

Life after the Lizard King

The band without Morrison and Densmore reunited as project featuring Ian Asbury from the Cult on lead vocals. They called themselves The New Doors, but were halted by fellow bandmate John Densmore, no longer being able to continue touring under this name. The kibosh on the name use comes as part of a stipulation put in place from the band's inception that any one band member can veto something in the best interests of the band.

The Doors Poster
The Doors Poster

The Legacy of The Doors

The reputation and following of the band after Morrison

The band has maintained a following since singer Morrison's death that has only grown. While the rest of the band carried on to create two more albums without Morrison, the members retired as The Doors officially in 1973. Two of the band members tried to revive the group in the late 90's and 2000s as Manzarek-Krieger, though have had constant battles over the exact name of the band and lawsuits with drummer John Densmore, who is trying to preserve the proper legacy of the band.

In 1978, The Doors released the platinum certified American Prayer album, which was largely spoken word recordings of Morrison to which the band played music to - the closest we will ever see to "new" Doors music after Morrison's death. This predated many other posthumous albums that have been released by other deceased recording artists, and may have incited a trend in the music industry. Other artists like Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Nirvana, and even The Beatles have followed suit and released albums after the deaths of members of the group or artist.

The Doors have also had a major influence on rock radio of today. The band was the first to receive regular airplay that included a saxophone solo, regular use of organs, spoken word poetry, flamenco style guitar, and their lack of bass guitar in most songs. Bands like Live, The Cult, and Pearl Jam have cited them as one of their primary influences musically.

People are Strange - The official video released by the band

Tell us about your favorite Doors albums, collections, concerts, videos, poems, or t-shirt here!

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    • RawBill1 profile image

      Bill 6 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      The Doors are awesome. One of my all time favourites. I am glad that you mentioned the two albums that they released after Jim's death as most people are unaware of them. It is difficult to pick a favourite song from the band as there are so many great ones. My favourite album though is easy. LA Woman, followed closely by their self titled debut. LA Woman had so many great songs and a gritty bluesy feel to it.