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The Fosters

Updated on January 19, 2014

What Got Me Into The Series "The Fosters"

To be honest, at first I did not get what all that hype about The Fosters was all about. It somehow decided to bypass my life. Not until, I started watching it because I got curious about what made my 16year old daughter and my wife glued to the tv every monday evening.

Then one evening I decided to join them but soon had to find out that I couldn't follow anything since the series progressed so far already. Duh. Thankfully my daughter offered me to watch the pilot with her again. Sweet!

Short Description

The Fosters is realistic series about a modern family that resolves around two same-sex partners, their biological son Brandon and their two adopted kids Jesus and Mariana who get all caught in the middle of adopting another teenager, Callie. Things get rather complicated as Callie has a gone through some negative experiences with past foster parents and she starts to develop feelings for Jesus, while some of the rest of the family get caught up by their past.

My Review of The Fosters

Don't worry, you won't find too many spoilers here. I won't go too deep into details, I'd rather present an objective feeling of what I perceive when watching this series.

Like I mentioned earlier, I had no idea what this series was about and I only got curious about it because my wife and my girlfriend were hooked on it. Well, after watching the first 15 minutes, I was hooked. My daughter was so excited that she joined me to watch it again.

As you may have guessed, the series resolves around family values, but not your average traditional values. In fact, the family portrayed here is far from traditional. We have a same-sex couple with adopted twins and a biological son from a previous "traditional" family that failed. Now this makes a good start for complex story telling, but wait: it gets even more twisted as the two partners, Lina and Stef decide to adopt yet two more foster children who, again, come from a troubled foster family background. To top things off, the family is multiethnic.

Me, being raised in a non-traditional family with multiethnic background, immediately found myself attracted to the series' format. The first thing that got my attention was the strong bond within the foster family, something that is harder to find these days in traditional families. I guess that odd circumstances this family surrounds itself in forces them indirectly to this strong bond and love.

The pilot dives straight into an intense situation, where the family is forced to make an important decision that also fundamentally shapes its future for the following episodes. Since we're dealing with a non-ordinary family, they will face non-ordinary problems, and often solve them in a non-ordinary fashion.



The Fosters takes us away from the usual family series that have been around for far too long now. This is a fresh, modern up-to-date and much welcomed approach. Although the circumstances are sometimes a bit exaggerated (which series isn't these days?), you still get a good look at what the future of americas households could use: a huge variety of color and diversity. If you are looking for a valuable series for your whole family and want to see what is possible beyond the traditional ideas of a family, this series is for you. It is a very rewarding show, it will make you happy. Promise.

Hostile Acts
Hostile Acts

Episode 3

Mike asks Brandon to move in with him.


Episode 4

Everyone is celebrating Mariana's quinceanera.

The Morning After
The Morning After

Episode 5

Stef and Lena try to find time to work on their relationship.


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