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The Labyrinth Soundtrack

Updated on March 27, 2014

When the majority of a soundtrack is preformed by David Bowie, then it has no choice but to be an excellent soundtrack.

Such is the case with the movie "The Labyrinth" which stars David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King. Jareth has a couple of songs he sings to Sarah, the young woman who he has tricked into his Labyrinth by stealing her baby brother, Toby.

David Bowie performs 6 out of the 12 songs on the Labyrinth motion picture soundtrack.

I remember falling in love with David Bowie, playing the Goblin King Jareth in the Labyrinth movie. Every time he sang to Sarah I would daydream that he was singing to me.

In fact, even though I'm all grown up now and a husband and children of my own, listening to the Labyrinth Soundtrack makes me wish I could say the magic words to make the Goblin take my crying baby, and then fall in love with me.

When he sings, "Everything I've done, I've done for you...." I think to myself, "Sarah, you're a silly girl. Forget Toby! Marry him!"

Of course, the songs from the Labyrinth are not all love ballads.

"Chilly Down" with the fireys is hilarious to me. And everyone who hears the phrase "Slap that Baby..make him free!" will remember the goblins dancing while Jareth sings "Magic Dance"

There are 12 tracks on the Labyrinth soundtrack. The music of the movie was just as excellent as the songs performed. Even though I have never liked instrumental music very much, whenever I listen to this soundtrack I do not skip over the instrumental pieces like I do on other movie soundtracks.

This is also family friendly music. If you are a parent I'm sure you have shared the wonder of the Labyrinth movie with your children. Even if you haven't, this is a nice, safe, album to play in the car on a long trip.

I'm sure everyone will start singing along with "Magic Dance"


If you love the soundtrack, but don't own the movie, then you should pick up a copy today. After all, the best way to experience a soundtrack is by watching the movie it was inspired by.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

If you are a fan of David Bowie music, but don't necessarily have to have it sung by Bowie himself, you will undoubtedly enjoy this soundtrack as well.

Bowie does sing a couple of his own tracks, but the foreign language versions preformed by Seu Jorge are every bit as captivating.


This is one of my favorite songs off of the Labyrinth soundtrack. This isn't the scene from the movie though, but David Bowie's music video of the song, which does have the Labyrinth IN it.

This is my #1 favorite song from the movie. I know I should be feeling for Sarah, chasing Toby through this impossible Escheresque room, but I sort of just wished Jareth/David Bowie were "couldn't live" without me instead.


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      4 years ago

      I had to show this to my 17 yr old....this has been one of her favorite movies for years.


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