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The Little Couple

Updated on October 21, 2010

The Little Couple on DVD

The Little Couple is a wonderful reality tv show featured on TLC which documents the life of Bill Klein and Jen (Jennifer) Arnold. The reason this show creates such a huge interest is because both Bill and Jen are under 4 feet tall. The show is like most reality television shows in that it follows the couple around as they live their lives doing what they would normally do on a regular basis. The Little Couple Season 1 follows the couple as they celebrate many firsts together such as Jen's first birthday as Bill's wife, as well as their one year wedding anniversary.

You will also watch as the couple deals with issues that are not considered a big deal to average-sized people, such as purchasing clothing and even purchasing a new home. Both of which need to be customized for little people. Overall, it is a fun show to watch with the family. Both Bill and Jen have great personalities which makes for great reality television.

Bill and Jen's Occupations

Bill is a COO and partner of the company Emerge. The company specializes in online sales training, lead generation, and marketing services. Bill is partners with Mike Sperduti. According to the first season episodes Bill and Mike have been partners for 4 years. Bill was hired by Mike on the spot because of his ability to communicate well over the phone. Graduating with a degree in Biology, Bill had hoped to land some type of sales job, however, most companies would not hire him based on appearance as they were looking for a "gorgeous" presence.

After Bill and Jen were married, Bill made the move to Houston to support Jen's career as a neonatologist at Texas Children's Hospital. Bill is able to telecommute but travels often for conventions and speaking engagements.

Jen is a doctor and specializes in neonatology. She cares for newborn babies which works out well as she states in one of the first season episodes, none of her patients will ever be bigger than she is. The first season includes many episodes which follow Jen around Texas Children's Hospital as she monitors patients. You get a glimpse into what it is like for her to work 24 hour shifts, speak to concerned parents, as well as her interaction with other doctors and nurses.

Jen is also in charge of simulation training and does several speaking engagements as well.

Family Life and the Future

Bill and Jen are hoping to start a family sometime soon. The first season documents the tough decisions that they must make together in terms of starting a family. Due to Jen's short stature, it makes it risky to carry a baby as well as giving birth. The season finale ends the show with the couple visiting a doctor who specializes in pregnancies for little people. The doctor outlines some of the risks that may be involved and the show ends with the couple upbeat about starting a family.

Overall, this is a wonderful show and has already attained a large following. The show is another in several of the great shows featured on TLC that help educate its audiences on topics such as dwarfism.

Season one will be available on DVD in November of 2009 and season two has started taping as of this writing.


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