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The Many Kinds Of Anime Love

Updated on August 23, 2017

Various Forms Of Love,

Did you know that besides putting anime in genres like love, horror or mystery. There is more ways to categorize them as well. Personally, I can further categorizing them in "The Many Kinds of Anime Love". That is what this lens is all about!

Are you curious to know more? If so, do continue reading...

Love Bound By Fate,

This type of love is usually found in "Arranged Marriage", where one is told to forcefully love another due to family expectations. This is also a painful kind of love as you have to leave the person you love and then marry another person who is a total stranger to you.

Nowadays, it is rare to see arranged marriages between families as this generation is much more rebellious, they are free to choose their own soul mate.

This love is also present when you are born into a small community where everyone know each other, then there is a high chance that this lonely love may also appear.

One of the anime i come across that i would describe as love bound by fate would be, "Inu x Boku SS: Inuboku Secret Service". This anime tells us about Ririchiyo and Miketsukami's complicated love.

As there is only a small group of them, so their meeting is not a coincidence and neither is it a planned one. They were bound to meet and fate decided how it would go.

What do you think if your parents arrange a marriage for you?


Love. - Nemu

Love. - Nemu
Love. - Nemu

Forbidden Love

This type of love is a very dangerous and painful one. For those who cannot grasp the feeling of this love. Let me explain to you.

"Forbidden Love" means loving someone even though you can never have them, but even knowing that you would still continue loving them. Some people may call it stupid and pointless, but they just do not understand.

When it comes to love, it can never be stupid. It is just mysterious.

One of the anime that tells us about this type of love is, "I Love My Younger Sister". The title says everything. This anime tells you about the love between Fraternal Twins, Iku and Yori. Imagine how restricted you must be, loving a person whom you cannot be seen touching or kissing in public.

A person you were meant to protect and take care of, is also the person who is hurting you without realizing it. Sad right?

Another anime I love that brings out the best of this kind of love is, "Da Capo". This anime revolves Asakura Nemu and Asakura Junichi. Yes, they are siblings as well, but they are not blood related though. When they are young, Junichi's parents adopted Nemu. Even so, to everyone else they are your Normal siblings.

Love was not what they expected, but then Nemu has been blindly falling for her brother and keeping it to herself. She knows that if he finds out, then things between them would become odd. Especially with their parents overseas for work, they were always left at home alone together. Awkward is it not?

Can you get a slight grasp of this feeling? The love, the happiness, the pain and suffering of those who is going through it.

Forbidden Love

I had this love experience once. It was completely unexpected, exhilarating yet very painful. I did not regret it, but I wished it did not have to end that way though.

Mysterious Love,

This type of love is usually born within 2 very different people. It is said to be a sweet one, but no love tastes sweet from beginning to the end.

This love starts of harsh, but usually ends sweet. It is meant to make you work hard and protect your love at all costs. If you cannot protect it, then it is not meant for you.

This love is also risky as you have to gamble everything for him, even without knowing if he would do the same for you.

The anime that tells us about this love is, "Hana Yori Dango". This is a popular anime that revolves around Makino Tsukushi and Domyouji Tsukasa. How 2 very different people fall in love but is, however separated by status.

Tsukasa comes from a very wealthy family but Tsukushi comes from a very poor family (Quite the opposite right?). It is because of this that these 2 love birds cannot be together. Their status are too far apart that love is not an option.

Even though, they fought for their love and was at the verge of giving up their friends supported them through to the end. So they had their love in the end

Love At First Sight,

This love is more of a "Passing By Feeling or Infatuation". It is rare to find people who lasts long with this kind of love.

One of the anime character from the anime "Monochrome Factor", Mayu Asamura. She has a unique personality that instantly falls in love with a handsome man when she sees one. Throughout this anime, she would fall for various handsome men but would always end up heart broken afterwards

Another anime is, "Kimi Ni Todoke". This anime is about Kazehaya that falls for Sawako, a girl who is called Sadako because of how scary and weird she looked.

Yet he fell for her when he first saw her. He was going to the entrance ceremony, but got lost and she showed him the way to the school.

For this anime, it is unsure whether their love was lasting or not, but i think that their love would last a lifetime.

Puppy Love,

This love is also known as "Young Love". The very 1st time you fall in love!

This kind of love is a mysterious, adventurous yet difficult one. It usually happens at a young age. You have to figure out all the mixed feelings. You have to understand whether it is jealous, love or just admiration. There is simply a lot of guessing game. And one party will tend to be overly possessive which can only leads to the other party feeling suffocated...

So this is a difficult kind of love and it usually will not last long.

There is a character from "Fruit Basket", Kagura Sohma. She falls for Kyo when they are still children and swears that they will get married one day. (even though they did not). She has mixed feelings for him and an even more mixed way of showing it.

This is an example of young people who do not know how to properly show their love and affection towards the other paty.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      oh, that was nice :D i've watched almost all the anime that was featured in this lens!

    • ryokomayuka profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      Interesting len.


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