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The Money Pit

Updated on August 11, 2014

I was very sick and bed ridden when I first saw this movie and in spite of being in extreme pain I had to laugh at the scene where the turkey goes flying out of the exploding oven, sails across the yard and crashes through the bathroom window, popping the red "done" button upon landing. The part where they finish filling the bathtub with the hot water they had to carry up the steps and it immediately crashes through the floor, smashing into 10,000 pieces on the first floor and Tom Hanks peers over the edge of the hole and laughs like a loon is where I completely lost it and in spite of feeling like I wanted to die I had to chuckle. If you have ever renovated an old house this story rings so true! For every one thing you fix three more things fall apart and need attention and it can be a daunting and unending task but the end result is usually worth it much like in the movie as the old home took on a new and amazing appearance. The road to that result is not ever easy but at least if you watch this movie you can be prepared for what can happen and even find some humor in the circumstance. Anytime life gets too serious and I need a good laugh I pop this DVD into the player and get a real bellyful of enjoyment. This movie is timeless and I surely recommend it to anyone who enjoys the health benefits of laughter. You will not be disappointed.

Laughing like a loon! You cannot help but laugh along!

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