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The Newsroom - The Series That Will Sweep You Of Your Feet

Updated on January 20, 2014

Rarely does a television series sweep you off your feet with an amazing cast, brilliant writing and an actual message that is inspiration and relevant. The Newsroom is extremely idealistic mainly because Aaron Sorkin was greatly inspired Don Quixote’s story which makes it a triumph of storytelling in many ways.

The political aspect

The political concept in the show is clearly display. The fact that McEvoy (the main character) is a republican shows that Sorkin wanted to bring out another real side of the conservative parties; that they are in fact respectable, intelligent and reasonable people. The point is that we should always look for broader meanings especially among the things we understand explicitly as well as the things you may have missed.

The element of emotion based drama

In most cases, the scientific community especially in drama TV series where they mainly focus on the lives of the characters in a shadowy manner as opposed to making any perspicuous point. However, it is more about delivery. Whereas every story needs a point in order to develop smoothly, the journey should also be enjoyable. Aaron Sorkin has proven that besides being a master of political based argument, he is also a master of dramatic and emotional story telling. He ties the two together admirably by showing how various characters are affected by their jobs and the impact of the news they report on their jobs.

The comedy aspect

The showroom is actually a comedy although it is packed as drama. Moreover, the show takes as a given that viewers actually care about what the news anchor says. Sorkin does not seem to understand that people sample news throughout the day from various sources and that the news anchors don’t matter that much in the overall picture. Internet is mentioned a couple of times particularly when Will discovers that he has a blog unknowingly. In this case Twitter is actually mocked naturally.

On the other hand, irony emerges these characters reference their quest for the truth yet so much about the show is false.

Aaron Sorkin through The Newsroom manages to sell the American dream. He strives to describe something that Americans should strive towards and something that should always be in the back of their minds in order to ensure what we are doing is worthwhile.

Aaron Sorkin has constantly proven that he has the ability to do more in Season 3 of The Newsroom and ensure that it soars to greater heights. His smarts and background and the fact that he is a defender of ideals and a challenger of beliefs will ensure that he will not disappoint.


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