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The Nine Jinchuuriki

Updated on February 16, 2013

The Nine Jinchuuriki

So we have the nine Jinchuuriki, and their Bijuu who were sealed in them.

All nine ordinary people burdened with such great responsibility, yet enduring the icy gazes of their own village people for the burdens they carry.

Some of them eventually gave in to their loneliness, going berserk with their demonic power. Some, though, show that they are not the demon they carry and raise above everyone.

Uzumaki Naruto/Kyuubi

Well, first up we have is Uzumaki Naruto, resident idiot and prankster of Konoha, only genin of the Konoha 12 and saviour of his village. Naruto here is our series protagonist, whose history spans even before he was even born. His mother was the previous Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, who, after Tobi's invasion in an attempt to steal the Kyuubi, had the demon sealed in her son. This caused the lives of both Naruto's parents, but he definitely lived up as their legacy.

The Kyuubi, named Kurama, is his antagonistic demon. Near the end of the War with Tobi, he make up with Naruto and the two paired up to fight against the other Bijuus. As the Kyuubi, he's the strongest, shown when his bijuu sphere managed to deflect the collaborative bijuu spheres of the other demons.

Killer B/Hachibi

Killer B is a Kumogakure's Shinobi who would rather spend times thinking up puns than doing his duty. His brother's frustration, the Raikage, is a testament to that when he pretends to be dead so he could have his own time.

He later trains Naruto in controlling his Bijuu and became good friends.

The Hachibi is a eight-tailed giant ox named Gyuki. Gyuki is a bijuu that was notorious to be wild and uncontrollable, going on many rampages when its former Jinchuurikis lost control of it... until Killer B learned how to tame it.

The two maintained a very relaxed and friendly relationship, shown when Gyuki sometimes scolds and reprimand B during battles for rapping or not being serious.


Fu was a kunoichi from Takigakure. Not much is known about her since she was only shown when she's with the other Jinchuurikis and Bijuus. But she has displayed a cheerful and carefree personality.

Her Bijuu is Chomei, and an armored beetle. It seems to share the same personality as its Jinchuuriki, as it introduced itself as 'Lucky Seven Chomei'.


Utakata is one of the only Jinchuuriki, other than Naruto and Killer B, to have his back story explained. He appeared in the Tsuchigumo Kinjutsu Arc, as the reluctant master of a girl named Hotaru. He is missing-nin from Kirigakure, who mistaken his former master's intention to help extract the Rokubi for betrayal. Since then, he has been wary of teacher-student relationships.

His demon is Saiken, the six-tailed slug, and is shown to be capable of utilizing corrosive gas.


Han was a former shinobi from Iwagakure and appears to be a rather amicable and calm individual the first time he met Naruto.

He seems to utilize a form of steam technique from the furnace on his back.

As an Iwagakure ninja, he might be connected to the Tsuchikage since it's a tradition for the host to be selected from the kage's family.

The Gobi is a five-tailed dolphin horse called Kokuo.

It seems to be very polite, judging from the walk it talks.

The Nine Jinchuuriki

The Nine Jinchuuriki
The Nine Jinchuuriki


It seems that during his life, Roshi does not get along well with his bijuu, and only tried to reconcile with his demon before the two vanished. Out of all the Jinchuuriki, he seems to be the oldest and became the Yonbi's host over forty years ago. He left Iwagakure at a young age to learn how to control and understand his demon power.

The Bijuu itself is a four-tailed monkey named Son Goku. In life, he does not get along well with his host, who has not called him by his true name for over forty years. Son Goku is a very prideful beast and is shown to wield a very long alias. It hates humans, but is shown to display a liking for a rare few, like Uzumaki Naruto and the Sage of the Six Paths.


The youthful Jinchuuriki of Sanbi is the former Yondaime Mizukage.

However, when the Sanbi was captured by Akatsuki, it was roaming free without a host. The mystery hadn't been solved yet.

During his reign as Mizukage, the village was notorious for its barbaric acts and almost tyrannical rule. However, from his appearances, Yagura was shown to be kind. The people of Kiri suspected that their kage was being manipulated, which was confirmed that he was being controlled by Tobi.

He was shown to be very formal and polite, but displays an almost comical temper when Naruto ignores what he's saying and for implying he's a child.

The Sanbi is a three-tailed giant turtle named Isobu and speaks in a shy manner, the opposite of his host.

Young Bijuus

Young Bijuus
Young Bijuus

Yugito Nii/Nibi

Yugito Nii is a kunoichi from Kumogakure. She was made the Jinchuuriki of the Nibi at the age of two and has fine control over her Bijuu, able to transform at will. Despite being younger, Killer B was shown to look up to her. And despite being a Jinchuuriki, when she was captured, her village desperately sent search teams to find her.

Her Bijuu, Matatabi, is a two-tailed bakeneko. It was believed to be a former human that turned into a living ghost. Compared to most Bijuus, Matatabi is very polite and respectful.


When Gaara was first introduced, he was Sunagakure's weapon, a psychotic, bloodthirsty and violent person that hardly shows mercy. Shortly after being defeated by Naruto, he became the Kazekage. Although still quite ruthless, he's extremely protective towards his village and comrades.

The Ichibi is the one-tailed raccoon named Shukaku. It resembled a madman, always encouraging Gaara to kill. It granted Gaara the ability to control sand to preserve its own life.

It is also mentioned that Shukaku hates the Kyuubi for viewing strength according to the number of tails they have.

Which Jinchuuriki is your favourite?

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