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The New England Patriots

Updated on April 14, 2013

New England Patriots

The new england patriots have dominated the NFL over the past few years. With Tom Brady as there quarterback they almost seem unstoppable.

Bill belicheck has brought this team to 3 superbowl wins in the last decade and they have been in the playoffs 5 out of the last 10 years


FOXBOROUGH -- Certainly, there was a sense of shock that rippled through the Patriots' locker room when news filtered out Wednesday about the trade of Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings, but it was tempered today by the sobering reality that it was a business decision, pure and simple.

"That's how you got to look at it," said Vince Wilfork, as he stood in front of his locker, still in his uniform, surrounded by media. "I was very fortunate to get to play with a guy like Randy and get the chance to get to know him as a person -- great person, great athlete. I mean, probably one of the greatest athletes.

"So, it's business," Wilfork said. "It's a classic case of business. It happens all the time, but we're going to keep rolling. I'm pretty sure Randy is going to keep doing what he has to do in Minnesota, but one thing is for sure, we're friends forever.

"I'll talk to him and he'll talk to me and just because he's on the other side doesn't mean anything," Wilfork said. "But I do want to beat him. When we face him, I do want to beat him. From a personal standpoint, a good guy. That's just business."

Wes Welker, who now becomes the veteran of the Patriots' receiving corps, said he would likely try to step up his leadership on the team.

Asked how he personally benefitted from Moss' presence on the field, which many believed opened things up for the rest of the Patriots' receivers, Welker replied, "Yeah, I mean, obviously Randy's a great deep threat and you've always got to account for him.

"At the same time, it's about beating man coverage and getting open and that's just the way it is,'' Welker said. "But, yeah, I definitely benefitted from playing with Randy and I'm going to benefit from playing with these other guys who like to compete out here.''

Asked if Moss was his favorite receiver to work with, Welker said, "It's always great to work with someone with that kind of talent and everything like that. He's obviously a great player and did a lot of good things out there."

Quarterback Tom Brady was not available to discuss the trade.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      it was tempered today by the sobering reality that it was a business decision

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      This has the makings of a great lens, but please check spelling and punctuation.

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