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The Pogues ~ Squid Out Of Water

Updated on March 25, 2013

Squid Out Of Water

Irish band ~ THE POGUES ~ are my favourite of all the Irish bands and they have a fantastic track especially for Squidoo which is aptly called Squid out of water.

The Pogues remastered edition of their album "HELLS DITCH" has a bonus track called "SQUID OUT OF WATER" which you can listen to here on this lens as I have added the track for you below plus a few other of my favourite tracks from The Pogues and some other information about the band, the band members and some of their discography etc. As you will hear, it is fast, fiddly and most definitely without a doubt Irish... a bonus track which is well worth having. Although The Pogues are more known for their songs, Squid out of water is an instumental track.

The Pogues ~ Squid Out Of Water

The Pogues album Hellsditch contains the bonus track " Squid Out of Water " - Hells Ditch by The Pogues

" Squid Out of Water " is added as a bonus-track on The Pogues album " HELLS DITCH " if you have not heard it yet...WHY NOT.

Buy Hells Ditch or Squid Out of Water as an mp3 from Amazon here.


A Bit About The Pogues

The Pogues, although an Irish rock band, were formed in London back in 1993 when the bands frontman was then Shane MacGowan.Shame MacGowan later left the band in 1991 due to his drinking problems.

Originally the band was named Pogue Mahone ~ póg mo thóin being the Gaelic meaning (kiss my ar-e).

The Pogues stopped writing new material for the band in 1996 but are still together and still manage to have sell-out concerts internationally.

Although a rock band, The Pogues use traditional Irish instruments such as the cittern, mandolin, tin-whistle and accordion.

Fairytale of New York

Fairytale of New York has got to be my favourite of all The Pogues songs. Kirsty McColl and Shane MacGowan sure did compliment each other...their singing voices only!

If you have never heard this song before or indeed have heard it but never taken much notice of the words then please, even if you don't play any other of the videos on this lens you must play this one as the lyrics are so hilariously funny. If you are not already familiar with the lyrics then play the video which supplies the lyrics along with the song...!


Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan is founder and frontman of The Pogues but left the band back in 1991 due to his...shall I say "ill health". Born on Christmas day to Irish parents, Shane lived with them on a big farm in Irelands beautiful county Tipperary untill he was six years old.

The MacGowan packed up and moved to London where, in 1971 Shane won a scholarship into a top public school but was then expelled just one year later when he was caught in the posession of drugs.

Not known for his good-looks, Shane MacGowan's singing voice is uniquely his as are his unique set of teeth. What Shane McGowan lacks in looks he certainly more than compensates for with his voice and musical talent.

Dirty Old Town

This song was writen in 1949 by Ewan Maccoll about a town called Salford which was then in Lancashire UK but is now called Greater Manchester and paints a bitter picture of the Industrial North of England.

Many people assume that the song is about a place in Ireland because it was first made popular by The Dubliners and then again by The Pogues, both well-known and popular top Irish bands.

Irish Rover - The Pogues and The Dubliners 1986

On the 4th of July, eightenn hundred and six

We set sail from the sweet Cobh of Cork

We were sailing away with a cargo of bricks

For the Grand City Hall in New York

T'was a wonderful craft

She was rigged fore and aft

And oh how the wild wind drove her

She stood several blasts

She had twenty-seven masts

And they called her the Irish Rover

We had one million bags of the best Sligo rags

We had 2 million barrels of stone

We had 3 million sides of blind horses hides

We had 4 million barrels of bones

We had 5 million hogs

And 6 million dogs

Seven million barrels of porter

We had 8 million bales of old rusty nails

We had 8 million bales of old nanny goats tails

In the hold of the Irish Rover

There was awl Micky Coote

Who played hard on his flute

When the ladies lined-up for a set

He would tootle with skill

For each sparkling quadrille

Though the dancers were fluther'd and bet

With his smart witty talk

He was cock of the walk

And he rolled the dames under and over

They all knew at a glance

When he took up his stance

That he sailed in the Irish Rover

There was barney McGee

From the banks of the Lee

There was hogan from the County Tyrone

There was johnny McGirr

Who was scared stiff of work

And a man from Westmeath called Malone

There was Slugger O'Toole

Who was drunk as a rule

And fighting Bill Tracey from Dover

And your man Danny McCann

From the banks of the Bann

Was the skipper of the Irish Rover

For a sailor it's always a bother in life

It's so lonesome by night and day

That he longs for the shore

And a charming young whore

Who will melt all his troubles away

oh the noise and the rout

Swillin' poitin and stout

For him soon the torment's over

Of the love of the maid

He is never afraid

An old salt from the Irish rover

We had sailed seven years

When the measles broke out

And the ship lost its way in the fog

And that whale of a crew

Was reduced down to two

Just myself and the Captains old dog

Then the ship struck a rock

Oh Lord what a shock

The bulkhead was turned right over

Turned nine times around

And the poor old dog was drowned

I'm the last of the irish Rover

Links To The Best Pogues Stuff On The Internet

There are literally hundreds of websites with Pogues related stuff dotted all over the internet. But there is no need for you to look through them all searching for the best of The Pogues which could take you a whole month of Sundays as I have already done that bit for you.

I have found a handfull of websites which, between them hold everything you could ever want, need or hoped to find relating to The Pogues. So now you can simply save this lens webpage of mine in your favourite links list on your PC and everytime you want to catch-up with what The Pogues are up to all you need to do is to open this lens from your favourites folder to read own updates to this lens or to click on either of these links below which are also updated regularly with Pogues news, concert dates, Pogues merchandise, lyrics, videos, interviews...almost everything except what time the band members have their dinner and go to bed in fact.

All this information I have provided for you totally free of charge because I know how tedious it can be, let alone how time consuming it gets trawling through dead-end links, websites etc looking for something in particular untill you either click on a link leading to what looks promising as holding the information you are after but after clicking every link on the site you eventually realise doesn't or you may eventually stumble across one of the websites I have linked to here (if you are extremely lucky).

Finding these selected links would be virtually impossible without first reading this lens of mine, which makes you extremely lucky indeed for I had the help of (someone in the know) who I cannot name but they know who they are and to you I say "Tapadh leat slainte...hic!" x

This lens is the final stage to the latest quest I am on which has been a music quest called "Herman the Merman" and so what better way to complete my quest could there possibly be other than to give Herman the Merman this lens as my gift to prevent him from becoming a squid out of water himself...his fate behind this quest. Due to his lack of musical knowledge, Herman the Merman needed to learn music pretty fast and rounded up some lensmasters to help him by providing him with 7 music lenses, 6 from other lensmasters we had squidliked and 1 new music lens from ourselves...this is the new one from me and if he hasn't gathered enough musical knowledge after this then hey Herman the probably wern't meant to be a Merman and should accept your fate, I tried my best !

Please take an extra minute and sign my guestbook and leave me a small comment as to your thoughts about my lens, as with all lensmasters I like to receive feedback from my readers so that I can learn new ways to make improvements to my lenses and hey...a little lens love is always appreciated too of course.

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    • Alfiesgirl LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Alfiesgirl LM 

      7 years ago

      @ToddleTees LM: Thank you muchly indeedy & congratulations on being the 1st to read this lens...I wish I had a reward for you lol...x

    • ToddleTees LM profile image

      ToddleTees LM 

      7 years ago

      I looooove the Pogues! Nice lens, and a great cause, well done!


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