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The Price Is Right Game

Updated on January 22, 2012

The Price Is Right

This is a show that I think I can safely say EVERYONE has seen. It has stood the test of time entertaining young and old alike. Watched by masses of people for decades.

This show has many recurring games that most of us have enjoyed playing along. See what games you remember.

Bob and Drew Together for First Show
Bob and Drew Together for First Show

The Host

Bob or Drew

The host is always an important part of any game show. Bob surely knew how to lead the show and keep the crowd. Drew has mixed reviews.

Which Host Do You Prefer?

Who is Better?

Play it yourself !

The Price is Right 2010 Edition - Nintendo Wii
The Price is Right 2010 Edition - Nintendo Wii

Available for all gaming systems and computers - Wii, DS, PC, Mac, Playstation 3, X-Box

Price is Right TV Game
Price is Right TV Game

Quick Plug in game - plugs into the port on front of most TV's - does not need system.

The Price Is Right DVD
The Price Is Right DVD

DVD game - plays on TV through a regular DVD player (no system needed)


What do you think of Drew as a host - (Compared to Bob of course)

Drew Carey
Drew Carey

Drew doin a good job?

See results

Watch your favorite Episodes Again !

The Best of The Price is Right
The Best of The Price is Right

26 of Bob's best episodes



Who didn't love Plinko !

Plinko was one of my favorites !

The contestant was given a number of small items to price. They were given 2 digits for the price, and had to choose the one in the TENS column or the ONES column. If they were correct, they would win a medallion that they would use on the Plinko board.

They would climb the Plinko stairs, set the medallions on the board and drop them one at a time. They would win whatever prize the medallion landed in. CASH ! - The best thing to win ! :O)


Punch A bunch - the price is right
Punch A bunch - the price is right

Punch a Bunch

There were 4 items that the contestant had to price (Higher or Lower) 4 items. Similar to Plinko, each time they got a correct one, they would earn a "punch". After all items were priced, they went to a board that had a ton of holes covered with tissue paper. They got to "punch" the sme number of holes that they got items correct.

In each hole - there was a piece of paper with a dollar amount on it. The host opened the papers and showed the amounts after all earned "punches" were punched. Occasionally one of the pieces of paper would say "Second Chance". In that case, the contestant punches an additional hole. Unlike Plinko though, the dollar amounts did not compound, but rather they changed with each paper. The contestant was able to quit and keep that amount, or continue on to win a better prize on the next piece of paper.

Although the same pricing method was used to earn punches, the first 11 playings of Punch a Bunch used a different cash distribution and punch format. Each of the letters in the word "PUNCHBOARD" concealed a different number, from one to ten. After punching one of the letters, the contestant punched a hole in the field of 50 holes on the board. Twenty of the holes contained slips marked "Dollars", another 20 contained slips marked "Hundred" and the remaining 10 contained slips marked "Thousand." The number punched was multiplied by the phrase on the slip to determine the contestant's cash award (e.g., punching a ten and the word "Thousand" earned the contestant $10,000).


Bob Barker The Price Is Right
Bob Barker The Price Is Right

Bob Barker

Everyone Loved Bob !!!

Clock Game - The Price Is Right - Higher or Lower
Clock Game - The Price Is Right - Higher or Lower

The Clock Game

I used to know it as Higher or Lower

I loved this game too - There were a couple of prizes to be won in 30 seconds. All the contestant had to do was give a number and Bob would day Higher or Lower, and they gave another number - until the actual price was found. This could easily be done ... if you had watched the show and knew the game - but the contestants that did not know how to play made fools out of themselves ... Click on the pic for a more lengthy description ...

The Price Is Right - Blank Check
The Price Is Right - Blank Check

Blank Check

AKA The Check Game

REWRITE : The contestant is shown a prize and asked to write an amount on an oversized blank check. The value of the prize is then added to the amount written on the check and if the total was between $7,000 and $8,000, the contestant wins both the prize and the cash amount of the check. If the contestant loses, the check is voided. Although the contestant keeps the check as a souvenir regardless of the outcome, it is not a negotiable instrument.

Originally, the game was known as Blank Check and the winning range was $3,000–$3,500. The range was subsequently increased to $5,000–$6,000, then to its current range.

Complete List of Games Played on the TV Gameshow

I have included only a fraction of the actual games on the show - Mainly my favorite or the most popular ones.

Orig music used for the Cliff Hanger Game

This is the orig. music used for the Cliff Hanger Game

Swiss Mountain Music Featuring Hi-fi Alphorns, Bells and Yodelling
Swiss Mountain Music Featuring Hi-fi Alphorns, Bells and Yodelling

It is a must have for anyone that is doing a senior activity of Price is Right, or a Church event - will make it very authentic - everyone remembers this clip of music !



Any Number
Any Number

Any Number

In this game there was always a Car, a Piggy Bank with less than 10 bucks, and some other prize.

The contestant had to give "any number" and it would appear in one of the 3 dollar figures. The first completed "price" would be the prize they won.

Drew Carey Weight Loss - What was his diet?

Fat and Skinny Drew Carey
Fat and Skinny Drew Carey

Drew lost a TON of weight WAY fast - he claims without surgery ...

Fat Drew or Skinny Drew ?

See results

Hole in One (or 2)

I always loved the part when he hit the button and the "hole in one" sign spun around and said "or 2" :O)

The contestant is shown 6 grocery items and needs to put them in price order from smallest to largest. Each item is placed at a line on the mini golf green. Then the "beauties" show the prices one at a time, and the contestant needs to putt a golf ball from that line (first incorrect price, or last product price whichever is closest to hole). If they get the ball in they win a car.

Note - If they got all 6 items correct they also win a $500.00-$1000.00 bonus before the putt.

The host (both Bob and Drew) performs a demo putt to show the contestant how to do the putt (and really to show off - Bob loves golf!)

When the game started it was Hole in One, but now it is called Hole in One or Two. It changed in 1986, and the contestant was given a second chance if they missed it the first time. - change occurred in 1986.



another memorable game - likely due to the board

This was that huge stand on gameboard where there were 5 blocks wide and long. The contestant started n the middle, and it was the first number in the price of the car. They had to then step forward or backward or sideways to the digit they believed was next. If at any time the contestant choose wrong, they had to return to their prior spot and attempt to win a second chance by correctly pricing a small item. This process was repeated until they either got all the digits in the car price, or failed to price the small prizes correctly.

Back in the day when cars only had 4 digits in their price, they had an asterisk on the center square to have the contestant start on and they guessed all 4 numbers.


Squeeze Play

Loved the sound effects !

The game board started with a long price on it . The contestant had to pick which number was extra in this price (of the prize) and the host pulled it out. The remaining digits were then "squeezed" together (with some fun sound effects I remember). If the remaining numbers made up the actual price of the prize, they contestant won the prize!


Ever Watch a foriegn version of The Price is Right?

See results

The Price Is Right Million Dollar Winner

They win both showcases and a Million Dollars !

Bonkers - price is right
Bonkers - price is right


This game had a Price on a board and a contestant had to guess "higher" or "lower" for each digit in the price of the prize. A big dot indicated if they chose Higher or Lower. In 30 secs the person could change their choices by running back to hit a stopper when it would indicate if they were all right or not.

Stupid Contestants !

Bonus Game

The contestant is asked whether each of four small prizes is priced higher or lower than the incorrect price given. Each prize corresponds to one of four windows on a gameboard, one of which conceals the word "Bonus". The contestant wins a large bonus prize by correctly pricing the small prize with the window containing "Bonus".

Exact Bid on Showcase !

Great Game for Senior Citizens

Or Youth Groups etc...

This game has been loved for years by several generations. It makes for a great Activity at a Senior Center or Adult Daycare or Nursing Home etc.

Various games can be set up - and most need minimal props. Simple props can be made with poster board etc.

Suggested games that would work well are:

Balance Game

There were four "bags" of money placed on a table, each with a dollar amount on them. One bag had the last few digits of a price on it, and was placed on the scale by the host. The contestant had to then pick whatever other bags (each had a number of thousands on them) he/she wanted to add to that number to total how much they thought the prize cost. Once they were finished, one of the girls would put a larger bag on the other side that represented the total (weighing the same as the correct bags from the contestant's choices) and the scale would tip - and if it slowed down to balance (meaning the contestant picked the correct bags) they would win the prize !


Safe Cracker

The contestant needs to pick out the price of the lesser expensive prize. Using that price they will enter the 3 digits a combination to open a safe - winning them a car and the smaller prize too !

Really excited Safe Cracker

Love Bob Barker ?

(oh yes - this is a charity page for the ASPCA)

And at the End of the show - Bob always Said ... - Help Control the Pet Population - Have your Pet Spayed or Neutered !

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I loved watching the show with Bob. I would have loved to be on it, but that never happened. Such a fun lens to come back to visit again. :)

    • queenofduvetcover profile image


      6 years ago

      I miss watching the Price is Right! I always wanted to be a contestant and win.... (Rod Rodney's voice) A NEW CAR! lol Nice job on this lens. =)

    • LittleLindaPinda profile image

      Little Linda Pinda 

      6 years ago from Florida

      I never knew anyone who was ever on any game show. That is cool that LisaAuch's friend won on the Price is Right.

    • orange3 lm profile image

      orange3 lm 

      7 years ago

      I went to the taping of the show twice with Bob as the host. I like watching it with either host though!

    • LisaAuch1 profile image

      Lisa Auch 

      7 years ago from Scotland

      My friend was actually one of the winners on the Price is right UK version! he won among lots of other things, a speed boat, 2 mini cars, a marble bar! TV system, and just about everything elses bu the kitchen sink, It was so funny, going to their house withthat marble Bar in their garage - Great for the BBQS and so great to see this ordinary family win so much he was a nurse and his wife worked in the police offices so they were a really deserving couple!

    • mountainstevo profile image


      7 years ago

      I always loved watching the price is right - especially Bob!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You sure brought back some memories here but I haven't seen the show with Drew Carey, an interesting choice to replace the classy Bob Barker. You have all the fun and energy of the show here. I'm thinking that losing weight may have been part of Drew's contract, he does at least look better now.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Fun page, love this show and always have!! Thanks for putting this lens together :)


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