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"The Princess Bride" Based on S. Morgenstern's Classic Book (William Goldman) Directed by Rob Reiner

Updated on August 23, 2018

My all-time favorite movie is "The Princess Bride," without a doubt. The movie is now over 25 years old, and has been wonderfully re-mastered into high definition blu-ray. You can see the new trailer below and see how great the colors look, compared to the (probable) VHS copy you might have in your collection.

What I love about this movie is that it doesn't take itself seriously. It somehow manages to walk the line between comedy, action, adventure, and romance, and somehow look great doing it. The ensemble cast features actors you will recognize from today (like Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin), but also some you might not recognize due to the excellent costumes and makeup (like Billy Crystal). It was presented as a book written by S. Morgenstern, but abridged by William Goldman with "only the good parts." This is actually part of the charm, as Morgenstern does not exist, Goldman is the real author, and the roots of the story are based on Goldman's two daughters requesting a story about princesses and brides.

Another great thing about the movie is that it is good for younger audiences. The writers somehow managed to write great dialogue without any profanity

The movie is endlessly quotable, and the dialogue is snappy. Over the years, I have found many lines I have missed and found a whole new reason to laugh and enjoy my little break from reality. At the bottom of this page, I will share a personal, family story regarding the lines from the movie, make sure to read it. I hope you like it!

The movie really stands the test of time, and is still incredibly enjoyable 25 years later. There are not many movies you can say that about.

This trailer comes off as a somewhat serious romance, and downplays the comedy aspects of the show. It really is incredibly funny. Check out the other two videos to get a good feel for the movie.

You may recognize the voice of Wallace Shawn from Toy Story (Rex)

Cameo by Billy Crystal and Carol Kane

If you made it this far, I have an interesting story regarding the dialogue, particularly the marriage scene and the Impressive Clergyman.

Back in 2005, on my wedding day, my father was presiding. After the vows were done, my father (who was presiding) actually asked me and my soon to be wife "Have you the wing" just like the Impressive Clergyman did. My wife gave him a dangerous look immediately afterwards and he refrained from any further troublemaking.

He had been threatened before the ceremony within an inch of his life not to quote the movie during the ceremony, but apparently he couldn't help himself. It's a frequently told family story to this day.


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