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The Ten Best Songs By The Eagles

Updated on January 2, 2013

Where The Eagle's Top 10 Songs Came From

Here are the TEN best songs of The Eagles ranked in order of greatness!

They still do final reunion tour after final reunion tour and even get on television occasionally plus they all have solo projects going, but let's face it: as a group at least their time in the sun ended years ago!

Still, many of their songs were the soundtrack for a generation of white guys who carried acoustic guitars around far better than they played them. And when they did play, every song was in the key of G, which is why they liked the Eagles in the first place. Every Eagles song either starts with a G, has a G in it somewhere, or can be played in G with a simple capo adjustment. It's a fact.

The Eagles formed in 1971, hit the charts in 1972 with "Take It Easy" and ended up selling over 100 million albums in the United States alone. Don Henley and Glenn Frey were the principle songwriters and singers although other members had contributions in those areas also. There were frequent songwriting collaborations with others outside the group as well.

Indisputably, The Top Ten Best Eagles Songs

And why!

... First I better explain: Songs Joe Walsh had hits with before he was an Eagle don't count. Ditto Don Henley's solo stuff. And I'm sure I'll take plenty of crap for leaving out "Best of My Love" (a tad too shmaltzy) Lyin' Eyes (does it ever end? You just couldn't bear to cut out half a verse or so, could ya guys?) and Hotel California (It's great the first few hundred times you hear it but at some point you're the one lookin' to check out) and a few others.

So, having proclaimed myself the most logical person on earth to choose and reveal the ten best Eagles songs (why? ...mmm....I used to own an Eagles T-shirt?) without further delay, here they are in order of greatness:

1. Desparado. It's timeless. The numerous major label singers who've recorded covers of it prove it's a song of the highest caliber.

2. Life Fast Lane. It rocks. It rocks. It rocks... What a guitar riff!

3. Take It Easy. This song captures you with that first...ummm....well, G chord. And what guy hasn't fantasized that HE's the dude the girl in the flatbed Ford is slowin' down to take a look at?

4. Peaceful Easy Feelin'. I didn't totally love this song when I first heard it. But over the years it sure has become an old friend I'd never want to part with.

5. Take It To The Limit. The line "You can spend all your time makin' love, or you can spend all your love makin' time"...Wow! I spent half my life pondering that snippet of wisdom. Then one day, like a year or two ago, I realized it doesn't mean anything! But I still love the song anyway!

6. Love Will Keep Us Alive. I can hear the whackos now: "LWKUA $h!t?? That's INSANE!!!" Well the song itself may not be quite worthy to be listed with the others here but Timothy B. Schmit sings like a bird and his vocal performance moves a pretty good song into this spot.

7. One Of These Nights. Did you ever hear this on the radio then failed to hum the melody? Or maybe sang it under your breath absent mindedly for a couple hours afterwards?

8. Already Gone. This is like the ultimate F U song without the actual F U. Great Don Felder guitar work. Felder reportedly wrote the memorable bass guitar part in One of These Nights as well. I guess there are too sides to every story but it seems a bit sad that, according to Felder, years later Henley and Frey went back on their word, broke agreements, cut him out of promised monetary rewards & kicked him out of the band. Don? Glen? Feel free to post your side in the "comments" section below, lol.

9. I Can't Tell You Why. See # 6 above. Ditto.

10. After The Thrill Is Gone. I was torn between this, On The Border, and Wasted Time for the final spot. What do you think?

Should the Eagles song James Dean be on the list?

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Eagles Lineup Change Poll

A lot of people were shocked when The Eagles asked Joe Walsh to join and possibly more shocked that he said yes.

I'm thinking Joe brought some talent and entertainent value to the band. But I'm wondering if you all believe the Rocky Mt. Way was better than the way they had.?

Here's my poll question:

Were The Eagles better before or after Joe Walsh?

See results

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Eagles Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne
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Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001)
Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001)

Pretty much the typical story of any rock band, but good, fun reading and it definitely airs out some of the band's Dirty Laundry. Has the details of Don getting the shaft, of course.

Selected Works: 1972-1999
Selected Works: 1972-1999

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Hate my list? Pretty much agree? Hate The Eagles? Think Hotel California should be #1 AND have a good explanation why? Here's where you can spout off about The Eagles! Please take the remainder of your spouting off elsewhere!

Here's Where You Get To Make Your Own Recommends! - What song? What spot? And why?

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